22 Replies to “Higher, Please”

  1. This may not be as much of a problem as portrayed. The price of photovoltaic modules has come down significantly in the last 20 years and, by comparison, they’re dirt cheap nowadays.

    1. Yes, we are running out of sand and only the Saudis have vast reserves.

  2. This is no different from any other product. It’s economics 101.

    High prices invite additional investment which increases supply which lower prices

    Perhaps the reason the demand for solar is so strong is because as Rupertsland says, the price is low enough and other energy is high enough that intermittent power like solar is seeing massive increase in demand.

    We are putting solar on our property because it’s just good economics. It’s a 2 year payback on used panels and we have bought a bunch of new panels as well to round out our needs. (At older cheaper prices).

    I think you guys would be surprised at how many farms are putting in solar across North America.

  3. Did someone say “clean energy”? Pro tip: Co2 isn’t dirty in the least. And Co2 is the REASON we’re ditching fossil fuels … right?

    1. CO2 is a colorless, odorless trace atmospheric gas essential for plant growth.

    1. I laughed at that too … but technically anything supported by the government has little to do with economics.

  4. uneconomical?.. They all fail without government subsidies.. Just get your friends in government to print some more magic money and everything will be fine..

  5. I teased the electrical engineering group that when natural gas is “extinguished “, yo hallo Vancouver, they will be taking over the HVAC engineering too as everything will be electric!
    They weren’t amused.

  6. I think a bigger problem is how quickly China is using up its slave labour force. Last I heard, they were killing off the Uyghurs faster than the Uyghurs were reproducing.

    Maybe that’s why they seem to be gearing up for a war with India.

  7. The sole practical purpose of solar power is to have some power available on your own private network during periods of extended power outages due to an unstable grid caused by green lunacy. Also need a generator for same purpose with gas stored on site for the dark months.