8 Replies to “Knight Ridder”

  1. hmmm, I was born with Intelligence, Why would I want an artificial one running my vehicle..?? or for that matter doing anything in my house..? Yea, NO thanx.

    1. Well, our country (or what used to be our country) is run by an intelligence that’s nothing but artificial.

    2. I used to feel the same way. But the more I drove, the more it dawned on me that while most people are born with a reasonable amount of intelligence, some aren’t. Then a few years ago my city was named ‘one of the best places to live’ and people swarmed here. Now the highways are clogged with transplants who can’t drive worth beans. At this point I can’t wait for self driving cars.

      1. Self-driving cars aren’t the problem, they are a symptom. When those machines take over your city’s transport, you’ll still be living in a city full of people who aren’t competent to operate a machine and find their way around. They’ll be the people choosing how your city (a bigger, more complex machine than a motor vehicle) is operated.


  2. So long as the “self-driving” cars are limited to the right hand lanes … and BANNED from the passing (left) lane … then go ahead, knock yourself out (maybe quite literally).

    However you and I KNOW that will NOT be the case. The objective is to get YOU out from behind the wheel. Leftists simply HATE IT when I speed by them in the left lane. They want ME stopped. THEY want to dictate my pace. Leftists simply HATE it if I change lanes to evade their passive-aggressive road blockage. THEY want to dictate (eliminate) my maneuvers. Leftists HATE it when I decide to take a road trip, just for the fun of it. THEY want to curtail all my Trips.
    WE (me) will be TOLD where to go, and how to go. The ultimate goal is State CONTROL of YOUR FREE movement … make no mistake. Just look at the surveillance State we’ve become.

  3. “What are you buying there? Let’s go over your list. No that’s not good for you, you’re already fat. We can’t afford it”

    IOW, your car is your spouse. Motorheads didn’t have this in mind when they “married” their cars.

    Get gas now!!