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  1. Surprised no mention of the biggest non-news of the day. Bill Morneau withdraws bid for OECD chair.

      1. I like “withdrawl letter” very much. Didn’t George W. Bush write a lot of those? Maybe Lyndon Johnson?

  2. About wild pigs, professor and a student.

    “To Catch a Wild Pig – A Parable About Society That Offers Valuable Lessons for Leaders”


    Quote for today: “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.”

    1. I really pissed off my quasi socialist daughter with that one about two years ago. She has always been independent and worked for herself with her own business, not sure where the socialist bent came from.

    1. Ditto Rubin’s interview with Gabbard on the storming of the capital and Rubin going along with the establishment narrative – no questions asked re. how somehow ANTIFA and other agent provocateurs were bused in by the busloads, infiltrated & incited the crowd and led the charge and smashed the door where the woman protester was shot dead – all filmed by a BLM organizer who just happened to be at the right spot at the right time.

      On election night before our very eyes on network broadcasts we saw them running up Biden’s vote count and at same time we could see Trump’s numbers being run down.

  3. Holy cats! I just realized his pick for the next GG.

    Chrystia Freeland, her Majesty, Minister of everything. (All shall gaze upon her and despair).

    He only plays with a deck holding one card.

    Nailed it, pats self on back.

    1. No way Chrystia is going to fall on her sword for Blackface. She is patiently waiting in the wings for his eventual fall. No way in hell she will voluntarily become GG.

      1. She has no competence in “running things”. She has never done that in her life.

    1. Good job.
      I linked it earlier today and Un-one threw a fit.
      Merck respects their clients and will reap the rewards.

      Joe Rogan with Dr. Mark Gordon.
      Vitamin recommendations to boost the immune system.
      Quercetin, Zinc, Curcumin and vitamin D3, vs calcium intake is discussed https://youtu.be/T5_bSHzNdqs

      1. Quicksilver..

        Has it not occurred to ANYONE that to date not 1 Govt Paid Health Official or MSM WORLD FLIPPING WIDE….has said BOO about the utter importance of taking ones Vitamin D, C and zinc…

        Nor have they said a thing about HydroxyChloroquine or Ivermectin either. Both EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS. (Still believing the Fraudulent Studies published by Lancet and NE Journal of Med.)

        Both of these ON PURPOSE omissions are to me a goddamned Crime against the remaining humanity on this planet.

        1. I’m pissed at Scott Moe and Kenney for not doing basic research. WHY arent they challenging their health officers on vitamin suggestions AND re-purposed drugs.
          I got an email today. Its Moes 3rd anniversary. big whoop. 3 + years of missing Brad Wall.
          Private MRIs ok but repurposed drugs are untouchable and no discussion about them???
          If it were up to these dolts we would still have the CWB…
          Zero leadership skills = Zero f*cks given = ZERO $$$ given.

      1. You bet!

        Unless the Mounties ring your doorbell like what happened to Keean Bexte recently.
        (See yesterday’s thread)

        Apologies: for that repetition. Ha!

    1. Nancy
      I’m remembering back when ethnic jokes were banned and smoothly morphed into town jokes
      So I’m guessing “Peking Pox”, “Socialist syphilis” and “Commie cough” will still pass?

    2. Can we call it the Fauci virus since Fauci seems to have contributed money for its development?

  4. Re: Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals:”
    on the politics of personal destruction,
    i.e. “pick a target, freeze it and destroy it.”

    Sounds like the silent majority is not so silent anymore. Here’s more from Nurse Kristen Nagle of London Ontario.
    Watch “UPDATE: From Rebel News Tamara Ugolini:

    Nurse who travelled to DC for summit has been FIRED” (13:54)

    With Thanks to Ezra Levant and the genuine reporters from Rebel News, hoping to help Kristen.

  5. Letter from an airline pilot (one of those low-information voters who don’t pay attention until it’s too late)…….

    Dear Justin Trudeau,

    You may not remember me, but we spent a great deal of time together during the past election. For the first two weeks of your campaign, I was the captain on the 737 that flew you around the country. I sincerely enjoyed getting to know you during that time. We had some great conversations and shared a few good laughs between flights. I remember feeling that we were in good hands, convinced that you were the right person to lead our government. Just as you trusted me and my co-pilot to fly you from one campaign stop to another, I trusted you with the future of our country. I voted for you on Oct. 21, 2019.

