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  1. I remember telling you that right to die always becomes duty. No one listened, they just kept voting for more “free” stuff”.

    If the government can tell you when it’s time to retire, don’t complain when they tell you it’s time to die. #LogansRun

      1. This has already happened years ago Personally told the pharmacist this inhaler doesn’t do the job of course he disagreed and behold a few weeks later there was a recall on them and they went back to the propellant

    1. The problem with pointing a finger is that there are three more pointing at you. In 2013, 64% of health spending in the US was paid for by the government,[5][6] and funded via programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the Veterans Health Administration. That stat is before the magic of Obamacare. The US system may be incrementally better than Canada’s but it is substantially socialistic. Our socialist governments are running to the left, yours are walking with a limp.

    1. Great top item on how the Ontario government is so inept they can’t even make a profit dealing drugs.

      A 2 year supply of a compostable crop. wow.

      1. Thanks man. 🙂

        There’s going to be some bankruptcies in the weed space over the next year or so, I expect. Mostly down to government craziness.

        Can a Crown corporation actually go bankrupt? Or do they just keep hanging on, losing ever larger sums of taxpayer money?

        1. You know the answer to that already.
          If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.

  2. I remember well, people on this very site, posting comments to the effect “smokers need to pay a premium for healthcare in Canada”.

    Well, you are getting what you wanted. Not my fault if you didn’t think it through at the beginning, and don’t like it anymore.

    Government always wants more, they will never stop taking, they will never stop grabbing for more power and control. You had a chance to vote for a guy who actually said “less”, and you tried Scheer instead.

    1. Fewer people are smoking so governments make up the ‘lost’ tax revenues by promoting gambling, the LCBO and pot sales. I thank those who still smoke for volunteering to pay extra on a grossly over priced, over taxed product. If everyone subscribed to go sinless we’d see high taxation on other things. Chose your own poison I say, because we can’t expect governments to treat us as adults making choices about our lives.

    2. “smokers need to pay a premium for healthcare in Canada”

      How come no-one I know who has had lung cancer was a smoker. I’m guessing there was a big lie there.

    3. Funny, I remember the opposite, noting that smokers contribute far, far more in taxes than the rest of us. YMMV.

  3. You wanted government in charge of healthcare, this is what it is.

    “Control healthcare and you control the people” ~ Saul Alinsky

    Why do you think the number one MacGuffin, the holy grail, is always “single payer”…

    And you were all dumb enough to fall for it.

  4. Lemmings over a cliff.

    Our “cancel-culture” is really spinning utterly out of control. After all, that’s the ONLY power LOSERS possess. Negativity. Following several generations of actual BUILDERS and MAKERS … this current generation of CANCELERS and TAKERS are trying their very best to … “tear it all down, maaaan”.

    LOSERS. They’ve always been with us … we’ve just NEVER put them in-charge … until now.

  5. my kid had somewhat serious asthma as a youngster. grew out of it later.
    we even went to McMaster Medical Centre (part of the university) doctor name of Dolovich.
    brewed up his own formula, helped immensely.

    yo there brit ‘health care’, try something like THAT on MY KID at the time and there would be utter HELL to pay.
    jeezuz murphy, this is 1st cousin to those war crimes experiments on live subjects the nazis were famous for.
    aka ‘lets see what the end result is when we ban the last line of defense for millions of asthma sufferers’.

  6. “We are from the government,we are here to help you”
    No lie.
    Where they are helping you to,now that is a totally different thing.
    Proverbs/folktale “The road to hell,is paved with good intentions”
    My Grandfather”God protect us from do-gooders”.

    There are so many useless and clueless people striving to help us run our lives,manage our affairs,dictate our morals and nudge us in the “right” direction.
    Yet most are incompetent,a few have malice and all will raise their hands in anger if you suggest they might better serve all,by minding their own affairs.
    Some people are so stupid,that you have to physically banish them,they will never understand limits nor personal space.
    Back,a very short time,in human history these fools filled the graveyards and middens quite early in life.

    1. John, when you go to the polls do you vote for an intellectual equal or a fool? When I was a card carrying conservative we made sure that the fools were weeded out, not so much anymore.

      1. Wilson in the US was an intellectual. Intellectuals are more likely to find reasons why they think the rest of us should do as they say, and therefore be more arrogant in their proclamations.

  7. Never considered myself a smoker but I always grow a few tobacco plants every year to make cigars. It’s a bit of work but enjoyable. They look and taste a bit rough but friends get a kick out of it and of course the government gets zero tax off it which is half the reason I do it.

    1. If you grow your own weed and make your own beer, you’ll have a hat-trick!

      But if you make beer out of the weed, that’ll be a whole other level. ~:D

      1. I’ve never smoked pot. But I would grow it for the hell of it and give it away to my pothead friends. No sense them buying dried out overpriced government weed from some dumbass hipster.

  8. The state has the monopoly on the use of force in societies. Unlike voluntary exchange of the free market, everything the government mandates and regulates is backed up ultimately with the barrel of a gun. Outsourcing adult responsibilities to the state means you agree to be infantilized and subjected to the whims of your betters in government. Health care is the most important example. That most conservatives are OK with our Cuban / North Korean / Canadian system speaks volumes about why we see the “centrists” somewhere to the left of the “socialists” of yesterday.

  9. Wow,I get blocked by captcha before the post even gets anywhere. I am used to it. Freedom is not free.

  10. OWG.
    Yes I vote , but how can I be sure?
    At the moment the only distinction between fool.other type of fool, is”Climate Cult” or Not.
    However I am conflicted by the recognition of our kleptocracy and the fact that reform is impossible.
    Let it/help it burn..??.
    Can-Ahh-Duh destroys its producers,so is doomed.
    Takers outnumber makers and are clueless of their own uselessness.
    As much as I would like to see a civil resolution, it can not happen.
    When the destroyers succeed,the tool users will be far too angry to simply laugh and forgive their insane behaviour.

    When the soft routes are blocked, the hard routes open.
    Free speech is banned by people who have no ability to develop the concept of “What if I am wrong”?
    Rational discussion is taboo and impossible when reason is willfully abandoned.
    Now that Climate Change / Climate Emergency is officially the State Religion, violence is unavoidable.
    For to mock the drooling nitwits who foment this madness . is “Hate Speech” .
    Heretics must be destroyed.
    I need a new country.
    One where “Official State Religion” is not an acceptable condition.