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    1. Hey, thanks for alerting us to this very direly important first world problem! Nice creamy mix of revisionist history and hall monitoring in search of a problem…all in an ice cream thingy!

      1. You’re welcome.

        Tomorrow, I’m going back to the house I inherited to do some more work. I’m thinking about how best I can use my time as I still have a long way to go before it’ll be ready to sell. Right now, I don’t see an end in sight.

        My concerns about the house pale in comparison to the impending end of western civilization because someone didn’t like the name of a certain kind of ice cream.

      2. Soo, the civil war was whites on one side and blacks on the other?
        Beyond wrong or revisionist. If that is what their teacher taught them maybe the parents should try homeschooling.

    2. While the whole “Great Divide” controversy was nonsense, of course, and people don’t know history, I don’t have a problem with “Better Together.” But the idea that we must never miss an opportunity to propagandize the young is kind of scary.

  1. Not a tip, more an opinion.
    Watched with interest the NHL Entry Draft. Good theater for hockey aficionados like moi.
    What was my takeaway? Well, first off, the respectful attitude of the selectees- no In Your Face antics, self promotion BS, And no walking advertisements for Bass Pro Shop with assorted gold-plated fishing tackle dangling from every visible appendage!
    Then THE HATS! The NHL has seemingly endorsed the traditional baseball caps- tight-fitting, curved brim, not those buttfuggly wide-crowned, flat brimmed abortions that aren’t right unless you can get them locked down over your ears to confirm your total goof factor!
    And murtherfore….We’ve got the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL….anybody notice an anomaly here? Pretty sure even Stevie Wonder couldn’t miss it!

    1. The demographics of hockey are much different than the other sports that aren’t baseball. That’s why real hats get worn.

    1. You know how the left operates. If its party wins an election, it’s satisfied and it leaves well enough alone. If the opposing party wins that election, the left has to make sure that the winner is somehow forced out of office as quickly and nastily as possible. That way, another election is held and the whole process is repeated until the “natural governing” party wins.

      Say, doesn’t that remind you of a certain “religion of peace”?

      1. Can someone point out to these eleftists[TM], and their maoling rainbow-shirts, that their devotion to democracy is only lip-deep. The pro-government block is about to melt down with Ford Derangemnt Syndrome. Stick it to them Doug, remember your brother.

        Question: What is the difference between an elitist and a leftist? Just the spelling.

    2. I suspect that not one of those protestors believes in democracy. These people are a Clear & Present Danger.

      1. Democracy is a bourgeois construct to disarm the masses.

        Or is it white patriarchy? I’m so behind the times.

      2. They only believe in democracy in so far as to use it to tear down democracy and replace with their version of a ‘people’s’ democracy along the same vein as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao did. People got sucked in then by their lies and are being sucked in now, And, like the supporters of those monster, will pay the price if the efforts are successful.

    3. If there is some particular issue they are concerned about, by all means demonstrate, but these generalized protests are meaningless and an attempt to undermine democracy. The left does this over and over again. The solution is to give them little attention ( as is typical of the annual anti-abortion protests in Ottawa), but given the nature of the Canadian media, they will play up the protests and ultimately support this harassment until Ford is gone. The troublemakers are always on the left.

      1. The neo-Marxists hate democracy and hate an individual’s freedom to think and liberty to act.

  2. Feeding the gods: Hundreds of skulls reveal massive scale of human sacrifice in Aztec capital

    The priest quickly sliced into the captive’s torso and removed his still-beating heart. That sacrifice, one among thousands performed in the sacred city of Tenochtitlan, would feed the gods and ensure the continued existence of the world.

    Death, however, was just the start of the victim’s role in the sacrificial ritual, key to the spiritual world of the Mexica people in the 14th to the 16th centuries….”

    So much for that story about the pastoral, peaceful, gentle indigenous cultures, prior to arrival of Western Europeans, colonialism and Christian intolerance to religious vivisection.

    1. The reason that Canada is an orderly, prosperous country and Mexico is a basket case ungovernable for long by anything but a dictatorship is that after defeating Canada’s savages in battle, Canadians packed the savages off to reserves and did their own farm work. Today our savages are a tiny minority. In Mexico they’re the majority of the population.

      1. I think I disagree somewhat. I think the political disruption of some places in South America has to do with the treatment of natives by the Spanish. The Spanish took all the land, and exploited the wealth. For many years there was a small ruling class and many impoverished people. There was not the same middle class, economic opportunity and industrial base that happened in the US and Canada. I also suspect that there were many more natives in these areas than in colder parts of the continent.

        1. You could make the same argument about anywhere in the world “a small ruling class and many impoverished people” at one time or another.

          For some reason South & Central America is a very violent place relative to the rest of the world. Check the homicide rates. Eight out of the top ten countries are in Central/South America or Caribbean.

        2. The Spanish were brutal overlords as compared to the French. The NA native is fortunate Champlain sailed up the St Lawrence and not Cortez.

  3. Suicide bombers target Eid celebrations in Nigeria

    “…The number of bombers was initially reported to be two, but Nigerian authorities raised this number to six and claimed all were young girls. Residents claimed that rockets were fired into the town shortly after the two initial suicide bombings, but officials denied this and said the explosions were the four other suicide bombers.