    The pandemic struck four months later. At your request, pilots, flight attendants and ground agents worked tirelessly and without protection to bring Canadians home safely. Almost a year into this crisis and you and your government have left us stranded. Month after month, you have chosen to disregard our cries for help, to ignore our anguish and our despair. Today, tens of thousands of aviation workers across the country are jobless, completely hopeless. We are honest citizens, highly trained hardworking people who have contributed significantly to our society and economy throughout our careers. We do not deserve to be treated like this.
    Certainties are a rarity today. I don’t know if I’ll still have a job a month from now. I don’t know if my employer will be able to survive. I don’t know how many of my colleagues will have lost their homes and their retirement savings at the end of this. But I do know one thing, your inaction won’t be forgotten.

    Capt. Bradley Small, Saint-Sauveur, Que.

    Maybe more people like him are questioning their foolish naive belief in Liberal good-intentions? Let’s hope so.

    1. He voted for Juthtin and now he’s getting it good and hard.
      I have nothing but contempt for the stupid, ignorant bastard.

        1. Maybe then the task is convincing those folks they don’t have anyone to vote for.
          Sort of how conservative voters felt during the last election.

          1. Well, I voted for the PPC candidate in my riding. For all the idiots who babble on about splitting the vote, stop doing that, vote for the PPC. Wipe the faux conservatives out.

      1. Buddy:

        That’s really not fair.
        The pilot didn’t vote for that.
        No one did.
        Did Ontario conservatives vote for what Ford is doing!?!?

        1. Let me rephrase it then.
          The pilot voted for Juthtin because he thought Juthtin would do what’s best for Canada…after already seeing what he had done for 4 straight fucking years. WTF?!
          People voted for Fatty – for the first time – and there was little prior indication he would do what he’s done.

    2. Couple that with the wild pig capture story from earlier in the comments by Lev (which I shared with a few people, thanks, Lev), and you realize that the pilot is asking the wrong questions. The pilot just realized that he has been fenced and is squealing as loud as he can at the one that he allowed to build the fence. And by the way, while the author of the wild pig article understood the story in some way, he, too, (not Lev) missed the point – balance is not achievable against an implacable farmer if you are the wild pig because you still end up with a wall that kills your freedom and eventually fries your bacon. Asking the farmer if we can just get along is a waste of time.

    3. It is hard to feel bad for guy like this . Trudeau hates you. He has done everything in his power to destroy Canadian aviation. The carbon tax makes it so we can not compete in world market. Canada turned out some of the best pilots in world . New pilots are being priced out Carbon taxes on fuel , landing fees, Nav Canada fees , costly medicals . You voted for this and now your whining. You voted to destroy our oil and gas and you had no concern for those works some best in world using the best practices . Our farms are being attacked by Trudeau and liberals with carbon taxes and crazy regulations yet we are some of the most productive farmers in world but it can’t last with these attacks. Try and build a mine . Capt Bradley Small you voted for this so suck it up.

    4. Air Canada Pilot..??

      ARROGANCE on steroids. It’s how they roll.
      I have family in aviation – 45 yrs of varied flight experience family in aviation. The Last 10 of which were with Emirates in a very senior position….yea.
      Quebec Style genetic ARROGANCE.

      Zero fks given.

    5. Whiner. Did he lose his house yet? Ask anyone who went through the NEP in Alberta, under PET the First, Butt Bhouy’s Pappy. Legislated out of a job.
      We’re full circle on this “family”.

  6. I vote Sophie for the new gov, gen , Already has a new 8.5 million house, no renos, Hates Justin

    1. Complaints against Trudeau also include physical contact. At least Payette resigned.
      She did, however, steal his line about how “We all experience things differently…”

    1. Is that a Biscuit I see at the bottom of the photo of the fitness instructor? Hard to tell maybe a bun

  7. And now your Canadians are racist bastards stories for today. Whiny indian prison guards are whining about discrimination, and a Senator is urging Canadians to face up to their systematic racism. In other news the Toronto Sun reports on how a sleazy teachers union paid a member of Ford’s committee of experts to oppose school re-openings.

