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  1. Extortion Bitch seems to be a little testis about customer service. Maybe it shouldn’t be so hard on the ladies trying to earn an honest living.

  2. I always enjoy saying to people, “welcome to the world you thought you wanted”. When they came for the Christian bakers, none of these women voiced any concern, because they were not Christian bakers. When they chased the boys out of schools and boy scouts, they were silent. When girl guides didn’t have to take boys, they were silent. Now there is no one left to speak up, and women with penises are chasing them off the awards podiums, … and other things.

    The human rights tools you thought that only you had access to, are available to people with exponentially scaling pettiness who are scalp hunting.

    1. Kevin … re: “Boy” Scouts …


      Yep … First, ‘the girls’ sued the Boy Scouts to include girls. The Boy Scouts capitulated and admitted girls. Then, the Boy Scouts dropped the name “Boy” and changed their group to the gender-ambiguous “Scouts” … and nowwwwww … the girls are suing for dropping the name “Boy” from Scouts. Huh? it almost appears as though ‘the girls’ are demanding their “right” to be called ‘boys’ – identified as ‘boys’

  3. There’s two ways in which women employed in the intimate waxing industry can defend thenselves from being harassed, bullied and exploited by MtF trans activists:

    1) use the very rational explanation that a penis and vagina are very different anatomically and vagina only waxers do not have the training to safely wax a penis. Advertise as vagina only.

    2) wax the penis….badly. I doubt there will be many new “females” with a penis clients after that. Give the customer fair warning about your inexperience waxing his girl penis but if they insist then follow the new laws, I guess.Kinda under the same warning not to piss off your waiter but with additional caution.

    In a sane world, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    1. I guess it would actually be the scrotal area, not penis, but the same advice still applies -1) health and safety or 2) deterrence through discomfort.

    2. “2) wax the penis….badly”
      The women should have pulled out the DeWALT belt sander, slapped some 24 grit sandpaper on it and shouted, ‘come on over here girlie, we’ll get this job done right now’.

      1. Employ a radical feminist “TERF” dominatrix to be the girl-penis brazil wax specialist for the entire city. Technically, she’d be an employee of all the intimate wax businesees in the area so the stores aren’t actually refusing. They’re merely using a specialist waxer for special wax jobs.

    3. How cruel, insensitive, and ignorant of you … as Michael Jackson famously repeated … “that’s just ignorant,” (that he diddled little boys).

      You see, our top biologists, geneticists, MD’s, and scientists … really top people … all say that a penniss is simply an elongated clitoriss. Therefore, it should not ‘scientifically’ matter to the waxing salon whether they are waxing their way around a clitoriss … or a somewhat enlarged clitoriss.

      Gawwd … it’s too early in the morning to even be JOKING about such utter nonsense. However, it is keeping my mind off leader Pelosi … and Adam Schiff as head of the Judiciary Committee.

  4. Did you really think Richard Warman was the only one who saw a career in the grievance industry?

    There is no ceiling on the cash flow from taking offense. As long as you are part of a caste that is more equal than others.

  5. If these women want to save themselves, they have to join the top caste. How does the shahada go? Cause they will have to learn that one.

    They could try to Rachel Dolezal it, but I think black is a lower caste than trans…

  6. The only way I would consider voting for a CPC candidate, is if one of them tabled legislation to rename section 13 “Canada’s caste arbitration tribunals”.

    Ever notice how they always label things incorrectly?
    Infanticide is abortion
    Caste rules are human rights and or freedoms
    Ministry of truth is in charge of lies — Google/Twitter/Facebook fighting “fake news” WE HAVE A WINNER!

    It is like they have unpalatable ideas to sell, and people have shown that they are gullible enough to believe words over deeds…

      1. Whoa there. Kevin does make some great points as to the pathetic and degenerate state of our society.

        1. looks like the uNME resents anyone honing in on its territory.
          also looks like uNME is merely another alias for the unme.
          that being the case, either one is free to chomp down on a defective extension cord.

  7. I just posted this comment on that site
    “He/she should have been told that ‘it’ would be welcomed back after castration and dick removal.”

  8. Private discrimination is an extension of property rights. Just as one chooses who they want to work for or buy from, one chooses who one does business with. All anti-discrimination legislation (even if wrapped up in “human rights” verbiage) is wrong. Certain forms of discrimination may be irrational (racial, for example), but it should all be protected in a constitution, if only we had one. It’s only governments (representing all the people) that should not discriminate.

    1. This takes it to a whole new level. Transwomen radicals want government to give them the right to force women to touch and groom their male genitals. It would force non-consensual, almost sexual services on biological females by biological males under threat of legal prosecution by a government agency. It’s gross sexual exploitation aided and abetted by the political and bureaucratic class.

      John Smith can be denied a male crotch wax. If he wakes up the next morning and self-identifies as Jane Smith, should the female waxer now be forced to perform a male crotch wax? No, it defies reason and common sense.

      1. It’s simply the state picking sides in what should be a consensual business decision ( I choose not to wax your male junk even though you think you are female – go find a fellow trans waxer!). The state is discriminating in favour of the trans person in violation of the waxer’s rights to choose with whom they do “business”. Any “right” that exists at the expense of another person’s right (to property, for example) is not a “right” but a privilege or grant and usually underpinned by an act of coercion by the state (enforced at gun point).

        1. I generally support a moderate libertarian view on the rights of business owners but, that being said, this case is much more abusive than the typical case. It’s about sexual exploitation under the guise of anti-discrimination. Unlike medical care of transpeople, waxed genitals are not an essential service. Because of that, female workers should not be forced to touch and groom male genitals without the consent of the female worker.

  9. There is only one rule in a post-societal society; injustice must be unseen to be done. Unless it serves the narrative to be seen to be done. I guess that’s 2 rules.

    Unless by seeing the injustice it is undone…

    Rules for living post rule of law… by me. Paper back 14 easy payments of $3.99

  10. Is the issue the waxing the scrotum? If so, that would be very painful.
    Ladies, if that is the case, do it with a vengeance.
    And it be more fitting if the waxer is a trans as well.