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  1. Racist, Mysoginist, Pedophile, Rapist, Sexual Deviant and now Antizionist. Blackie has really transformed himself in his first four years as Prime Minister.

    1. Yup Jim, a typical leftard who IS HIMSELF everything he claims to stand against.

      The left has reached such new lows/heights in their hypocrisy, we need a new definition for their brand of ultra-duplicity.

    2. “..Blackie has really transformed himself…”

      Actually no, he is simply being himself. One look through the past 150 years and you can see the Planetary elites, Royalty & Bourgeois rife with Anti Zionism…its what all the cool kids did. As for the rest of his obvious DEFECTS…look no further than daddy.

      That some 45-50% of the population voted for this sack of shit, simply shows me the depths of Intellectual Mediocrity our Oh so Smug Eastern (and Lower MaoLand) population has become.


    1. 73….buttt you can’t say that in here, as it will trigger some fools. When I worked for a small jewish company, the one owner’s brother told me that 90% of kanadian jews, are hard core liberals

      1. Years ago I briefly dated a left leaning Jewish woman – asked her WHY Jews (almost) always voted in their own worst interests.

        No (clear) answer.

    2. Saying 90% of Jews are progressive is just plain wrong. Most Orthodox Jews vote conservative. Jews in Israel are mostly conservative. They are the majority. The same majority of Jews also consider those 90% assimilated Jews whose Jewish identity consists of wearing a rainbow prayer shawl during Pride as not quite real Jews. While the most visible thanks to the media, they certainly do not constitute 90% of Jews. And very few of the Jews of the progressive left actually have Jewish grandchildren. As for that girl you dated, Jewish girls who actually follow Jewish law don’t date goyim so you can’t take her observation to mean anything. Please stop making these silly and wrong generalizations. It’s like saying most Catholics are pedophiles.

      1. Well silly…its not in any way shape or form a “Generalization”. The comment wasn’t directed to the entire planetary Jewish Disapora.

        What was it about “Kanadian JEWS” you don’t get..??
        Spare me your faux outrage…

        Look to the subversive MB’hood ISLAMIC FILTH within the Cabinet for why this disgusting move was made.

        1. Oh come on, he only meant Canadian Jews? Right. He only met the one Jewish woman he dated? Even if that were true (and I don’t believe he only has a problem with Canadian Jews), it still isn’t true.

      2. You’d better take another look at the Jews in Israel.

        They’re about to vote themselves off the island.

  2. Trudeau had two motives for this move. He is antisemitic and he is anti Trump. Trump just reversed America’s stance on Israeli settlements. Trudeau can’t go along with Trump especially when it comes to Israel. Time for Wexit.

    1. Motives:
      Are the domestic stings now being pulled by the NDP – Bloc as well… their influence shouldn’t be sold short.
      Justin needs them to retain poser, and with his spine you know he’ll do the right thing… for the Liberals.

      and Donald J. Trump lives rent free in every one of the western democracies leader’s heads.

  3. I thank God everyday for living in a province that despises the very ground that this spawn walks on. It’s nearly impossible to find anyone here who will anything nice about him. One might almost say our reactions are like the TV series Corner Gas when anyone would say the word Wullerton.

  4. Instead of speculating wether Jews voted for Trudeau Blame Trudeau and his minions who backed this horse crap motion.

    1. Thank you Terry. Blaming Jews for Trudeau is just plain silly since they are such a tiny minority in Canada overall and they tend to cluster in big cities where their votes are swamped by new immigrants. What Jews vote makes no difference at all in any election in Canada. This hatred directed at Jews in the Liberal left exists because Judaism actually requires tolerating and respecting human rights. Therefore, if you want to get rid of freedom, the Jews are the ones you have to target first. This whole nation of people enjoying freedom of the press and equal rights for women and the 20% or so minority of other religions is an intolerable affront to Sharia Law that has to be obliterated. Certainly the Islamists know that. The problem here is that the Liberal party is just crawling with Muslim Brotherhood stooges, not because “Jews” voted Liberal.

  5. Yep! Blame where blame is due! And c’mon guys – North Korea, Zimbabwe and the PLO – what a distinguished group to band-together with!

      1. Another Calgary Marc: You took the words right out of my mouth. Trudeau is making Canada LOW LIFE now agreeing with North Korea, Zimbabwe and the PLO we can’t get any lower…can we!!!

  6. Just like it’s the same Democratic Party that fought the civil war, passed Jim Crow laws, founded the KKK, , etc., etc., etc., this is the same Liberal Party that turned away the MS St. Louis.

    Always suspected that German Jews actually voted for Hitler in the early years. The more evidence I see, the more I suspect I have always been correct.

    If you want to know the intelligence of a race of people as a whole, simply look at how socialist they are as a whole, and you will have your answer. The world, and every sub-group within the world, is basically majority stupid.

