The Libranos: Thick As Thieves

But I repeat myself.

The We Charity scandal continues to snowball after it was revealed today that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford co-founded a group that worked “in support” of Free the Children, which is a branch of the WE Charity.
As well as this, Trudeau’s Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan served as the Honorary Chair of this organization, which was named Artbound.

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  1. Drip drip drip. We’re a few weeks away from the brown bags of cash revelations. It’s probably even worse with Bronfman and Epstein trafficking involved.

    1. They don’t use brown bags anymore james, the amounts are too great, they just use digital transfers and they are so unconcerned about the public they just laugh and double down.

  2. Canada, cucked by the Libranos again. Dumber than Charlie Brown going for a field goal. They probably don’t even realize how embarrassed they should be for getting screwed by the dumbest of the Trudeaus. And yes, I’m including Maggie in the list.

  3. This surprises no one. Liberals are corrupt. Have been for decades.

    They used to hide it a bit better

    Problem is the East will give them a majority again.

    Only way out is wexit.

    1. The question is: did she get paid? Theo Fleury says they didn’t pay him anything. It would be great to know before the Leadership vote is closed.

      1. It’s my understanding Theo didn’t actually speak. They asked him; he inquired about payment and was told in effect he was expected to donate his time. He chose not to.

  4. Is there no end to the corruption of the Lieberals and their pals like the keilbergers, these guys are the mafia in disguise. Why do the think they have a right to steal from Canadian taxpayers, why are we paying the Trudeau family $345.000 dollars for a few appearances and a couple o f speeches. Who has paid for the more than million dollar homes that the keilburgers live in? Guess the charity business can be quite profitable if your a connected LIeberal!

  5. These klingonbergers make me sick.

    I spent my lifetime volunteering. I managed volunteers and understand why people volunteer. They do it for the love of the cause, not money. The reward comes when the cause succeeds through effort.

    Paying people to volunteer isn’t volunteering it defiles the name.

    1. “Paying people to volunteer isn’t volunteering it defiles the name.”

      Yes, it’s called bribery.

      1. Yup.

        I sang with a certain university musical group while I was a student. I attended some of its alumni gatherings a number of years ago, one requirement being that I had to pay a small fee. I thought that the money went to the refreshments that were served, but then I overheard the person organizing those functions saying that they needed the cash to pay the honoraria to the conductor and accompanist (both alumni themselves).

        I stopped going after that and I also let my membership in the alumni association lapse. I haven’t heard zip from it after that.

    2. It’s another step toward Marxism.
      Nobody is more greedy than a socialist.
      It promotes selfishness and greed: “Why would I volunteer if I don’t get paid?”
      And “Of course the gummint should pay for this ‘good thing’.”

      Canadian voters are impressed with hairdos and fancy socks.

      1. Maybe the government should encourage people to give to charity, as in tax deductions, but the government should not otherwise give taxpayer’s money to charities. It is the same as “picking winners” in investing in enterprises. Bloat and inefficiency and rent-seeking are the inevitable result of government interference/intervention in the marketplace.
        Though it has been so since long before the sovereign and his cronies started the Hudson’s Bay Company and The East India Company. Now, our government purports to treat all Canadians equally, and sermonizes about giving all an equal chance, but the Liberals and their friends continue to trample ordinary people in the rush to the trough.

        1. Sexton Beetle

          Charities that have charitable status can issue tax receipts. The government does encourage donations by granting charitable tax status to charities that qualify.

          Canadians are universally known to be cheap – niggardly. Most charities have a tough time raising money for this reason. Since covid came along Canadians have doubled down on their charitable giving – meaning they are now so tight you couldn’t drive a needle up a Canadians ass with a ball peen hammer.

          A common attitude in Canada is let the government do it. I know I’m making it hurt here but by comparison Americans are much more generous.

  6. There is no doubt some people were going to be handsomely rewarded for the taxpayer’s donation. Anyone else wondering why there is no information available regarding a third of the infrastructure programs? I am sure they will be fined 350 dollars for every single million they stole.

