“Mayor Lori Lightfoot” Is Not The Name Of A DC Comics Character

But it should be. Bridges Raised, Roads Closed in Chicago After Rioting, Looting Breaks Out

All bridges along the Chicago River were raised throughout The Loop, according to CBS Chicago.
Chicago’s Officer of Emergency Management said on Twitter that streets are closed in the city’s Magnificent Mile shopping district as well as Gold Coast and South Loop neighborhoods. The Illinois State Police also blocked some expressway ramps into downtown.
Meanwhile, the Chicago Transit Authority announced that train and bus services to the downtown area were suspended “at the request of public safety officials.”
The measures came after mass looting took place in the downtown area, with reports of numerous businesses being ransacked and vehicles set on fire.

Chicago Tribune has more;

Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores, confronting police and at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said.
The officers had stopped several people on Lake Street near Michigan Avenue when shots were fired from a passing car around 4:30 a.m., nearly five hours into the widespread vandalism, according to police spokesman Tom Ahern. No officers were shot but a squad car was hit, he said. It was not known if anyone in the gunman’s car was shot.
Ahern said other officers were injured through the night. Earlier, an officer was seen slumped against a building by Grand and Wabash avenues as other other cops tended to him. It was unclear what had happened to him. Ahern had no details on the injuries.
The looting began shortly after midnight as people darted through broken store windows and doors along Michigan Avenue carrying shopping bags full of merchandise. Cars dropped off more people as the crowd grew. At least one U-Haul van was seen pulling up.

Flashback: “I have never seen the likes of this,” Sadlowski-Garza said. “I’m scared.”

Andy Ngo has more on Twitter.

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  1. The insanity rages and the violence is getting worse. I wonder when it will be necessary to declare martial law and send in the army? The left is not going to stop until they are stopped.

    1. OWG, Perhaps martial law is what the left is trying to create to prove Trump is evil and racist and a dictator, and, and, and. This is becoming a zombie apocalypse, a war for survival between the right and the left. I put a post in below that suggests they are trying to force his hand to show how much of an evil tyrant they think he is. All to subvert the coming election, a lust for power. They don’t care if the cities are torn apart, they are safe in their secure gated communities. Only the middle class folk will be affected, and we don’t matter. We will be just useful casualties.

      1. I am with GerryK on this one. It’s Alinsky’s playbook, rule by rule: (1) mobilize a mob that is (2) expert in causing mayhem which (3) is mostly incomprehensible for the normals. (4) Normals cannot freely fight back, because normals are still bound by a modicum of civility and respect for the law; (5) any reasoned argument (including the witness of your lying eyes…), is ridiculed and termed a right-wing conspiracy theory by MSM. Since looting, destroying, occupying, shouting on megaphones are (6) tactics that the mobilized mob enjoys, they will keep doing without urging; the mob uses these tactics (7) in combination, or in rotation, and on different places, so they are always looking “fresh”. Notice that the (8, 10) pressure is relentless and comes from many flanks, sometimes at once, sometimes in rotation: the mob, the cities, the US Congress, the MSM. Meanwhile, (9) anyone who relies only on MSM for information, are kept in a constant state of anxiety: “the threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself”. It follows that (11) that the mounting active pressure of all these forces (the mob, MSM, Blue politicians, NeverTrumpers…) is designed to elicit a reaction involving the use of force (National Guard, military… ) and I quote GerryK: “they are trying to force his hand to show how much of an evil tyrant they think [Trump] is. All to subvert the coming election, a lust for power. They don’t care if the cities are torn apart, they are safe in their secure gated communities.”. The (12) constructive alternative, the “if you do this, all will be better” is to vote for the Biden/woman of colour ticket: (13) “Orange man bad. Orange man bad. Orange man bad”.
        This is torture. True human rights violations.
        (The numbers 1 to 13 correspond to the Sam Alinski’s “rules” from “Rules for Radicals”)

    1. All of them (obviously). Why? The losers of our society have completely run out of contemporary opposing politicians to blame for their misery. The victims are in desperate need of new “oppressors”.

      Here’s my theory … PDJT has shattered the convenient scapegoating of Republican politicians by the Left … he has not ACTED like a typical punching bag Republican. Trump doesn’t just sit there and take it. Trump communicates his thoughts directly, to the people. He makes it clear he is working for ALL the American people. He has shattered the narrative. The narrative that says all victims are victims of Republican policies.