  8. The Brits are way ahead of the EU on the vaccine delivery schedule.

    “A new forecast provided to the Guardian by the data analytics company Airfinity, based on the agreed vaccine supply deals and taking into account the latest developments in terms of delayed production, suggests that the UK will have achieved herd immunity by vaccinating 75% of the population by 14 July, closely followed by the US on 9 August. The EU will have to wait until 21 October.”

    As most should know by now, the EU – specifically the Germans – wants to keep the vaccine in Europe before sending supplies to frozen shitholes.

  9. Juthtin’s a coward alright and also a bully, the typical combo.
    Pretty funny stuff but also pathetic because its accurate.
    It probably could have been half an hour long.
    I am sending the link of the Coward of the Cottage out to a few people today.

  10. While the Western nations impose their climate agendas to crush our dependence on fossil fuels and thus higher costs…
    China wants to peak their usage in 2030 before starting their program.


    Thus ensuring lower fossil fuels costs to China while our politicians and governments impose more laws and restrictions that will decimate our economies while China goes full steam ahead in building more fossil fuel guzzling factories and electric facilities.

  11. “Kamala’s cartoon depicts a black mountain climber as being too stupid to follow the trail to the cliff chosen by his smarter white partner. Thus, the discriminated-against black man can’t reach the magic rope that somehow pulls the privileged white mountaineer up as if he’s riding a ski-resort towrope. (In reality, climbers use ropes for safety, not to be effortlessly winched up the incline by an invisible mechanism.) The racist rope makes the black guy sad, so he sulks.

    But then, apparently, a vast Biden-Harris Administration equity initiative elevates the entire crust of the earth. Now the black climber is finally at the starting place he should have been at if only he’d imitated the white guy. In the happy ending, the black climber joins his white friend on the summit, where, side by side, they stare into the big gay sunset.

    Republicans have been trained to denounce this as “Marxism,” but it’s actually Kendiism, the ideology of the enterprising capitalist/antiwhite racist Ibram X. Kendi, who has made a fortune lecturing that any racial inequality in performance is proof of inequity.

    But it’s safer for whites to sputter against Marxism than to deny Kendiism. Who dares tell Professor Kendi that the main reason in 2021 that blacks tend to perform poorly on many measures is not white racism?

    Therefore, Kamala sums up that “equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

    And yet…Kamala and Joe didn’t end up at the same place as everybody else. It’s almost as if “equity” applies to you and yours but not to the Bidens, Harrises, and Kendis.”


  12. tienphongnews.com/french-court-hears-agent-orange-case-against-chemical-firms

    A war fought to keep the dominos from falling we were told. For the Vietnamese it was a war of independence against France.

    Back then “they” saw a commie under every bed. Today “they” are in bed with the commies.

    Flashback: The forgotten little war-https://thediplomat.com/2019/05/the-sino-vietnam-war-and-chinas-long-route-to-winning/

  13. Senator Leahy has been dragged from hospital to chair the impeachment circus. Wasn’t he in Trailer Park Boys? Sure looks like him. Maybe Randy will assist him.

  14. Idris Alba is a citizen of the Commonwealth. Could he be appointed as GG ? It would keep him nice and close so Sophie could visit often. He wouldn’t have to wear blackface, we can just get him some cool socks.
    It would be great to hear Sophie sing at his appointment ceremony.

  15. “It’s simply not true to refer to Canada or the United Kingdom as free countries. The Regimes are hostile to the founding populations. Americans trapped in a Cold War mindset need to wake up and realize that the true threat to freedom isn’t Moscow or Beijing. It’s already inside the gates. More than that, it’s running the show from “our” own capital cities.

    Anglo-Canadians, like European-Americans, are an occupied people. We’re stateless, no different from the Kurds. Internalizing this is necessary before any progress is possible. Ironically, the Sikhs are a powerful example about how a stateless group with a strong identity, community organizations, and sense of their own collective interests can build power within the existing political system.”