  7. What a racket!
    This deal with the “We Charity Organization” is bigger than we thought. One can get junk like bracelets, water bottles, chocolates  etc. to help the Charity.

    Check out some of their paraphernalia from “Me-to-We”:

    Of course the Liberals will say nothing is problematic they’ll come out smelling like roses. Big Majority next election. /s

  8. It’s Canada, no-one much cares.
    That would be “unhelpful”, just ask the media.

    (However, Quebec seceding would be proof god loves us).

  9. One thing I reluctantly have to give PET and Pearson credit for and that is that if a minister in their cabinets was caught in a compromising situation (e. g., Francis Fox), that person resigned his or her portfolio. It was a point of honour and a matter of personal integrity.

    With Prinz Dummkopf, that’s not even considered. So what if Maryam Monseff made up stories about her childhood? (“Tee hee hee, I misremembered. Tee hee hee.”) All she got was a minor demotion in the next cabinet shuffle. Nothing happened to Sajan after he told his military whoppers.

    Since Dear Leader became PM, not one minister caught in flagrante delicto was ever sacked nor did they offer to resign. Instead, we get the equivalent of a Salmon Arm salute every time.

    Can anyone tell me why I should still have faith in this country?

    1. Faith in this country is lost.
      These Liberals are insane. They have no one who is worth their salt. And the Conservative Party is a sham, at this point.

      No one has any balls.

      I agree with this statement:

      “The self-preening Peter Pan naivete of the present government’s policy choices has provoked an immense reduction in foreign investment in Canada and a radical upsurge in Canadian investment elsewhere. People vote first with their wallets and then with their feet. The implications of this are obvious and dangerous.”
      Conrad Black, July 10, 2030

      1. Nancy, not just the liberals are insane, the N D P and Greens are batshit crazy, the conservatives are just plain liberal, and the Block heads are communists.

        1. Correct, I left them out, as historically, power has always been between just the two parties. All the others you mentioned should be dissolved, it a two party system. The Canadian Parliament has become corrupt with so many parties, Leaders take the blame as they get paid more.

          1. power has always been between just the two parties

            That’s in name only. Several times, the Liberals had minority governments and they stayed in power because they cut deals with the Dippers, just like they have now. I don’t ever recall the PCs ever doing that.

          2. Right, otherwise we’d be in permanent election mode. You made a good point about it being just the Liberals who’ve been in that position. With the Tory Party it has always been all or nothing.

    2. It seems to me that Francis Fox was not punished for the stunt he pulled. He just went on to be the minister threatening to jail Kanuckistanians for receiving foreign broadcasts.

      1. True. He did resign at the time and, after PET returned to office in 1980, Fox was back in the cabinet.

        I’m assuming that those foreign broadcasts you were referring to were satellite TV signals. Even the B. C. provincial government engaged in civil disobedience when it erected a receiver antenna on the grounds of the legislature 40 years ago.

    3. Well BA, I lost “faith” in this country a long long time ago. When as a young apprentice got laid off my trade job in 1981 to languish for yrs doing anything but, to stay alive. Thanx to Daddy Trudeau. And once again our prime employer in this province is again under assault…again by a Trudeau.

      Faith..?? sure as hell not in Canada, its voters or voting system. Justin has done an “admirable” job in Dividing us by pitting Eastern Canada against Ab & Sask by trashing our Main industry over the past 5 years. And now with all this BS of Systemic Racism here systemic Racism there where in TRUTH, it’s White Anglo Saxon Males who are systemically TRASHED based SOLEY on the colour of their skin, the language they speak, the Religion they hold dear or the property (guns), they own.

      Canazuella is where I reside.
      A sovereign Alberta is where I desire to LIVE.

      1. This is what you get when white people think that everyone else is equal to them. They lose everything including their freedom.

      2. Steakman:

        Yup. My career was seriously damaged during the 1980s due to my being out of work, thanks to both PET and Mulruin.