      So … all the “victimized” POC … must blame HISTORY for their “systemic” malaise.

      1. Yep.
        If you can teach a liberal to discard their view of themselves as a victim then they are generally no longer a liberal.

  2. I was heretofore completely unaware that out-of-state firearms could cause peaceful advocates for social justice to loot and burn businesses. This is clear proof that firearms really must be a sentient, pernicious, self-aware force of evil. There really is no other plausible explanation: at least now that we don’t judge people by the content of their character – because you know, that would be racist.

    1. I might actually agree with Mayor cartoon character … I have little doubt that outside firearms are making their way into the killing field, WAR ZONE, of Chicago. It’s called SELF DEFENSE. It’s called SELF PRESERVATION!! When the city government has FAILED the people to provide for basic CIVILIZED safety … then … people find a way to protect themselves.

      Do your JOB, Mayor Simpleton!

      1. Hey Kenji @11:48 am
        Folks, come on down to Mayor Beetlegeuse’s MIDNIGHT MADNESS SALE where everything is FREE!!
        Be sure to shoot yourself at least one toddler (just to show how much you CARE about George what’s his name)!

      2. There is sa ubstantial record of the majority of firearms in Chicago coming from two Illinois gun shops.

    2. Strangely enough those states that are the source of all those evil firearms that are destroying Illinois don’t have the same crime issues.
      How do the guns know when they have crossed into Illinois so that they can start killing people?

      Guns are like the Thermos bottle that keeps my coffee hot in the winter and my iced tea cold in the summer, but how do they know?

    1. I always scan comments prior to posting. But if I was looking for an art imitates life example, the only characters missing are the Dark Knight and Bane.

      This is the progressive/communist new version of what passes as normal.

  3. A. Experts: Chicago riots triggered by social media and local MSM “erroneously” reporting that police involved shooting suspect was a child.

    B. Chicago man on the street: organized riots in response to President Trump’s EOs bypassing Dems lavish bailout plans for blue cities and states.

    C. Last night and today’s riots just shoppers at Macy’s back-to-school sale to explain Macy’s bags strewn all over.

    D. All of the above

  4. I don’t know when our urban voters will have had enough, but after last night in Chicago, did Mayor Groot just put Illinois in play?
    FWIW, speculation by locals on Chicago talk shows: The looting and destruction last night was ORGANIZED and others suggest payback for Trump declining to bailout Chicago and Illinois public employee pension funds??? What of LA, NYC?
    Anecdotal but worth mentioning: A family member ran an errand that took her down Illinois Rte 64 (North Avenue, if you are from Chicago). from Elmhurst to Glendale Heights, a little over 12 miles. She was quite unnerved by all the vacant commercial properties. If it is this bad in the outer suburbs of DuPage county, what does it look like in Chicago. I have seen a stat that of the 4400 business closures in the city over the last three months, 2500 are permanent. Some cities/states have dug themselves a very deep hole. It’s not just the businesses but the commercial real estate, the housing market, out of control costs, loss of both business and subsequent tax revenues, damage to infrastructure, and the reality that investors will go elsewhere. Who is stupid enough to risk expanding, upgrading, hiring even in the businesses that survive. We used to know that an economy, especially the brick and mortar businesses, cannot thrive without law and order and security. Cui bono? What a huge boost to the online retailers and home delivery services.

    1. Of course this was organized. Of course it was organized via social media. This all started with small flash mobs materializing in a 7-11 and swarming the place like locusts with grab and go shoplifting. Now the mobs of criminals have realized they can take down an entire Macy’s store, or Target … just go total locust swarm on it and clean it out. By the video, I’d say more like a swarm of fat black beetles. There are no consequences for any of this theft and destruction. And contemporary “policing” is to essentially do nothing. The courts do nothing. The DA’s do nothing.

      Where does this end? With white people (and all other colors) who don’t want to live in any city or suburb inhabited by these lawless criminal ne’r do wells … simply leave. To the suburbs and beyond. Eventually, there will be NOTHING left behind. American cities will start looking like South African shanty towns … some parts of Detroit and Baltimore do now.

      This is what happens when America simultaneously EXPORTS their middle class jobs … and IMPORTS (and breeds) a vast underclass of cultural misfits. Every traitorous US Corp who sold out Americans by moving their manufacturing to CHINA ( ahem … and Canada, and Mexico) should be sanctioned.