    1. Kevin, you clearly have a problem with dislike of Jews since what you have posted is simply not true. I’ll bet you can’t come up with one single solid fact to support the idea that most German Jews voted for Hitler except your touchy feely sense of animosity towards Jews in general plus some white guilt about the Holocaust forces you to think it just must be so. As for the socialists who founded the movement who also happened to be Jews, they were Jews by birth yes, but they rejected the founding principles of Judaism. The only true socialist movement that has ever existed in the world is the kibbutzim of Israel and they have died a quiet death in Israel because socialism even in its pure form, runs contrary to human nature.

      1. Project much? Why yes, yes you do. Don’t usually bother with trolls, but I am bored. I have looked for studies on how Jewish people in Germany voted in the 20s and 30s, but never found any. So all I can do is look at their voting patterns of today, and overlay that on history. Jews in Canada, tend Liberal or NDP. The USA, Democrat. Israel has it’s socialist parties that always show well, etc., etc., etc..

        You look at the people who claim to be Jewish, like George Soros, and the causes they support.

        So I am left with one inescapable conclusion; help yourself, before you come to me. You voted for Prime Minister Blackface, you get PM Blackface. Not my fault, not my doing, your problem. You get PM Blackface good and hard.

        1. There you go making assumptions. George Soros is a Jew by birth not by association with any Jewish organization and so he doesn’t count because he has rejected Judaism and openly says so. You can’t find anything showing Jews voted for Nazis because there isn’t anything to be found. Your generalizations about Jews and the Democrats are wrong. Orthodox Jews vote conservative not Democrat. Liberals did everything they could to try to make it impossible for Orthodox Jews to vote this last election by making the election on a Jewish holiday and almost every other day they could advance vote a Jewish holiday. And I did not vote for Blackface.

    2. Oh and the majority of Jews in the USA opposed Jim Crow, slavery and if you look at the Republicans who marched with the Republican Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a disproportionate percentage of them are also Jews. Facts are important.

    3. Quebecois: Arrogantly SMUG in their own Racist Anti-Semitic mediocrity.

      Have a look at how “well” the French treated their own Jews during wwII. Have a look at how our Quebcois reacted to conscription and the war in General.

      We mighta done ourselves a HUGE Favour had we dropped Fat Man and Little boy on Montreal and Quebec City.

  7. Justin was raised to hate Jews by papa, who himself learned Jew-hatred from the perverted Roman priests who taught at Brébeuf. There’s a reason he made a Nazi’s granddaughter his foreign minister.

  8. Ashamed of being Canadian once again. No surprise though given the Liberal party positively crawls with Muslim Brotherhood stooges. I do wish Trump would get around to naming the Muslim Brotherhood as the terrorist group it is.

  9. What a pathetic piece of dung you have for a PM Toronto. Has anybody else seen the resemblance between buttsy and the so called whistle blower ciarmella in the US? We in Canada are being set up, and we just rewarded the moron. More grand nwo crap will be signed soon, no mention of USMCA because old polident pelosi told the moron impeachment was coming, well moron it isn’t, and you might not like that. Getting that US constitution out of the way is old polidents main objective.

  10. Elections have consequences.

    I hope that every Canadian, Jewish or not, who voted for the Liberals, consciously accepts that their vote helped make this happen.

    Some, of course, hate Jews with a fiery passion but those who don’t really need to look in the mirror. Sadly, we know they won’t.

  11. Blackie never surprises anyone anymore, nor does the Corrupt Liberal Party of Canada. Are they going to start sponsoring BDS next? Lets not forget that the NDP would have been all on board for this.

    If Juthtin the scumbag went to see Jojo Rabbit he’d probably hate the ending.
    To any Israeli’s out there, millions of us loath Blackie and are embarrassed.

  12. I dont know how the Jews in Canada voted. What would be more interesting to find out is what party they supported financially. That is where power lies.

    The Fwench have an inherent dislike of the Jew. Look at the antisemitism in fwance and quebek. It never goes away. The fwenchman loves his arab brother and the sr civil service is full of arab types whispering in cabinet ministers ears.

    This decision is an embarrassment to the country.

  13. // Yet how many Jewish people voted for Justin? I suspect just about all of them. //

    I’m glad to see this. For some time we have been treated to Canada joining Israel, the U.S.,
    the Marshal Islands & Micronesia against the rest of the General Assembly on Palestine.
    Canada: geographic giant, moral micronesia.
    Had the Conservatives won, they would have gone full Trump, if this ad directed to Jewish voters is any indication:

    1. Shouldn’t you be out complaining about how your veggie burger is being cooked? Or maybe catching cow farts to slow climate change? By the way, Karina Gould is an anti-free speech hypocrite.

  14. Justin Trudeau is a member of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, they of the “Democracy without borders” cult. He joins other signees like David Suzuki, Bill Blaikie, Ed Broadbent, Maude Barlow, Lloyd Axworthy, David Lewis and a host of other societal deep thinkers who would cede our sovereignty over to the U.N in a NY minute if they thought they could get away with it.
    In short, Trudeau is a U.N. poodle and is demonstrating to his betters that he is indeed a worthy foot soldier for the globalist agenda.
    Sorry all ye members of the tribe…but you had to know this moment was coming. You brought him to the dance but he’s found another gal who in another 10-15 years will be a significant voting block within this country.

