72 Replies to “Hot Tubs & Saunas & Bouncy Castles, Oh My”

    1. Homophobe!!!! Hahahaha ha ha ha ha
      Perhaps he’ll show me the “science” of his gayness … by identifying his “gay gene” from the Human Genome Project? Oops … doesn’t exist. You can’t be “born that way”.

  1. I thought it was full of violence and hate; now it’s a ‘fun carnival’. Make up your mind , Jim!

    1. THAT MAYOR IS A TRUE MORON…………..he is scared of his own shadow like little TURDO…..

    2. It is truly Terrible that the Plebs are actually enjoying themselves! Deplorable, in fact.

    3. Bouncey castles and so forth are a right wing plot to infiltrate the thoughts of low information Conservatives. They promote desires of freedom to undeserving individuals who resent the progress we have made in our goal of “The Great Reset”. This heresy must be eliminated at all costs, just the thought of these ingrates holding BBQs and dancing in the streets is enough to create a National Emergency , the only alternative is to call in the Ottawa Police Force since we can t find the Prime Minister or his secret location. Now national policy has devolved to the point that a lame duck Mayor of questionable authority is making federal government policy decisions. Any body really think that this country has future in its present form, I don t think that those folks west of Ontario think so.

  2. Let’s clear out the truckers and invite BLM/Antifa for 30 fun-filled days of looting, arson, rioting and maybe even murder.

    People in Ottawa who voted in this douche deserve him good and hard. Total asshöle.


  3. Would he be happier if the protests turned into burning, looting and murdering?

    Why yes, yes he would because that would feed his fever dreams.

    1. Only if it were the correct people burning, looting, and murdering. Only then would it be “understandable”.

      Friend of mind is a federal employee – won’t say which agency. She was in tears yesterday at the thought of people not wanting to do what the government tells them to do. She is absolutely convinced that everyone at every protest, and everyone along every roadway and on every overpass with a Canadian flag is a racist klansman trying to overthrow the county. She is terrified and paralysed with fear.

      I did my best to comfort her – she is a friend, after all – but I think I may be a bad person for thinking “Good. You should be afraid. You should feel the way the rest of us feel about what you’ve done to us and what you would do to us.”

      It’s absolutely amazing to see just how disconnected from reality these people are, from the leaders all the way down to the anonymous bureaucrats.

      Bouncy castle fun fair: call the military.

      Burn down a church in a Native community: “it’s understandable”

      1. Send this to her. It should cheer her up.

        ”History has shown that this scenario in the wake of what is happening at the moment is not uncommon, unfortunately…. The most terrifying vengeance comes from the hands of men who wanted to be left alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the men who just wanted to be left alone.” – Author Unknown

        1. That says it perfectly! There’s an passion and an authenticity with the trucker’s demonstration that just isn’t there when you see a dreary trudge for some kind of contrived injustice or other. Their peacefulness also speaks to the overall goodwill of the demonstrators.

      2. Your friend doesn’t know the 9 most dangerous words in the English language: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan

        Sympathize, empathize with her, but remind her governments are made up of people and people are not omnipotent or infallible. Sometimes government is wrong, and it needs to be reminded it’s not all knowing. And we have right and RESPONSIBILITY to tell them, and since it IS the consent of the governed, they need to listen and do the right thing.

        Checks and balances.

        She has to admit the Covid message keeps changing.

        1. governments are made up of people and people are not omnipotent or infallible

          Prinz Dummkopf isn’t and that’s a fact, because he constantly reminds us of that, doesn’t he?

          1. Unfortunately many in government are not there to serve people but control them. One can put up with incompetence or mistakes but not deliberate totalitarianism. And that is what we have been seeing for the last couple of years. The urge of those has always been there but now they feel they have the cover to get away with it. They feel they can simply disregard the Charter (as we are seeing in the U.S. with the Biden administration deciding what laws they will enforce and which they will ignore).

            That is by far the bigger battle and one that is coming like a freight train on a prairie night. The totalitarians have been revealed.

      3. @LM – no offense but maybe you need to re-evaluate your friends, and how you pick them. And that’s kind of sad, but join the club.