  5. The solution to this has always seemed to me for families and individuals to just get out of these cities and start over in some decent place. Would this have happened in a small town in MAGA country? I think not.

  6. I wonder if they looted Bloomingdales again?

    This would be the 3rd time this Summer if they did.

    They hit Bloomingdales on Saturday May 30, and again when Antifa tried to pull down the Christopher Columbus Statue in Grant Park on Friday July 17th.

  7. Yes, They hit Bloomingdales again this morning:


    Here is the second time on July 17-18, after Antifa was frustrated in its attempt to pull down the statue, and when everyone in the CPD were drawn from downtown to defend the cops in Grants Park.:


    I wonder what their Insurance Company is saying?

    I wonder what the Employees and Management are saying?

    1. I wonder if they paid their protection racket money to BLM. If they are refusing to pay up that may be why they keep getting hit.

  8. I think it’s a Democrat Party gambit – they’re hoping the country collectively will suffer from a bad case of “battle fatigue” and at the end of the day tell everyone there’s really only one way to end it. Which is why Dem reps in Washington avoid criticizing ANTIFA and BLM like the plague.
    Already the media are in total lockstep, busying themselves by pushing a Trump = Civil unrest zeitgeist and tout Biden, who no doubt will pick a visible minority as his VP, as some sort of unifier who can bring the nation together. Want to make it all go away? Vote for Salt and Pepper.
    Election extortion if you will. A gamble well worth taking in their eyes…the downside of course is that if it backfires it’ll do so spectacularly.

    Just a theory.

    1. Trump rips the cover off everytime he pledges that he could send the troops in if the city mayors would just ask.

      This ends the minute the mayors feel the mob turning on them.

      Now far be it from me to suggest any kind of mischief but, would it upend the narrative if say Antifa suddenly occupied a CNN studio and demanded air time to make their demands publicly?
      Just a thought.

  9. Purchase of out of state guns for self defense is BS. Plenty of gun stores in collar counties, etc. Drive-by shooters in Chicago use guns paid for by the American taxpayer from the Obama-Holder “Fast and Furious” gun distribution program. Holder was trying to “trace guns used in drug smuggling” from Mexico and points south.

    During the Daley admin gun mfrs outside Illinous were sued in the blame game – a 20 year recurring city hall theme. This tact has not been pursued for years because way too many serial numbers trace back to another criminally stupid Obama program. The black lives that don’t matter to Chicago pols can be piled at Obama’s feet.

  10. A BATFEIEIO Study proved that 4900 firearms seized from criminals came from 49 other states, but 5100 firearms were from inside ILLINOIS. Most of the guns used in Chicago crime came from Illinois.

  11. Could it be that in Chicago, last night, organized crime used BLM and Antifa for cover? In any case, Dems own this.

  12. Is this a surprise? It can be seen that this is mostly happening in Demoncrat run cities.
    Perhaps because in places with more Demoncrat influence, they more easily organize looting and riots. As I stated a few days back in another post, if they started shooting looters as they used to, and perhaps stretch that to include rioters, it would not take long to tamp this down. Of course, if the city politicians are involved with arranging this unrest, they would not let the police department begin shooting their shock troop militia’s. (Consider Portland) So it would need the feds to take this on, but that may also be what they want, to show Trump is a dictator, and accuse him of murdering innocent “protesters”. Damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t! These are or appear to be, shades of a zombie apocalypse!

    I’m thinking this will ramp up as we close in on the November elections. It could so easily overflow into civil war, literally the left versus the right. It would seem the left in Canada are also dipping a toe into the Burn Loot Murder protesting as well but currently more subdued right now.
    None of this is good for the US or Canada short or long term. Prices of everything are beginning to climb quickly, but incomes for those still getting them , plus pensions, are not rising. I see extreme poverty becoming the norm in both counties, all caused by the left’s insane lust for power. Trump is an outsider, and they can’t bribe or control him, this is the crux of their seething hatred and baseless accusation’s toward him. We are seeing the full frontal exposed Demoncrat true colors. This is gonna get a lot worse, but I don’t know if it will ever get better again. This new normal is not anything close to normal. Right now, the future I perceive is scaring the hell out of me.

