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  1. “Supporters of the idea of climate grief claim the failure of members of the public to validate the climate grief of others leads to “major physical and mental health problems”.” I can attest to the mental health part.

    The Wannabe Oppressed:
    Bill McKibben “Being white, male, straight, and of impeccably middle-class background, I could not realistically claim to be a victim of anything.” – When McKibben almost single-handedly turned global warming into a public issue in 1989, his problem was solved. Now everyone could be a victim”


    1. This is a nice COVID concert … but what language is Steve Winwood singing in? It sounds slightly Gaelic …

    2. One of my husband’s favourite movies, and one he quotes from quite a bit. Who hasn’t said, “we’re on a mission from God,” when it fit?

  2. Heads I Win Tails You Lose: The Canadian Pandemic Model

    Recently Alberta concluded its antibody study. Based on the results alone, the Infectious Fatality Rate (IFR) in Alberta at the time was ~0.35%, however 75% of those fatalities were (Long Term Care) LTC[ ix]. Non-LTC IFR is 0.08% – which is 50% less risky than the common influenza[x].


    1. Alberta suicide deaths are in the range of 500 per year (last 5 years, not including 2020).

      Covid deaths to date in Alberta (2020) on the order of 230.

      More Albertans will die to suicide than Covid 19 even if there’s a second wave as big as the first one.

      Why shut down the economy, cost jobs, remove hope, and cause possibly fatal helplessness? At this point, it’s not about a disease.

      What is the bigger threat?

      1. Extrapolating from US numbers, ever 1 percent increase in unemployment results in an additional 4000+ deaths from various causes.

        The biggest threat as always is Liberals.

      2. How many died or will die because they were refused essential medical care in a system that forbids you from accessing private health care and paying for it yourself?

        The decision to shut down the health care system should be viewed as a crime against humanity. This cannot happen in a system where no other options are allowed.

        Peking patty hajdu should face criminal charges as should all public health officials- tam, henry, hinshaw etc.

  3. So far the stupid is still running rampant regarding the whu who flu. To paraphrase Mark Twain, it is easier to convince someone of a lie than it is to convince them they have been lied to. The whu who flu was a perfect set up. The virus exists so promoting panic was easy, especially when you have a populace unable to think critically. To date the whu who flu has been no more deadly than the seasonal flu or many other things that humans are prone to die from. Yet irrational fear has gripped the tiny minds that now run around with masks on as if that is going to save the human race. Government has us by the short and curlies and until we start fighting back this will get worse, believe me it can get much worse and it won’t be the whu who flu that is the problem.

  4. Angry Adolf is starting his election tour. As part of his new multi-billion handout to teacher unions, he will be flying at taxpayer expense to diverse Toronto today, where he will join other Liberals to pass cash around. He is so cool and wonderful, unlike that bald frumpy looking O’Toole.

  5. Blacklock reports that paid leave for federal employees to stay at home because they are afraid to come to work, has now cost taxpayers over 800 million dollars.

  6. British taxpayers are forced to pay for the BBC and this is what they get – cancel culture taken to the next level. The elites at the BBC have decided that the nation’s “public” broadcaster will no longer allow the words of the national anthem to be broadcast on any of their networks.


    Since the CBC takes its inspiration from the BBC, as well as CNN, how much longer will the CBC allow the words of our national anthem to be broadcast on its networks? The second phrase of the anthem (“Our home and native land”) is clearly politically incorrect at a minimum, if not overtly racist.

  7. And in COVID mask madness: the province of Ontario left it up to individual school boards what they do about mask regulations, suggesting Grades 4 and over be required to wear masks at school. BUT the Waterloo District Catholic School Board didn’t think that was enough and now all grades will be expected to wear masks.


    Bunch of idiots all!

    1. I’m reminded of what Mark Twain said: “In the first place, God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made school boards.”

    2. Unfortunately, too many people managing school boards just follow what everyone else does. It’s the cowards way out. Municipal governments are the same. That’s why we are in this mess. No leadership. Masks are dehumanizing and prevent kids from reading facial expressions– important in a learning context I would think.

  8. Blackie’s CBC explains again today that Nazis are running rampant in the Canadian Armed Forces.

  9. CBC News and the Globe and Mail are playing up last night’s shootings, where two were killed and one other seriously wounded. The Globe has an AP article at the top of its main page, and CBC News is showing video. Why the sudden interest in the racial violence? Because a white man, who was pushed to the ground by BLM thugs attacking gas station, decided to defend himself.

    To our corporate media, the wrong person did the shooting. When the shooter is a BLM thug, our media stays silent.

    1. When the shooter is a BLM thug, our media stays silent.

      The media are silent because they don’t regard it as a shooting, but an act of social justice.

  10. Big Chief Gay Eagle With No Balls announced 112 million dollars for indian schools to safely reopen. Sanitized big screen TVs for everyone!

  11. WeTheNo

    Via the NP, Reuters (as well as CBC) are reporting that the Craptors might boycott a game.
    Buddy hereby reports that nobody worth a pinch of salt gives a flying monkey’s beshitted arse if your sport disappears and you overpaid, under-educated freak-shows take your rightful place stocking the top shelves of a Dollar Store.

  12. Here we go again!!!
    ( nothing to see here folks …. move along now)

    Charges have been laid in connection with a multi-vehicle collision in which one man died Tuesday on Highway 41 near Wakaw.

    According to the Wakaw RCMP, 38-year-old Gurmeet Singh Cheema was charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm.

    The crash happened Tuesday at around 1 p.m., about eight kilometres east of Wakaw. The Mounties say a semi-truck entering a construction zone rear-ended four other vehicles.

    A 69-year-old man, whose vehicle was stopped directly in front of the semi, died at the scene.

    People in other vehicles sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were either treated at the scene or taken to hospital.

    The highway was closed, but since has reopened.