One Of These Is Not Like The Others

Alberta: 83% new cases are fully vaccinated.

Manitoba: 69% of new cases have had 2 – 3 doses.

Saskatchewan… looks like we got the super duper most excellent vaccine! Yesterday, only 1.1% of new cases were fully vaccinated.

To be fair, I have information that Sask Health is checking into their numbers.

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  1. No worries, they will start calling anyone unboosted unvaccinated. Then the numbers will turn around!

    1. I saw this sudden change in data a couple days ago and yesterday did a quick perusal of Sask prov websites re what constitutes fully vaccinated. All I found was it’s defined as having received the recommended number of doses, so it stands to reason they could have adjusted their counting based on that. However that should put the balance of cases as partially vaxxed, which is not evident in the data.

  2. The vaccine does not stop Covid. It only decreases (not completely prevent) the symptoms and thus decrease hospitalization.

    As more people get vaccinated the stats will show higher vaxed people (by percentage) get Covid vs unvaxed.

    I guess for you antivaxers…. happy anniversary.

    1. I get it! Sort of like how:
      The Smallpox vaccine doesn’t prevent Smallpox.
      The Measles vaccine doesn’t prevent Measles.
      The HPV vaccine doesn’t prevent HPV.
      The Chickenpox vaccine doesn’t prevent Chickenpox.
      Shall I go on? Guess your definition of vaccine is different…………..

        1. You were very fortunate; remember seeing pictures of children in iron lungs back in the day. It was great when we could finally get the vaccine, though have recently realized said vaccines were not developed without significant loss of young life.

    2. For a vaccine that was supposed to stop transmission and provide immunity to infection, the fact that we are now seeing infections setting records should be seen for what it is: an abject failure.

      When you are in a hole, it’s best to stop digging.

      1. Unless you are digging a vax-hole, then you are what you dig, and keep on digging! You dig it? LOL

    3. As Kate has just said you fool.
      Learn to read before you type.

      PS. Are you friends of Allen S?

    4. A recent study by Danish researchers finds that after 90 days, the COVID-19 vaccines will make you MORE likely to get infected from omicron, not less.

      They may offer a short-term benefit from the delta variant, “BUT AT THE EXPENSE OF A DEGRADATION OF YOUR OVERALL IMMUNITY TO EVERYTHING ELSE.”

      The study shows that after three months, the effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines against omicron is actually NEGATIVE.

      The Pfizer vaccine makes recipients 76.5% MORE LIKELY and the Moderna recipients 39.3% MORE LIKELY to be infected than unvaccinated people.

    5. So if the vaccine does nothing better than is done by all the current therapies; monoclonal antibodies, … then WHY is the “vaccine” so essential? It doesn’t keep anyone from still needing these therapies when they catch the COVID … so which is more essential? A non-vaccine vaccine? Or the therapies?

      Imagine if the polio or smallpox vaccines “worked” by “lessening your polio”? That you only lost the use of your legs, but never ended up in an iron lung? Would you still be MANDATING such a (partially) useful vaccine? Hint: these COVID vaccines don’t work.

      1. I answered that question in another thread.

        It’s not about the vaccine. It’s not about Covid. It’s not even about public health.

        It’s about digitizing you with a registration (QR) code so that you can be tracked by the state, as a prelude to the great reset and the New World Order, as forecasted by Klaus Schwabb and the WEF.

        You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

          1. After that a chip implant in your hand.
            Cause well just because….
            Not everyone owns a phone or will ditch it, so the chip in EVERYBODY is just simple.

            BECAUSE WE SAY SO.

    6. @Billly – That’s akin to me telling you that eating a half dozen donuts daily and hanging out in gay bars with known high AIDs infection rates is bad for your health.

      No one tells you not to, you in turn should respect everyone else to their own freedom of choice.

    7. So, if I get vaxxed, I’m more likely to get the disease, more likely to be hospitalized, more likely to wind up in the ICU, but less likely to die. OK…

      Some people will believe anything they read.

    8. Look at Ontario’s numbers. Those figures are rates, per 100,000 population. The vaxxed are getting Covid at a considerably higher rate than the unvaxxed. If AB, SK and NB were posting infections by rates per 100K as well, you’d see the same thing.

      The vax weakens the immune system. Immune system cell counts a few days after vaccination show lowered counts.

  3. The Manitoba numbers are actually higher than that. They’ve been bouncing from 80-87%. The chart shown here is based on a six week running average.

    1. The daily numbers are not broken down as much either, it has been partially and fully vaxxed last few weeks. No unvaxxed. So I just assume 100% vaccine failure. But hey if that’s how the government wants to present the numbers, that’s how I’ll interpret them.