    1. Disappointed that the Progressive Party of Canada (formerly known as Conservative Party of Canada) supported this. Perhaps the next motion will be to declare the CPC a terrorist organisation.

  16. Toronto Sun reports on a new anal swab test being used in fascist China, to detect the China virus. Justin and men in downtown Toronto are already excited about bringing the test to Canada.

  17. What is behind the Big Lie that there are 300 neo-nazi and white supremacist groups in Canada? Jonathan Kay in the National Post tries to find out. Turns out that an Ontario academic, Barbara Perry, with funding from taxpayers no less, is the source. However, she won’t release the names of the 300 groups she claims she has uncovered, and the mainstream media that love to quote her, have never asked her any questions to find out the names. In Canada, that’s how you create and spread a Big Lie that serves your political objectives.

    “I find it odd that, to my knowledge, I’m the only journalist who’s publicly asked to see this information. The Star and CBC, in particular, now regularly publish articles darkly suggesting that Canada is on the cusp of some kind of full-on white supremacist apocalypse. Given the urgent need to fight off the forces of Nazidom, shouldn’t they be leading the charge for this data rather than just repeating Perry’s bottom-line number?”


    And yes that is the CBC, which claims to be the leading and most reliable fact-checking news organization in Canada, which is not fact-checking this story.

    1. I am an academic, and one ethical rule in academics is that professors and others must keep databases on file for at least five years, that must be handed over to eferees (as part) of peer reviewing, or to academics wanting to check on the work after the work was published. In the hard sciences, replication of experiments is common, but in the softer disciplines it is less so.

      I was a senior fellow at AIMS before it was folded into the Fraser Institute two years ago. AIMS published two questionable pieces by two in-house academics (somec20 years apart), whereby left-of-centre academics asked for the source data, and AIMS, obeying the standard academic rule, handed over the data. The professors, obtaining the data in both cases, then published scathing attacks pointing out where AIMS made mistakes. I wrote or co -wtote some 12 to 15 studies for AIMS, and was always paranoid about making mistakes in data entry or calculations and getting nailed for it by some lefty. Fortunately it never happened.

      Here, with this far left professor protecting her database, it shouldn’t be allowed. Any person can formally ask for the data to do a replication exercise. If the data is not handed over, the academic can then complain to the publisher, university and governing academic body.

    2. Outrageous. Really, Perry should not be considered a serious researcher. It’s ludicrous, and helps perpetuate lies about systemic racism in Canada. Official “Fact-checking” is only carried out against people expressing conservative views.

  18. Blacklock reports that Revenue Canada paid high school students over six hundred million dollars in CERB payments, including grade nine students.

  19. I mentioned yesterday that I had deer in the front yard of my house in B. C.

    It appears that I had visitors again overnight. I put some alfalfa underneath the spruce that I have in the front last evening. This morning, I shoveled snow (again!) and I saw footprints coming up from the street and going to and around the tree. Because it was dark, I couldn’t tell if they ate anything but they were certainly interested.

    1. Around here the deer have been in yards and in towns for weeks Deep snow and heavy coyote pressure to blame

    2. I have never had so many deer in my yard in the 44 years I have lived in the country. They must be desperate for food as they have eaten my junipers and bark off my trees.

    3. Hi!
      One winter, a couple of years ago, there were four of them, all females, they got at the frozen crabapples. They broke branches on the pine tree for a palate changer. I didn’t mind, yard was a small mess. Landscaping 101!

      Then, there was a lone male one summer evening licking away at the hulled sunflowerseeds in the chickadee feeder.

      Glad I have photos.

      Haven’t seen any of them in awhile.

      They must’ve moved to your house, B!

      1. Wild critters are welcome at my house. It’s just as much their territory as it is ours.

        1. Yes, that’s what a wise neighbour once said.

          Speaking about neighbours, doggo next door is a ‘he’. Still haven’t been introduced to ‘Dash’… he’s mostly hibernating. It’s cold outside and he’s a baby! I sometimes hear him though, and there’s the occasional stolen short glance.