  13. From the Chicago Tribune report, “Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores, confronting police and at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said.”
    “Hundreds of people” in a city of 2.7M (Metro area almost 10M), a minuscule 0.01% or 0.02% of the population, is enough to completely destroy any semblance of civil society? My goodness, just look at the stores that were looted. Presumably they will be closed now for quite a while. How many people are employed by them? Most likely more than the number of looters, and they will now lose their income, at least for a long while. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, those are Chicago citizens you are not protecting, because you allow the Burn Loot Murder to run rampant. If these looters get away with it, what message are you sending, that if there is anything you want, don’t buy, just start a protest and loot. All the businesses will leave, and Chicago will literally shut down. And it will happen on your watch.

    1. It’s all a lust for power old Bruin, a zombie apocalypse to force Trump to either send in the feds, or declare martial law and send in the feds. They are trying to show the world that trump is evil, and because they can’t bribe him, or threaten him, they can’t control him. This will get worse. Time to join the prepper society if you haven’t yet done it. The end result, no matter who wins in November, the end result will be poverty, and a breakdown of society. Once the food chain is broken, that will cause starvation as well. Truckers are already hesitant to deliver to these burning cities, How long can insurance companies continue to insure everything without going bankrupt themselves! I do not see any light in this very long dark tunnel we are entering. This does not bode well for any of us.

  14. Harder
    Better Drone Coverage.
    The Demon Rats and that Lightfoot looks exactly like a demon possessed body,are just covering themselves in glory.
    BURN LOOT MURDER is their mantra, they are proud of this ,this is the best they can do.
    Such high achievers.
    As they sense they are losing the Black Voter,they unleash ever more destruction upon these same voters..
    Gee just like a Frightened Slave Master might.
    President Trump has become “President Law and Order” by default.
    Vote Democrat and you get Burn Loot Murder.
    This is the Biden Campaign?

    Or is the Demon campaign,vote for us so we can enslave you?
    Vote against us,we kill you?

    Now our progressive comrades are incoherent most of their lives,their basic package amounts to “We got no stuff,you got stuff,we want to takes your stuff”.
    If we can’t takes your stuff,we burns our stuff…
    Not quite sure that they have the combined IQ of a turnip.

    So Chicago Burns Loots and Murders.
    Does anyone outside the city care?
    It is not like they did not choose destruction,they have chosen Democrat for nearly a century.
    City voters have tolerated and rewarded the systemic corruption.
    It is the Chicago Way.
    The street theatre of these blots on society is perfect TV.
    Tragic and Comic,with real blood.
    No wonder CNN loves these “peaceful protests”.

  15. A quick review of Canada’s MSM (CBC national online, CTV national online, Post Media Ottawa Citizen, G&M) all had nothing on Chicago as of 1pm Eastern. Post Media Ottawa Sun had a small blurb on the international page.

    Guess we’re not supposed to know about these peaceful demonstrations.

  16. Even Ann Althouse sees the Democrats in this disaster:


    The progressive commenters at WaPo are even catching on:
    “This must be a first for the Washington Post. They actually refer to those who smashed windows as “looters.” Yesterday, they referred to those who intended to set fire to the Police Union’s building in Portland as “protesters.”

    Is the Post finally waking up to smell the accelerant?”

    1. The Post has likely seen lots of legitimate but unpublished polls showing Democrats crashing and Trump surging …with every riot Trumps gains another 1/4 million votes.

    1. She’s addicted to her own identity. And for years it was a great high…now, like all addictions, it’s getting flat.

  17. What needs to happen, is massive parties in sane cities, celebrating the destruction of Democrat cities.

    People want Democrat? Don’t expect the rest of the country to pay for your mistake. Don’t expect retailers to come back after the fires and looting and riots. Don’t expect insurance rates in your city to stay the same.

    The election of a Democrat city council, mayor, or governor should mean an immediate multiple of 10 to all property insurance rates in the affected area.

    Also, insurance rates should follow you around. You fled Portland? Your house, car, insurance rates get to stay at Portland levels for a few years, to make sure you aren’t Typhoid Karen, and you only moved to elect Democrats in a previously sane jurisdiction.