    If confirmed to be six girls, that would raise the total number of female suicide bombers used by Shekau’s Boko Haram to at least 374 according to data compiled by FDD’s Long War Journal… ”

    Does using so many female suicide bombers make Boko Haram Islamist jihadis qualify as feminists ?

    Curious minds want to know.

    Because Western feminists never launch global protests or sign up to join guerilla jungle militias or the French Foreign Legion to go fight them.

    1. Suicide bombers from the “religion of peace”

      they must be reading Orwel’s 1984 and newspeak: peace = war

  4. Why America still permits child marriage
    It pushes for bans abroad, but the practice is allowed at home

    Almost all of the countries in the top 20 spots in a ranking of states with the highest rates of child marriage are African. Far less well-known is the prevalence of the practice in America—and almost always among girls. The country’s diplomats are active in international efforts to ban it abroad, but American children are still permitted to marry (albeit, usually, with parental consent and the approval of a judge or a clerk). No American state has passed a law that categorically forbids the practice.

    Child marriage is most common in conservative religious communities and poor, rural areas. But it can be found in all socio-economic strata and in secular, as well as pious, families. More than 207,000 American minors were married between 2000 and 2015, according to an investigation by Frontline, a television programme. Over two-thirds were 17 years old, but 985 were 14, and ten were just 12.


      1. Does it come with 2 faces: one for Trump supporters and the other for “Canadians”?

      2. no eyebrows, but for $990 they will also install a Turdeau type swing set for you!

    1. Seen it before.
      I have heard that the gay community uses it to enhance their “coitus”. They save money by sharing.

    1. So it’s okay for queers to boot out a straight person with cash but it’s not okay for Starbucks to kick out freeloading trespassing blacks. Maybe there needs to be a bit of consistency.

  5. This is just a heads-up about the Canadian Reddit political blogs (r/Canada, r/CanadianPolitics and r/Ontario) I am now banned from three of these. It is astonishing, as I am not rude, don’t attack people and do not violate their rules. I enquired about why I was being banned — no response. I got banned from CanadianPolitics after posting about 4 messages expressing a Conservative point of view. I now realize that they are systematically banning Conservative views. If you go there, there are virtually no Conservative opinions expressed. It is now obvious why this is the case. It is no wonder our society is becoming more and more divisive. Actions like those of Reddit simply prevent any kind of dialogue. The totalitarianism on the left is becoming a major problem (censorship, demonstrations, violence). When will people begin to recognize that these people are the real fascists? It is certainly destructive of civil society.

    1. Ditto for iPolitics, and Macleans essentially dumped free-form commenting by making it Facebook-linked.

    1. I watched Pres. Trump’s news conference before he left for Singapore and his meeting with Kim Jong Un. He was quite forthcoming; in his administration trading “partners” will actually be partners, not foreign countries and companies who get access to the US market with no or little reciprocity. He said it more than once. He also said that none of the current “partners”, none, would win a trade war with the US, the US holds all the cards. None of this was said with any arrogance. He used a conversational tone and simply laid out his points.
      So everyone was warned but everyone knew that Trump the moron was bluffing. Except that he wasn’t. Of course he’s also far from a moron although I think he’s happy to let people call him that. Means they have no clue about what’s going to happen to them.
      A last thing: when Pres. Trump announced the renegotiation of NAFTA in early 2017 he said that Canada had little to worry about, he was mostly going after Mexico. But M. Trudeau would have none of that. He had his opportunity to impose his “equality” agenda into NAFTA and get US states to rescind their right to work laws.

  6. AGW FAIL.


    “Canada shivers, “unprecedented” this late in June

    Also much of Canada has been cold and the forecast for the next 15 days shows little warming.

    Labrador was hit severely by a winter storm just days ago.

    According to the CBC: “6 feet of snow around Labrador lodge ‘unprecedented’ this late in June. This is the latest in the season to have this much snow at Igloo Lake Lodge, says operator.”

    As the following chart shows, there’s no relief from the cold there in sight:

    Labrador may not get a summer, most snow in 50 years

    At Friday’s Weatherbell Daily Update, Joe Bastardi said: “Boy, I’ll tell you what. Canada is just not getting a break. There it’s just really cold. And it’s still plenty cold up here in Labrador where they haven’t had a summer at all, and they may not!”

    Just days ago the Weather Channel here reported that there was still six feet of snow: The headline: “Labrador, Canada, Hasn’t Seen This Much Snow in June in 50 Years.””



    “Delingpole: Thirty Years On — How Dirty Tricks in Congress Launched the Great Global Warming Scare”

    “June 23 is the 30th anniversary of the great global warming scare.

    The scare began in Washington, DC, on this day in 1988 when testimony by a then little-known scientist called James Hansen before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources caught headlines across the world.

    Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, declared that the four hottest years ever recorded had all been in the 1980s, rising to a peak in 1987, and that 1988 would be hotter still – “the warmest year on record.”

    This triggered the first of many thousands of headlines over three decades warning that “man-made global warming” – “climate change” as it later became known – was the most urgent crisis of the age.

    But – like the scare itself – the claims were dishonest, hysterical, misleading, unscientific, needlessly alarmist, and cynically stage-managed.

    As Christopher Booker describes in his The Real Global Warming Disaster, Hansen’s dramatic testimony delighted the two US Senators most involved in promoting the global warming scare – Al Gore and the Senate Committee’s chairman Tim Wirth.”