        Even my father, a machinist in a shop that relied on much of its business from the oil industry, was on work-sharing during the early ’80s. His employer went belly up in the middle of the decade, largely because of the effects of the NEP, plus being run by the ne’er-do-well son of the founder. (More correctly, it run by his subordinates as he himself really wasn’t interested in the business, being more of a Prinz Dummkopf type. They saw it as their personal piggy bank. There was a reason why one of the first thing the receivers did was to take away the car keys and credit cards from those managers.)

        Fortunately, a large international firm saw the potential in what remained of that company and bought it, taking along the best people who were left, my father being one of them.

        Unfortunately, Dear Leader has a lot of help from outside the government. The church has been harping about “racism” for about as long as it’s been pushing “social justice” and “liberation theology”.

  10. No wonder Ontario voted for that little prick. The whole damn province was probably connected to WE!!

      1. Bob, in Canada it doesn’t matter who you vote for the end result is always the same, more government, more rules, more spending of money we do not have. That sir is an observation of an old man who was involved in politics for decades at the party level, what used to pass as a conservative party but has nor been conservative in many years.

  11. People should have known something like this WE fraud was going to happen.

    After all, this idiot, disguised as a PM, fired the only 2 honest people (Reybold and Philpott) in his cabinet.

    And it’s been all down hill from there.

    How do the people in Ottawa protect themselves from the STENCH this Libcomm govt puts out?

    1. rockyt

      I was glad to see Reybold gone. She was trouble. The libranos figured out what her game was and needed an excuse to fire her.

      The justice system has not recovered from her short term. Her modus operandi was a single issue. Right all the wrongs since the colonial occupiers arrived.

  12. are embedded in the K-12 system, I had no idea how or what WE-DAY was until last year when it came up talking to one of my kids.

    From the financials on the WE website for 2019 they collected $2.3M from governments and a staggering $15.5M from youth. 10% of revenue was spent on admin ($6.5M).

    That nice round 10% spent on admin seems high to me. They are proud of their 10% (from their FAQ’s). By comparison the Canadian Red Cross runs at 3% and they provide sweeping services across the country. Other excellent charaties are even more efficiently administered.
    Here is McLeans list of the top 100 charaties in Canada. I can’t see WE on the list.

    It seems the expenditures are education and WE projects. They don’t carry reserve cash, they invest in real estate and then mortgage when necessary.

    I honestly hope that with such high annual revenue ($57.9M) that they help large numbers of people (besides the deeply unfortunate Trudeaus and their cronies of course). What would they have done with $900M, or even the $90M in administrative costs (at 10%)?

    I anxiously await an investigative deep dive into this fiasco.

  13. Nothing will happen to any Librano.
    Just the opposite.
    They’ll just say the road was paved with good intentions and the average lefty Canadian – a drooling halfwit – will put an X in the circle beside the Librano’s name in the ballot box when the next election comes.

    1. The entirety of the Canadian Media are unaffiliated independent Liberal Senators in Waiting.

  14. Nothing will come of these revelations. Everyone knows that the mo of elected progressives is graft camouflaged by virtue-signaling. And that is enough for a majority of voters in Canada.

    The only thing that might bring down Trudle’s government is a REALLY hard recession, but that won’t happen until Ontario and Quebec’s economies are ablaze. And by that time, the ROC’s economy will be nothing but cold ashes.

  15. Anyone who works in the charitable sector, specifically in fundraising, knows WE charity is a front for the Liberal Party of Canada’s Youth Wing. Always has been. Its a creepy outfit who have infiltrated schools to indoctrinate kids into the Liberal mantra. It’s nothing but a brainwashing, vote buying machine aimed at impressionable youth who are just about to vote for the first time. If you have never seen one of their ‘rallies’, watch one (or as much as you can stomach) online. Clearly JT is using it to employ his mother since she’s not employable anywhere else. Seriously, what the heck would Maggie have to say to today’s youth that’s in any way relevant to a 17 year old? I hardly remember Maggie as any kind of an influence and I’m 55! She appeals to the old baby boomer set. But paying her to trot out the Liberal Party dogma obviously keeps her in vodka money, I guess. Why would anyone pay to hear her speak about…. anything! Yet.. there you go. All the senior Libbies have their finger in the WE pot because it’s their front to get to the youth while not looking too political, not because they do good works. Oh and prior to JT, charities had to limit their activities to less than 10% political. JT took that clause away. Glad to see WE being exposed as the fraud it is. Next up…. Suzuki Foundation please!!!