    1. burton: Lots Canadian Members and lots of Countries that have signed up. We are in trouble big time. I won’t live long enough to see all this go forward but it has started no doubt about that!!

  15. Sorry to see Canada in the list of those that want to see Israel and the jews pushed into the sea. In my country, the USA, if hitlery had been coronated, we would be right there with you. Cry the beloved country(ies).

  16. As if anybody in Israel cares whether Trudeaupia recognizes the right of the Jewish people to exist.

    Israel has bigger problems than Canada right now—for example, resolving whether the Jewish people will be governed by a patriotic Jew or by a globalist puppet propped up by the Arabs in the Knesset.

  17. Proud to be an Albertan that voted against all that canada stands for, including but not limited to: anti-semitism, terrorism, misogyny, pedophilia, censorship, government sponsored media propaganda, subjugation of first nations, colonialism, communism, socialism, blackface, and groping women.

    Be better than canada. 😉

  18. The Spawn is an habitual virtue signaler. It’s likely that Butts has enlightened him that for every Jew on the planet there are almost 100 Muslims. Given that Muslims are the “Spawn’s people” and demographically, the “future”, it isn’t a stretch to see him dispense with Harper’s morally principled stance on Israel and go full UN against the only civilized nation within the Islamic wastelands. Besides, it pisses off conservatives, and that likely gives Butts a tingle.

  19. Why is anyone surprised?

    A Liberal is a Jew-hater as he is a pervert, an Islamist and a corrupt bureaucrat.

    And Canadians put him back into office. Not that they ever could but there is no way a Canadian can ever boast moral superiority. They put a known bigot into office and let him represent Canada (or what’s left of it).

  20. Q: yo, hb, what side o’ da fence YOUSE on re anti-semitism?
    A: glad youse asked.
    first off, there was that day a bunch set up at the gates of the downtown park protesting some Israeli offensive behaviour.
    I set up ‘cross the street, holding out my 30 X 40 star of David flag at arm’s length.
    oopsie, got fatigued after a short time. what to do, what to do . . . .
    along come some dear senior Jewesses thanking me profusely for their support and ‘splainin they are not permitted likewise on the Jewish Sabbath.
    funny thing, had my ‘second wind’ moment and held that flag out for better part of half an hour.
    including an interview with the local college reporter, who when asking my name, got a quirky reply:
    ‘well, today is my Jew-for-a-day day, thus is spelt hbstein as opposed to every other day hbson.’
    I came up with it on the spot, and continue to do so.
    that was all back around 2008 or so.
    I still got the flag.
    and the attitude.

    I also identify with the state of Israel, I too was attacked and beaten regularly back when I was a skinny weak and fearful kid.
    Israel today reminds me of a bespectacled young lad dreaming of becoming a world renowned surgeon to help people and make a lot of money doing it.
    aaaaaand when you look closely, one can barely see the tips of nuke warheads poking out of his pocket protector.

    that’s why little Levi no longer gets daily hassles and so forth.

  21. If you are a Jew and voted for Trudeau perhaps it is time for you to reassess your political judgment. It may even be time for you to visit a shrink about your self destructive behaviour.

  22. 2 John 1:9-11 KJV
    (9)  Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.
    (10)  If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:
    (11)  For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

  23. furthermore, now I really mean it.
    I really hope just[in] enough of the cash TURDoo 2.0 has flung about lands in the pocket of a bomb maker.
    leading to the TURDoo 2.0 being blown to bits and left a bloody smudge on the tarmac.
    hopefully his bubblehead turns into a cannon ball hitting mr g butts and blowing a gaping hole in his butt.
    blood everywhere eh?

  24. Dear Jewish people;

    Please don’t take Trudeau’s decision to side with terrorists; or their supporters personally. You had 10 good years under Stephen Harper when he made Canada take a moral stand in favour of the civilized…versus the uncivilized. Harper was an avowed supporter of Israel, and the Jewish people.
    But Canada wanted a change. Thanks to Toronto, Quebec, and parts of BC……we changed to Justin Trudeau. Remember when Justin’s Dad liked to dress up with a Nazi helmet and ride around the Jewish sector in Montreal? Good times.

    Anyhoooo……..his son prefers blackface to 2nd World War memorabilia, but that is neither here, nor there. Instead, the decision to throw Israel and Jewish people under the bus is the result of the ONLY math Justin Trudeau can understand; I’ll state is simply; Justin Style.

    Jewish people in Canada = 356,000
    Muslim’s in Canada = 1,056,000

    Which means……three times as many Muslim’s in Canada as Jewish people….and the muslim population is going to be growing exponentially. Which means……Jews no longer matter to the Liberal Party of Canada.

    Especially in a minority Parliament.

    For the record, in 25 or 30 years…..Jewish people will need to worry more about Liberal supporters; than the Liberal Party. Well…you had a good run. And if you are a Jewish person who voted Liberal, and intends to KEEP voting Liberal…..well, I wouldn’t want to be there when you have to explain to your kids what happened to their future in this country. Good luck.