27 Replies to “Marxist Conservative”

  1. in other words, a moron who understands neither conservatism or marxism. Full of bovine excrement.

  2. Marxism is NOT an atheist ideology , tho most marxists are atheists. Engles and marx patterned their ideology after the ideology of the RCC.

    1. Marx was raised as a follower of that celebrated anti-Semite Martín Luther. Don’t give the Church of Rome so much credit.

  3. Yet, was she not an author of the BLM ideology describing goals to eliminate the nuclear family? Why then should she look to take care of her immediate family rather than place more deserving black families in those homes she bought?

    1. Exactly. Which suggests to me she knows NOTHING about which she speaks. She doesn’t know what Marxism is. She doesn’t know what Capitalism is. And she definitely doesn’t know what family is. A healthy, balanced, family that children need to thrive.

      For example … what kind of “family” allows their 13yo son to prowl the streets of Chicago shooting at passing cars with his handgun? Who then, gets shot and killed by the police? On a school night? Ohhhh yeahhhhh … his is just a “different” kind of family than the Judeo-Christian nuclear family. His family was his Gang. His family was the “Village” he terrorized.

      We have allowed these people to propagate their LIES … and even allowed them to form into (ugggggh) … Institutions. We have allowed the nutbar fringe to destroy our society.

      1. “She doesn’t know what Marxism is. She doesn’t know what Capitalism is. And she definitely doesn’t know what family is.” Furthermore she doesn’t give a crap – she’s in it for the loot and goodies that she can grab.

      2. Actually, she knows, though socialists, communists and other such ‘ists look after themselves first. Money is their number one god, they want the system for the other people.
        It is quite interesting that you will find no objection to the communist scumbags having expansive taste, the objection is against those that work for living.
        The character being in about three of four victim categories, she will be considered ‘courageous’ and a go girl.

        In the matter of publicity its a black hole, as in black hole in the center of a galaxy where things sink never to be seen ever again, not to be misconstrued to mean anything else.

    2. Sheesh … I forgot to add … prowling the streets at 2:30 am … on a school night.

      1. And next day he was gonna claim the dog ate his homework!
        It’s like watching social collapse, and they sure aren’t getting any productive leadership.

        1. Holy crap! Where has THIS tape been for 9mos.? Ohhhhh … yeah …. wouldn’t want to prejudice the jury pool (like the city announcing a massive cash award just prior to the trial).

          D’ya remember when the mass media LOVED showing Trayvon Martin’s sweet looking 10yo class photo all over the Telly screens? Wonder why the same media didn’t broadcast this sweet-16 tape of George Floyd? Hmmmmm???

        2. A real Einstein, isn’t he? Yup, it’s only fitting that streets and schools be named in Mr. Genius’s honour.

  4. I thought, from the headline, that this was another article about O’Toole and the CPC. Turns out to be about a Marxist rationalizing her materialism on altruism. She’d fit right in with the NDP and or their Church of choice and training, the UCC.

  5. Marxism is all about equality – for all of the rabble. For the party elites it’s about power and privilege.
    It’s basic to their whole sick outlook in life. Replacing those who worked hard for their wealth and status with degenerate thugs.

  6. She “Chooses to support her famiIy” …….

    Yeah…but she chooses to do it with other peopIes’ money.

    She sounds just Iike a Canadian IiberaI party member.

    1. *
      Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, told
      interviewer Marc Lamont Hill on Thursday that there is
      no contradiction between her radical left-wing politics
      and owning four homes
      because she is providing for
      her extended family.”

      million dollar mansions in wealthy white enclaves. that
      oughta play well in the hood.


  7. Then your are not a Marxist… you are a Capitalist! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Lets break out some fine whiskey and toast your excellent decision!

  8. Just another greedy lefty wing nut. I got mine, I don’t care about anyone else attitude.

  9. Black Lying Marxist who got rich from Burn, Loot, Murder.

    Diversity + proximity never ends well.

  10. That Norwegian pirate said it best, on a lonely country road one night:

    “It is this foulest of creatures — the double-parasite who lives on the sores of the poor and the blood of the rich — whom men have come to regard as a moral ideal. “

  11. The best part of this is that all of this money was grifted from stupid white progressive dupes and woke progressive companies.

  12. Yeah ….
    The communists can scam the money and use it for their families, as opposed to those that actually work for living, those are rotten capitalists.
    Yea, that’s the way it works.

    So everybody else just stfu.

    Isn’t that how it works?

  13. I’m glad there are people like her and Bernie et al teaching people what Marxism is really all about; useless parasites harvesting money from stupid serfs to fund their lavish lifestyles.

  14. I’m entitled to my entitlements because noblesse oblige.

    IOW I do such good things for humanity I am justified in my bare luxuries.

  15. Have you ever seen a poor dictator?
    Political systems are mechanisms to control economies and revolutions just put the treasury in different pockets. There is a Gini coefficient that demonstrates the level of equity in an economy by comparing the top quartiles vrs the lowest quartiles, but looking at the list of least equitable countries some how the caring socialist countries just don’t walk the talk. Time to read ‘Animal Farm’ again.