    1. “..She appeals to the old baby boomer set…”..???

      Not flippin likely my friend. She “appeals’ to no one in my generation.
      That creature was/is just a 2 bit whoring pisstank….(it’s a wonder Princess Diana never turned out that way. Both were married to a cpl of the Butt ugliest & beyond weird creeps the human race has ever spawned)

      1. She appeals to the Boomer set? What? Not really, we saw for ourselves years ago that she is imbalanced.
        …. I linked this two days ago, you must’ve missed it. Check this head case out for yourself:

      2. She always impressed me as a leftover flower child who was in serious need of growing up and she certainly never appealed to me.

        By the time I was the same age she was when she got married, I had earned my first university degree and I’d already accumulated a year’s time in the oil industry by working for 3 summers in an oil refinery. That work was often hot, back-breaking, and dangerous–I came close to being seriously injured or killed on a number of occasions.

        Such experiences tend to sharpen one’s mind.

    1. That’s an easy answer. When they stop helping people in need physically and financially and start to indoctrinate and politicize.

    1. Howard, Compared to the Clinton foundation, they are rank amateurs with only 10% for administrative! The Clintons I believe, were at about 96% for Admin. Of course it was a, ahem, “Global initiative”! So there were world wide travel costs involved which of course increased the requirement for larger admin fee’s. If I remember correctly (I’m old so maybe I don’t) but wasn’t the daughter paid eleven million for her admin contribution? Don’t know if that was annual or total, but the whole initiative thing was cash for access to Hillary and US power, through donations from countries and businesses with millions if dollars. They also ripped off the people of Haiti with the cell phone scam. Compared to them, the We we “Charity” is just a tiny baby pissing in a potty! Same business model though.

      1. The Kielburgers only suck out about $150,000 each and maybe their wives take almost as much. 10 people earn between 80 and 160 thousand. I’m sure Chelsea Clinton sucks out millions each year.

  16. The problem here is that this is another ‘tip of the iceberg’ where the Liberals are concerned and Canadians are so immured in the political landscape that the Liberals have orchestrated that the average Canadian, like the lookouts on the Titanic, cannot see through the fog of propaganda. There is no solution to the situation that we find ourselves in, short of a very long procession of tumbrils. The foreign aid that this Liberal government ‘donated’ in the pursuit of a Security Seat at the UN should have had every opposition MP in Ottawa howling for a vote of confidence that would have resulted in an election. Didn’t happen. This We = Me scandal will die as did the Adscam scandal, the SNC-Lavalin scandal, and a dozen other scandals committed by the Liberals and the average Canadian voter will shrug and continue to mark the x in the next election ballot beside the Liberal candidate. The Liberals have succeeded in emasculating the Canadian populace to the point that the Nazis of the 1930’s could only dream about. The Johnny and Jane Canucks that came out of the mines, mills, forests and factories in the Forties to fight and die to preserve a way of life that was held precious has been, by their own son’s and daughter’s, sacrificed on the alter of Socialism as espoused by the Liberal Party in Canada. These same son’s and daughter’s that have sacrificed their own children’s future because we could not assemble a procession of tumbrils!

  17. How is this WE thing playing in quebek?

    The blockheads called for Bongo to step down but didn’t call for him to resign or go for a non confidence vote. Do they see any political capital here? I know most of the traitors in the BQ are playing this parliament for their pensions.

    Quebek has never been enamoured with the trudeau’s. Yeah they’re native sons but the old man always had an uneasy relationship with the province and they knew him to be a flake/fake. the trudeau’s trade on their fwench name.

    If quebekkie starts to lose interest in the bong, look for trouble.