I hear there’s some bug going around…here’s what to do about it

One gets the feeling that we are going to be a very weird species in a few months, after the pandemic is under control (and it will be). Popping one’s head out is to be placed in imminent danger. The good news is, there are things we can do. The first step is to think not of what we can’t do, but what we can. And life will flow in the direction your energy goes. Read on…

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  1. I just posted this in response to the “charts and graphs” we are receiving DAILY on the Coronavirus …

    Sorry, but those are “dead” statistics. I am frustrated that we are receiving zero DETAILS about the vectors and the branches of infections. Who, where, how, when, and why each patient contracted the virus. I want to know what the most dangerous activities are (OK … cruise ships are OFF my list) … and whom I should most avoid. We do this for bacterial outbreaks such as e-coli. We RAPIDLY go to work determining WHERE and WHAT people ate? WHERE they were infected with the bug. Was it a meal at Chipotle? Or the romaine lettuce from your supermarket? Why aren’t we doing this for the Coronavirus? We certainly did this for Ebola.

    Sorry, but the Coronavirus appears to being treated as a “politically-correct” infection. Hush, hush. Don’t speak names, places, or situations. It feels like some Federal rules for “profiling terrorism” … profile everyone, randomly, so a certain group doesn’t feeeeel bad. So grandma gets pulled out of line for a strip search. No, I’m NOT saying “Chinese-looking” people should be feared … but rather I want to learn where the vectors and branches of this infection are originating. Should I FEAR going to my grocery store and buying fresh produce? Should I FEAR every shopkeeper trying to stay in business? I understand the “shotgun” approach to FORCE everyone, everywhere, to keep to themselves … but I want INFORMATION and DETAIL … not shallow, broad, dull, statistics and scary-looking hockey stick charts.

    So, I’m told that Contra Costa County (my Home County) has 45 “cases” of infection. That’s USELESS information for me. Please tell me more! Are these cases in any way related? Have they been traced back to a single carrier? Are the cases diffuse … occurring across the whole county, or are they focused in one city? How many of these cases are medical workers?

    Again, if someone contracts an STD (can I still use that non-PC term?) they are immediately instructed to inform ALL their sexual contacts. Why aren’t we getting this sort of data from Coronavirus patients? Or more likely, why aren’t we being given this information? We are SHUTTING DOWN our entire world … our entire economies … with only the most superficial charts and graphs … humps … of data! Where is the REAL information?

    The Coronavirus is the very FIRST politically-correct virus in the history of the world.

  2. In BC, we’ve been told there are 4 cases in “northern BC” which in some minds encases two thirds of the province. They won’t reveal the town “to protect their privacy”. That’s nonsense, knowing what town they’re in cannot in any way violate anyone’s privacy. At the same time, they pin-point the actual buildings where the cases are in the metro-Vancouver area, so privacy is obviously not a concern, nor should it be in such a circumstance.

    When pressed, they still refuse to tell us the real reason.

      1. And the replies are why we have the Fed Govt we apparently deserve. Privacy MY (_i_)……Fkn Unreal.

        If it were some islamic POS with 2lbs of Cemtex….yea, lets keep that private too..??
        If I were an Asthmatic, I would personally fail to see the difference.

        Bottom line is why are any of you FLYING anywhere..???

        1. I’m still working on settling my father’s estate. The house isn’t going to clear itself out, virus or no virus.

          My choice is fly or drive more than 7 hours each way.

  3. Oh … and Terry! Excellent advice. My glass is always half full. And sharing what half I have never drains my cup. God miraculously refills my vessel!

    1. Kenji,
      You point is well made, without tracing the Virus all the way back, you will never find the Hole- in- the- wall where it is entering the Society, eventually you & the system will be overwhelmed….

      The analogy I am using came from my Navy Training “Ship board Damage Control” They put 3 of us at a time into a Compartment mock-up that had an separate outer wall…. They closed the TOP Hatch and started filling the outer space with water… We had a 2 man hand pump & shoring Material… The pump worked for a short period of time but the water level increased… We began looking for the hole/s & shored each (MANY Holes) but we ran out of Material about the time the water was over our heads… we had to climb the Ladder & hang on with one Hand.. Panic saps all your energy as oxygen level decreases… The relief when they popped the hatch was awesome

      We learned that finding ALL the Holes First & planning the use of shoring material was the only way of not drowning….

    1. Not coincidentally, the Republic of China (“Taiwan”) and the Republic of (“South”) Korea were countries that had been on a permanent war footing with the Chinese and Korean communists for decades, took the risk of Chinese germ warfare seriously, and had prepared for it well in advance.

      The most charitable possible interpretation of the acts of western governments is that they did not take seriously the idea that China would wage germ warfare against China, Inc.’s best customers.

  4. “..the countries successfully fighting this are isolating, testing testing testing, and TRACING to buy themselves the needed time. The whole world needs to act the same way….”

    EXACTLY the opposite of what is happening in this INSANE Asylum of Politically Correct Madness. AKA Canaduh.

    1. The way the federal government has handled this has become a complete train wreck.

      I mentioned earlier that I need to fly to my house. I made reservations a week ago, but I found out earlier this afternoon that Sunday flights have been cancelled for the duration. (I had to find this out myself. The airline couldn’t be bothered to send out an e-mail letting us know that we might have to make other arrangements.) Now I have to go a day later and I’ll lose some valuable time during which I could have accomplished something.

      It looks like I’ll be using one of the other airlines for my next trip.

      1. Now is not the time to go anywhere, even within Canada.

        If you go to your house now, be prepared to stay there for several months. You may be unable to return even by your own transport. Things are rapidly spinning out of control, and Wuhan-style lockdowns with “non-essential” travel prohibited even within cities (never mind within Canada) is only a matter of time.

        1. Canada may have the power to Clamp Down… The USA would be a failed Republic if they used those type of powers… The 2nd amendment would destroy any State who attempted to violate the Constitution… Lock & load