    1. Javohl, Field Marshal Windbag, outside of your basement everyone is impure and needs purging.

  18. The Communists always need another Democrat City to throw into the Volcano….Silly part is that stopping Riots & looting does not have a political Solution… They will continue until folks start burying body bags…

    Pelosi’s Resist & Obstruct does not result in a way forward….AOC is the Boss & Riots & looting is such fun…Nothing in these cities will come back until the Gangs & Communists are gone… The Gangs like the Communists because Drugs flow freely….Attracting MORE Drug group therapy helps other States get rid of the Flat-Liners…Bus & Air fare are the way to go… More homeless in LA & Seattle work best

    Trumps suspension of WAGE taxes (SS & Medicare) will end Pelosi’s Obama-care emeadiatly The theft from the Trust fund needs Trumps signature & the SCOTUS has not ruled on using the General Revenue fraud to hid theft… No money for Democrat hidden agendas


  19. The plausible denial in all this is there are peaceful protests and there are those trouble makers that are the ones causing problems. The trouble makers are designated Trump supports to explain this as “Trumps fault”(tm).
    The explanation is acceptable to the leftist mind as the thought that it might be some of their own doesn’t make logical sense to them.

    In their mind “but it can’t be Antifa or BLM protesters rioting and looting, they’re on our side?”

  20. I only feel sorry for the decent folks in these shithole cities who did not vote for the socialist scum presently in charge.

    But look at Toronto – their prick was pretending all along he was some kind of Conservative. Yet when the time comes, he’ll do the Antifa walk-the-line dance as nimbly as Lightfoot.

    1. “I only feel sorry for the decent folks in these shithole cities who did not vote for the socialist scum presently in charge.”

      Well said. Too many here are willing to throw everyone under the bus as long they reside where socialism happens. It is an idiotic and self defeating attitude.

  21. And not a peep is heard from those very companies that were looted last night. Weird huh? Bloomingdale’s last tweet was about how they’re doing their part for gay pride. Amazon? Pfffffftttt…still shilling for “Alexa”
    Don’t tell me they aren’t silently supporting BLM and Antifa.

    1. “Hello, Mayor Lightfoot? Don Iveson here. Is it OK if I use what’s happening in Chicago right now as an inspiration for my future plans for Edmonton?”

  22. Personal Chicago Update:
    Lived there for 5 years, departed in 2005 with zero regrets.
    Our grown / married son (who I have sometimes referred to as ‘My son the communist’ due to his fondest for Obama and Democrats) and his wife have a 6-year old little boy going into Grade 1 in a few weeks. My son texted me this morning that he had to turn around and go back home; couldn’t go to his workplace on Michigan Ave. due to rampant looting, including the ground floor their office building.

    2) SPENT THE AFTERNOON MEETING WITH AN IMMIGRATION LAWYER TO WORK OUT THE DETAILS OF RELOCATING FROM CHICAGO FOR …..SOUTHERN ONTARIO! (born and raised in Toronto, he has dual citizenship …just wondering about his American wife and son’s status). Apparently relocating is easily doable but lots of paperwork.
    In short, eventually even lefties grow up and smarten up when it’s THEIR ox that’s getting gored.

    1. Bingo.

      If there are any normals in Chicago, organize a riot on your mayors street, targeting your mayor’s house. Plan a route that gets every single one of the big name Democrats in your city. Do your best tp try to convince the progeny of Dorn and Ayers to kill their own parents. Why, you ask?

      “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.” ~ Bill Ayers

    2. Is coming to Canada really going to help? Look who is in charge here. We have BLM and ANTIFA too. I think it’s only a matter of time before we also have riots, looting and burning.

    3. Daver6…if your son is that much of a communist lover and wants to relocate to Southern Ontario ” Toronto ?????” might I suggest he stays in the shit hole he is in now and not come here and add to our problems…Steve O

  23. They voted for the Mayor and the Governor….and got exactly what they voted for, ie. cultural marxists in charge.
    I can’t see the problem.

  24. Anonymous said…
    The business community better get out of their fetal position and demand Kim Foxxx prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, these rioters and looters while they still have a businesses to worry about. These cuckold liberals that live down there need to do the same thing. Our pensions are going to go bust before you know it if this shit doesn’t stop, right f…ing now! Foxxx has to go, Preckwrinkle has to go, Dart has to go, THIS ELECTION or our paychecks might bounce, if they can even write them. If this doesn’t stop right now, the survival of this city is not in question, it WILL go bust and take our livelihoods with it. Get your families and friends, get to the polls and vote these people out or Chicago is gone. Once this is accomplished we can get rid of this failed Groot.