  4. Have they clarified whether or not their numbers indicate hospitalization/death FROM covid or WITH covid ? All along, the data has been so bad it’s basically meaningless and that wasn’t accidental.

  5. Occams Razor : The Saskatchewan Health Authority is manipulating the data.

    They have a history of making inaccurate statements and using questionable, if not outright misleading, data methods . The problem with deliberately corrupting data is that the internal inconsistencies and errors eventually become unmanageable. As you note, by comparing SHA data to other jurisdictions the manipulation of data becomes obvious. They are “checking into their numbers” because it’s become embarrassingly obvious.

  6. Nightly news yesterday in Ottawa – Increase of 63% of people in hospital “with” covid. Yet they don’t say how many. So, as an example, if there were 6 people in the hospital “with” covid, that means there are now 4 more people? How misleading can it get?

    1. It’s always about scary numbers. Big numbers are scary until the percentages are reviewed.
      When the numbers are small see if the percentages are large.
      3,000 people is a large number unless it is within a population of 4.4 million.
      The same goes for when the numbers are small. Percentages in increases then look huge.
      The government goes opposite when it comes to mRNA therapy reactions. Right away the low percentages are presented.

  7. Seems like 1 shot to have is the best option, but it still does not tell when or what type of shots they got. These charts are simplified to the point that they are useless. No age, sex, underlying condition and few hundreds of other factors.

  8. Quebec just went full retard – vax passport = 3 doses as of end of Feb, and starting Jan 18 you can’t buy booze without a vax passport.

    Making some popcorn, getting the comfy chair ready for the show.

    1. Cannabis stores too. I have a feeling that purveyors of booze and pot are going to be busy in the next few weeks, and unless they have cops sitting at the borders checking cars, starting on January 18 people who are able will be driving to NB or Ontario, or even the United States to stock up. Also, what’s going to keep people with vax passports from buying booze and pot for others? Or robust black markets forming? Increases in theft? And more than likely, sad to say, hospitalizations and possibly even deaths from acute alcohol withdrawal.

    2. I wonder what happens if you’re just driving through from Ontario to get to New Brunswick?

    3. RN, Sask has been enforcing vaxx passports for booze and weed since November 5, 2021. Even on the AB side of Lloydminster which is a piss off to the businesses on that side, most don’t bother with enforcement though, thank god!

      Our elected officials are starting to remind me of creepy drug pushers, like FO already! My convictions have only hardened since March 2020, all these vaxx pushers just sound like they’re half snapped, some time alone in a padded locked room may help.

    4. Oh no. Trust me on this. The qweerbeckers are fully on board with this insanity. The French media is in full lock-down mode, and the sheeple are lapping it up like Pablum.

    5. I think you can buy wine and beer in the grocery store in Quebec, can’t you? So unvaccinated only can’t get cannabis and hard liquor.

  9. Was looking at this yesterday. It was in the afternoon news cycle of a well known radio station and there it was, 99 per cent of the new covid cases are unvaccinated, Wow !
    And yet I couldn’t find how many were tested in whole. I’m very skeptical as to why all those unvaxxed decided to be tested.

  10. (In that deep voice at the intro to Law And Order)

    “The facts have been changed to protect the narrative.”

    1. Whoamp! Whamp!

      (if anyone actually knows how to correctly spell the Law & Order gavel sound please let me know…)

    2. I like the Darth Vader clip “I’m altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it further”.

  11. No surprise the Saskies are f’n it up again. They’ve posted blatant errors in the past too.

    On a slightly different tack but still relevant to the charts, how many of the hospitalizations are children? I just spoke to a new client who I had phoned to arrange a meeting with and she asked if I was vaccinated. Older lady, concerned for her well-being, so I told her straight up, no. Then she proceeded to tell me her views, in a pleasant way, and I reciprocated with cautious and gentle replies but, after all was said and done, she mentioned that she was extremely concerned about all the kids being hospitalized with the Omicron variant. I had to admit that I wasn’t aware of that but the large percentage of that age cohort is most definitely not vaccinated. I just did a quick search and find the usual MSM outlets all carrying on about it but has anybody got a link to some source of truth about this issue?

  12. Leave it to Kate to singlehandedly keep the government of Saskatchewan accountable.

    Why has no other media outlet reported this? Has any other media outlet even questioned these numbers?

    If it’s a mistake by Sask Health, no big deal, people make mistakes. But just admit it and correct it. Although the obvious error has gone on for several days, so there is clearly something else going on.

    The important point, is that these numbers are used heavily in the campaign for these vaccines. If they are not accurate, then that campaign is propaganda.