    1. Nobody checks for flu. They assume that symptoms make the disease. Out of a million cases of flu, I doubt they check 1,000. The cause of death is put as pneumonia unless it’s 2020 or 2021 where the cause of death is Woohoofloo.

  20. That was pretty good. I’ve passed it around.

    Now maybe he can can do another for the flip side: The OTool on The Hill

  21. I won’t go into great detail but a friend recently lost a parent It was thought to be covid ,they recently told her it wasn’t covid but it was the flu ,so that’s one I know of.

    1. I guess the disappearing flu cases was looking a bit suspicious as they pump up the Covid cases. Time for a correction. The John Hopkins’ report that total deaths last year were not abnormal was “officially” withdrawn, but the author did not retract her findings, and I suspect she is totally correct.

  22. Blackie’s CBC covered the news presser of the minister of whiny indians. He explained to an enthralled audience of journalists that the health care system is rampant with racist bastards. Somehow I don’t think ranting that health care workers dealing with the China virus are racist bastards, is a great way to distract from Blackie’s vaccine fiasco.

  23. Over 20% of those employed in Canada work in the public sector. They are virtually all in unions, and their public sector unions love to make politicians dance to their tune. The latest: teachers in Ontario want to keep the schools closed so they are paying an epidemiologist on a Government panel to make that argument for them.

    “Ontario Premier Doug Ford says it is “deeply concerning” that the elementary teachers’ union paid consultation fees to an epidemiologist who sits on the province’s COVID-19 science advisory table.

    A Toronto Sun article published Tuesday reported on the potential conflict of interest that Dr. David Fisman, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, helped advise the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario to keep schools closed.”


  24. Iran’s favourite buddy John Kerry gave his global warming news conference. All the media loved every word he spoke. Everyone is going be building solar panels and wind turbines. Maybe he can have Americans plant trees like up here in Blackie’s fake country.

    1. And the solar panels and windmills will be supplied by China.

      Plus Joe China Biden has opened up the US electric market to Chinese companies. All part of his buy American strategy. Guess they’ll partner with Hunter and friends to make it ‘American’.

  25. Here is a reason to keep the role of Governor General. The Toronto Star wants to abolish the position so the money can be spent on indian art.

    1. Anyone for the next Governor-General to have a potlach involving the contents of the Canadian Museum of History?

      1. Ed – are you suggesting the GG distribute the contents or ceremonially break them to show his/her disdain for material goods?

  26. Rex Murphy at the National Post, writes about Keystone and trashes the Liberals and CBC.

  27. Winston S. Churchill “Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.”

    1. Then there’s the old saying that diplomacy is saying “Nice doggy” until one can find a sufficiently large rock.

  28. Blackie’s CTV is excited that some idiot in Manitoba has created a comic book about President Kamala’s time in Canada. No word on whether its x rated for explicit sexual content.

    1. Is this the guy you are referring to?


      Here’s the question – “Why hasn’t our Premiers been asking the pointy heads in Ottawa about using this cheap drug instead of lining the pockets of stock seller sleaze bags like Bourla?

      This is a tried, tested and proven method, unlike the world laboratory experiment that Pfizer and Moderna are doing with their so called vaccines.

  29. I am betting that in less than 5 years we will be entertained by CBC’s breathless coverage of Class Action lawsuits brought against us taxpayers,by the poor oppressed victims… current federal prisoners and Natives on Reserve..
    Suing for damages caused by their use as guinea pigs for untested and unproven so called vaccines.

    Easy money.I am sure Tony M from the “residential School Ripoffs will needing more money by then.

    1. Lone Indian at last battered pay phone calling Ottawa. “I Need Munnah. Send New Munnah, Old Munnah all gone”

  30. On my way back home to Edmonton earlier today, I changed planes in Calgary. I happened to catch a bit of Constant Trudeau Vision’s show Powder Puff, er, Power Play on the airport TV. The main item was the casino boss who flew to the Yukon with his trophy wife to filch himself vaccinations for the both of them.

    Must have been a slow news day…..