        You can disagree with friends on incidental things: American League vs National League. Who makes the best sportscar. Who is the hottest supermodel. Whatever. But when your “friends” start thinking you’re a bad person because you don’t march in lockstep with tyranny, or you believe in private property rights and free speech, or you don’t swallow the global warming hoax and refuse to embrace more worthless taxes the libscum use to buy votes… you’ll likely be happier in the long run to cut your losses.

        Just the way it is.


        1. I did that with someone I first met during my freshman year. We were friends for a while, but, slowly, he became a communist, starting when he spent two years with CUSO. Then he enrolled in a seminary and his views became even more outlandish (no surprise there, considering that “liberation theology” was a permitted doctrine in that institution).

          After his graduation and ordination, I broke off contact with him by going silent. I’d had enough.

      4. Based on the poll story let me guess that this female you speak of is over 54.
        Tell her some of the reality that we’re in and if she doesn’t get it dump her. It isn’t healthy to interact with idiots.

    1. You know…..that would be priceless:

      A Bouncy Castle blockade. Yellow, as a hat tip to the French and their Yellow Vest movement.

      Watch as fascist heads explode. And the optics of them dismantling these icons of child fun would be horrible.

      Bring it on – we have a good sense of humour….the fascists don’t.


  4. Thank you for those comments. See not a not a violent, hate filled insurrection.

    Thank G-d they have this idiot as Mayor, an idiot who can’t stay on message.

  5. Watson is too much of a squish to comprehend the very notion of people standing up to government bullying.

    1. Apparently not too much to not declare a “state of emergency” at the bouncy castles.

      Fascist scum. Himmler looked pretty non-threatening and innocuous, too.


  6. Nothing disturbs the bland bureaucratic soul more than the idea of people having unauthorized fun.

    1. Seems that the ‘fun’ got sucked out when politicians decided mental health and the rise of psychologists telling people your depressed and stressed and need paid government leave.
      Dr. Phil, where are you dude?
      Meltdown in aisle three…
      They already sucked the fun on the job sites with over abundance of safety regulations and agencies.

    2. Nothing disturbs the bland bureaucratic soul more than the idea of people having unauthorized fun.

      Correction: “Nothing disturbs the bland bureaucratic soul more than the idea of people having fun.”

  7. They’re just proving us right. We’ve all suspected this was permanent and it looks like that was the plan. Nothing else explains their reaction. They got caught off guard that the peasants would fight back.

    1. “They’re just proving us right. ”

      They have a tendency to do that, because they have a tendency not to understand that’s what they’re doing.
      Dear Lord, thank you for making my enemies foolish.

  8. What an ass. Frankly, it is time that Ottawa felt the pain of this pandemic. They have been gorging themselves on taxpayer money all along. I think I now know what was going through the minds of those who were at Griffin’s Wharf on December 16, 1773 Boston, Massachusetts.

  9. “Frankly, it is time that Ottawa felt…”

    I initially read that as “…Ottawa fell…” and my quiet, inner voice finished with, “…off the planet.”

  10. This presents the two sides, truckers and government, in a stark contrast – and not favourably to the government.
    The truckers represent a return to normal life, and the joys it can bring. The government wishes to deny that. Truckers, keep having fun, you’ll bring more to our side with honey instead of vinegar.

  11. MSM is saying 450 charges were laid in Ottawa yesterday. Is this true as far as what anyone else has seen?

    1. What charges? Jaywalking? Spitting? Cleaning up garbage? Blowing horns after curfew?

      Where’s the list? They need to Print it. Don’t trust them.

    2. Tickets were given out. That’s different than “charges laid”. And frankly, if I got one of those tickets, I’d tell them to shove it up their ass.

  12. The freedom convoys are certainly shining a light on the ridiculousness of our politicians. PM Trudeau repeatedly insults working class protesters then goes into hiding. Premier Ford just completely disappears. Mayor Watson hilariously complains about Ottawa citizens enduring a “living hell” then talks about a festival like environment of saunas, hot tubs and bouncy castles. Better than satire, really.

    Noise seems to be the biggest concern. Here’s the thing, when government abuses its power to take away medical freedom, human rights and civil rights for years…then citizens absolutely, positively should make noise. If you’re living in a national or provincial capital where politicians are making such unethical decisions then I guess you’ll have to endure the inconvenience of citizens protesting. After all, restoring medical freedom, human rights and civil rights is undoubtedly for the greater good. Suck it up and buy earplugs, buttercup.