    They gradually moved from a pie chart for a percentage of all infections. To a rate chart per 100,000. The problem with that is that if we are anything like the UK or Ontario those numbers will eventually betray them too.

    1. The Saskatchewan media are still putting on fresh underwear and cleaning themselves up and having a smoke after they heard the 99% vaxxed news.

  13. Highly questionable data from SK but they try to get away with it cause they know the media doesn’t report facts and won’t question them on the stats.

  14. A recent study by Danish researchers finds that after 90 days, the COVID-19 vaccines will make you MORE likely to get infected from omicron, not less.

    They may offer a short-term benefit from the delta variant, “BUT AT THE EXPENSE OF A DEGRADATION OF YOUR OVERALL IMMUNITY TO EVERYTHING ELSE.”

    The study shows that after three months, the effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines against omicron is actually NEGATIVE.

    The Pfizer vaccine makes recipients 76.5% MORE LIKELY and the Moderna recipients 39.3% MORE LIKELY to be infected than unvaccinated people.

    1. Ezra got “fact checked” for tweeting that Danish report.
      He promptly took the yahoo! factcheckers to the back shed and cleaned their clocks.
      Check his 22 tweets on it.
      And, yes, it was those brilliant ‘scientists’ at yahoo! news.

  15. Ladies and gentlemen, Canada’s national newspaper —
    “Data from around the world has shown no safety concerns around taking COVID vaccines during pregnancy.”
    Pure Pravda.
    Quebec. You have “done your duty”. For that, you are forbidden to leave your home after 10:00PM.

  16. Lifted straight from B.C.’s daily Covid report.
    December 17/21:
    Past week cases (Dec. 9-15) – Total 3,394
    Not vaccinated: 1,386 (40.8%)
    Partially vaccinated: 66 (2.0%)
    Fully vaccinated: 1,942 (57.2%)
    Past two weeks cases hospitalized (Dec. 2-15) – Total 155
    Not vaccinated: 105 (67.7%)
    Partially vaccinated: six (3.9%)
    Fully vaccinated: 44 (28.4%)
    January 5/21:
    Past week cases (Dec. 28 to Jan. 3) – Total 22,600
    Not vaccinated: 3,127 (13.8%)
    Partially vaccinated: 542 (2.4%)
    Fully vaccinated: 18,931 (83.8%)
    Past two weeks cases hospitalized (Dec. 21 to Jan. 3) – Total 173
    Not vaccinated: 84 (48.6%)
    Partially vaccinated: 5 (2.8%)
    Fully vaccinated: 84 (48.6%)
    The mandated vaccines do not work. The B.C. Minister of Health and the PHO have both failed at their jobs. They have no fall-back plan. They need to be fired. Immediately.

    1. Bureaucrats are unelected and unaccountable. They never pay for their mistakes. That is why they keep the dictatorship going. There is only one way to stop them if they’re not planning on retirement soon.

    2. Their stats had me scratching my head. Why are they able to accurately report the number of ‘cases’; for the week of Dec 28th to Jan. 3rd but not the hospitalizations for the same period? They’ve muddied the waters by using a two week combined total for the hospitalizations as opposed to the 1 week reporting period for cases. rather strange…


    This has some different numbers, quotes but no charts.

    I think the main takeaway is if you don’t have co-morbidities, aren’t diabetic or a land whale or 102 years old, you’ll probably be fine, vaccinated or not.
    BUT if you are unvaccinated “Ve vill make you vish you ver dead as ve villify you und blame you forever!”

    (I have two coereced shots, ain’t gettin a third unless forced… unless its some Wiesers.)

  18. I’ll expand on what I read yesterday. SHA wants to base protocol on hospital admitted not cases. They know breakthroughs are inevitable. Just think the way these people do, they want a desired outcome for them, and if lies get that outcome so be it. We shall see if they change but I’m highly skeptical.

  19. What the Alberta Data shows is that the vaccine may not prevent infection, but it does prevent serious illness. Few fully vaccinated people are in ICU. The data on hospitalization is dodgy because people who are test-positive but in hospital for OTHER REASONS are included in the hospitalization numbers…

    1. @Taliesyn “Few fully vaccinated people are in ICU.”

      I wonder why no one will stand up and make the same claim for those “fully vaccinated” people in 5 years from now? Especially with younger people and children not yet at child bearing age.

    2. If the vaccine prevents serious illness, then why resurrect all the pre-vaccine policies of lockdowns?

      You can’t have this both ways.

      1. Well said Dennis. I’m going to use a variation of that since it’s a quick question to ask Branch Covidians: “If the vaccine prevents serious illness, then why are you being locked down? Or even being forced to wear a mask?”

