40 Replies to “Your Government Is Here For You”

  1. Well I’m sure people in diverse Toronto standing in painted circles are happy for them. When do we get a picture of Blackie canoeing at Harrington Lake this weekend.

  2. Based on Canadians willingness to subvert their fundamental rights for a small govt cheque, they likely figure there is lots of milk left in the Covid cow, and they are going to milk it for all it’s worth.

    1. The cow will soon be dry. Then what is left might be called beef jerky or cow jerky depending on your sexual preference.

    2. A lot of them think this is “free” money. They’ll get a rude shock come next February/March when they get T-slips detailing just how much they received and have to report same on T1’s and pay taxes on anything over about $13,000.

  3. I haven’t gotten any govt welfare out of this flu thing, but I’m sure the govt will thank me by some kind of a tax rebate or something. Ha.

    Scum. Every last one of them. Lowest of the low. I equate them to having the morals of child molesters. And I don’t mean just the Liberals pictured here.

  4. We voted ourselves a raise after shutting down much of the economy; we are still actively doing whatever we can to harm Alberta’s economy; we are happily doing the bidding of the Bloc and NDP comrades to maintain our basic dictatorship; we have happily given the Spawn a blank cheque to break all historic records in looting the future’s treasury; we have bought off our already fawning court eunuch media; we will prolong the flaccid economic recovery as long as possible, and we have just given ourselves a three month paid vacation. How do you like us so far?

    1. John said it all. They are a pack of lazy swine NOT attending to the country’s business. Did McKenzie King and his government take a day off during WW2? Did Robert Borden disappear from the public scene during WW1? What we have now is the most serious political and economic crisis since the wars of the 20th century, and these swine (and pigs are mostly honourable creatures) can think of nothing better to do that skip off work. All the while Spawn preens in a modern day version of the Personal Rule of King Charles I in the 1630s. It’s long past time that this dilettante and his toadies were ousted from office.

  5. The Dow’s Lake Pavilion is on Dow’s Lake, which is part of the Rideau Canal waterway which is owned by Canadian taxpayers. Parks Canada manages the Rideau Canal waterway. So some Liberal Cabinet ministers show up at what is likely a business that has to pay rent to the federal government for an exclusive operating licence. Surprise, they get a royal welcome. They probably didn’t have to pay for their kayak rentals either. We are Liberals and we are entitled to our entitlements!

  6. If I had known I could have ridden my bike over – live just a few klicks away – and thrown rocks at them. It would have made a much better story: “Glass-Housed Liberals Attacked by Rock Throwing Taxpayer!”

  7. How dare they appropriate an Inuit innovation!
    Harjit looks ready to save Ottawa single handedly.
    Hypocritical trough suckers.

  8. Not a staged photo op. But I know they are working hard for me & you. The PA tells me daily in two languages. You know , what’s the quote ,”if you say it long enough and louder people will believe it”. I will let you figure out what the A means.

  9. Dow’s Lake is part of Parks Canada and isn’t the public still denied access? I don’t see other kayakers out there. Rules for some and not for others?

  10. Who voted for these idiots?

    Take them out to the bike racks after school and pummel some sense into them.

    1. Heh, yes the invisible kids in grade school that no one liked, all grown up and trying to have their inner hatred revenged.

  11. I’d have no trouble distancing myself from that pack of twits. They would certainly have alerted the press to cover their outing.

  12. Are those fiberglass kayaks and polyvinyl chloride/polyethylene life jackets ? Shouldn’t climate barbie be in a birch bark canoe with a cork life vest ? What a hypocrite.

  13. Today is my dad’s birthday.

    We wanted to have a nice big party for him in the backyard but that cannot be.

    I see the nobility (used in the loosest sense of the word) have different rules for themselves.

  14. Whatever you do, don’t count the boards to figure out how far away they are from one another….

  15. What drives me crazy is the outright hypocrisy of the so-called experts.
    Here in BC its not ok to have more than 50 cars at a 3 or 4 acre drive-in movie-cause
    you know-social distancing.But now its ok to have 50 people sitting inches apart on a transit bus that is
    280 sq.ft. But I guess by now EVERYONE knows covid is much easier to catch when you are 10 ft. apart in separate cars than inches apart on a bus.
    Or where you cant have 100 people at a horse show on 20 or 30 acres but its oK to have 200 in a Costco store. Yup, that all makes sense.

    1. HT, we all know that our fellow Canadians are as dumb as a bog of rocks. This is a political flu, a canard, a ruse, a fraud, a communist plot, yet we are just so meek and mild we would be herded to cattle cars and gas chambers faster than the weakest animal on the planet.

  16. Oh boy are we in good hands.
    Actually they may as well party on.
    We are in a financial black hole,the event horizon was passed quite some time ago.
    None of our politicians have the faintest idea how to save themselves or the country.
    348 Neros’ fiddling as it burns.
    The Plandemic has just hilighted the incompetence and numerical illiteracy of all Canadians.
    look at our fearless leaders,you recognize the deer in the headlights look?
    Clueless,useless and faking it.
    That inflatable copilot from airplane is flying us in for a landing.

    1. Most Canadians are whores. Selling their freedom and dignity for a government cheque.

  17. How is it that the members of parliament are getting paid over a hundred thousand dollars for doing fuck all.

    This is so maddening and nobody, but nobody can do a damn thing about it.

    Its their damn job.
    This can only happen in socialist Canada run by utterly useless idiots.

    Sometimes you wonder if the Wuhan virus is hitting the right people.

    Social distancing? My ass.

  18. Isn’t it nice that they can go out and have some me time on the lake with their fellow commie friends while many small business owners spend their time worrying whether they’ll have a business to own at the end of the month, the vast majority of Canadians are still being limited as to how many can be in the store at the same time and are still be told that aisles are one way while thousands (and I’m one of them) are being told to wait longer to see medical specialists because their problems were not important enough to be treated during this now obvious over blown crisis. On, and did I forget to mention the untold and many yet to be born Canadians who will have to pay for “our dear leaders” waste of money. I’m sure I join all Canadians in hoping you have a pleasant day on the lake and that your boat will sink, you’ve certainly sunk Canada.