    Or….Just lay back , enjoy the fireworks, the sound of laughing happy children, fun music and think of a free Canada.

      1. The drama queen politicians and journalists talk like Ottawa is a “living hell” akin to the Siege of Sarajevo. Then the cameras pan in on singing and dancing, kids playing, people of diverse nationalities talking and laughing, saunas, and free food for the homeless The cognitive dissonance must be tearing their brains apart.

  13. We shall see if the the #OttawaPolice forcibly interdict the delivery of fuel to the trucks. If so, then they will force the truck drivers delivering fuel to ALL Ottawa Capital gas stations to come to a screeching halt.

    Dear Leader and his thugs are now clearly going to escalate this. I suspect and hope that the truckers are one step ahead of them.

    1. Law enforcement have a terrible record of preventing contraband from entering any community. People are endlessly creative. It’ll become a game that police simply can’t win unless they go full Checkpoint Charlie. Even then, well, good luck.

      1. Not to mention (but I will), truckers can stop delivery of fuel to Ottawa Transit and any other civic agency that has their own bulk fuel stocks.

    2. And under what law specifically would they interdict the delivery of fuel? And here’s a thought….if the Ottawa cops think they can do so, maybe we should help them out by simply shutting down pipelines to Ottawa.

      1. A Guy Fawkes scenario? Which would be psychological projection on their part, I suppose.

  14. Dumber than a box of rocks…or maybe not. I’m pretty sure the strategy is to try and wait out the protestors. They assume that they will get tired of the situation and “wander” off. But, Mayor McCheese, here is dismayed because the protestors appear to be enjoying themselves, and there is no indication that things will be winding down. It’s not militant. It’s celebratory…and that scares them even more.

    He didn’t say it outright…but, Mayor McCheese is actually saying… “Oh crap, this isn’t going to go away.”

    1. Mayor McCheese, here is dismayed because the protestors appear to be enjoying themselves

      Worse, his fellow residents are joining in. Will the treason never end?

    2. He’s also saying “these people are becoming a pain in the ass, and I know well what a sore ass is.”

  15. It has come as a shock to the institutional left and their elected sociopaths that people who generally ascribe to the live and let live dictum, that when pushed by coercive statists following the path of tyrants, they have the temerity to stand up and say no more. As the Mayor of the heart of the taxpayer funded beast totally removed from where normal people live and work generating the wealth that sloshes around in your town, G.F.Y.

  16. I’m watching question time I think last week. If I understood what they said, they’re leaving it up to the police at that time.

    I think the truckers need to be optimistic. Correct anyone who calls it an occupation.

    What it is is a chance to meet their constituents. Press the flesh.

  17. I bet they even let the kids stay in the bouncy castles too long and some have to wait. The horror.

  18. Remember the self same people screaming and bleeding from their eyes in outrage let “Occupy Now” take control of nearly every city for months. I can’t wait to read the rebuttal of the city of Ottawa’s lawsuit asking for damages-careful what you wish for liberals you let every single radical leftwing movement do whatever they wished sans any lawsuit. First we were transphobes, their haters, now the fun policeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee find out people are having well fun.

    1. The occupy occupation in Ottawa was a stinky, garbage strewn eyesore right next to the Chateau Laurier. It was there for many months.

  19. The Elite is clueless. This event has not conformed to their expectations. Now they are lost of action but not for words.

  20. Yabbut, what about the homeless Crisis that CTV is reporting on?

    You know, where the truckers built a soup kitchen to feed the homeless for free and nobody from the police or NCC stopped them?

    “Crisis: CTV reports that Canadian truckers built a shed to hand out food and no one from the police was there to stop them”

  21. Happiness is such a curse, eh?

    I’m guessing joy is not running rampant among his constituents.

  22. Hey Jimmy, quit acting like a little girl with wet pants. Be glad the truckers are getting the headlines instead of your disastrous LRT.

  23. Guess his recent declaration of a state of emergency is based on the risk of exploding saunas and bouncy castles or is because he fears happy people. What a total loser that man is.

    I hope the truckers insist that all mandates are lifted not just at the federal and provincial levels but even more importantly at the municipal level, that’s the training ground for up and coming idiots and also idiots that failed in the big leagues

    I guarantee that the new mayor in Calgary for example, will be a problem, she has already exposed her hand.