    3. Governments have been wrong, and lied, throughout.

      And NOW , you want to believe they are telling the absolute truth?

      I have a bridge for sale, it’s a screaming deal, will give you a break on the price. TRUST ME!

  20. I remember when the smallpox and polio vaccines came out. Back when the vast majority of smallpox and polio infections were in those who were vaccinated against them. Right? RIGHT???

    War is peace.
    Ignorance is strength.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Men are women.
    The vax is safe and effective.

  21. In Manitoba if you go to get tested they are going to give you a rapid test to take home. ” The province announced Wednesday that most people aged five and up with COVID symptoms will now receive a rapid antigen test, not a PCR test. People who test positive on a rapid antigen test should consider themselves COVID positive and take the necessary precautions set out by public health officials. ” “However, there are times when we still want the greater certainty of a PCR test for people who have a positive rapid antigen test. But generally, that is setting based, so for health-care workers, or people who provide direct care in a long-term care facility, as an example.”
    There will be no tracking of the rapid test rates. This looks like a good way for them to cover the FULLY VACINATED COVID POSITVE numbers.

    1. That home test has a very dangerous chemical associated with it. Use it at your risk.

  22. A study in the UK suggests that the flu shot depletes one’s immune system which would make it very like for one to catch anything.

    Case in point, see above.

    1. That has been discussed from day one. It was is and continues to be a fact. That government is lying about it along with big pharma should really piss people off.

    2. I have personally observed that while seeing people in ER.
      It was not hard to conclude after many years of observation that the flu shot compromised the natural immune system.

  23. One of the interesting things about the Manitoba numbers. The chart is a six week average. Yesterday in Manitoba 1790 cases 274 not jabbed today so 84.55% vaxxed. Not sure of the numbers today, it takes a bit of digging to find the vaxxed cases now.

    1. The province is making it difficult to find the numbers. The 6 week averaging only delays the truth of vaccine effectiveness. This latest wave isn’t going to end soon, too many fully vaxxed primed candidates for it to persist. Come March the ADE effect will be rearing it’s ugly head. (some scuttlebutt says it is happening already amongst the 60 plus). But protect the narrative, demonize the unvaccinated, pretend that something is being done. It’s friggin’ dumpster fire.

      1. The vaxxes have zero efficacy, not one damn bit. They are worse than doing nothing and have killed tens of thousands. ADE was discussed the same time the shots started being pushed. It is a sad commentary but stupid people really do need to die as result of their stupidity. The rest of us need to stand back and not let anyone from the government touch us with their insane ideas.

  24. How can it be that an old man like me has seen the lies and bullshit building from the get go? Did I read something that others did not? Did I see something that many who posted here have seen? Why are the lies still the power?

  25. $2 billion a year to the corrupt Canadian media and I get better news from a self financed blog.

    Where are the paid Trudeau shitstains that call themselves journalists?

    1. 913 unvacced. 0 partial vax, 0 full vax.
      Damn, Allan S, those treatments are amazing! How could we ever have questioned you.
      Only… there are not 913 unvacced people in sask. that would sit in a line for testing.
      Actually, no one I know amongst the unwashed would ever go for a govt test!
      At least they could try to be slightly believable.

  26. Say it with me!


    Get back to me when all 4 metrics exceed the % of the public that is vaccinated.

    Even if it does equal there has been a long time where they weren’t even close, favoring vaccination. Also those vaccinated on average are older and have more comorbidities. That’s why some metrics are aged corrected.

    1. Say it with me!


      OK, what is the relative risk ratio of persons under 40 suffering serious complications from Covid19?

      Why should those people even “vaccinate”, let alone be forced to do so (or be insulted and targetted by disgusting little napoleons)?

    2. If you stomp your feet, click your heels together, and hold your breath in protest……..we still don’t care about your propaganda bullshit, Allah!

  27. There goes the media narrative, the vaccine works so well most of the country is under house arrest. Honestly anyone tupid enough to believe another booster or two will keep you safe is well deluded.

  28. //Bitter_ironing
    Lifted straight from B.C.’s daily Covid report. Past two weeks cases hospitalized (Dec. 21 to Jan. 3)
    Not vaccinated: 84 (48.6%)
    Fully vaccinated: 84 (48.6%)
    The mandated vaccines do not work. //

    You can’t conclude that without factoring in the percentages vaccinated & unvaccinated.
    For example, from the Alberta chart above, adding the relative vaccinated percentages:

    alberta chart: hospitalized
    44.48% are from the 10.5% unvaccinated
    51.81% are from the 89.5% fully vaccinated

    Comparing percents 4.24 times vs .58 times.
    an unvaccinated person is 4.24/.58 = 7.8 times as likely to be hospitalized