The Exit Ramp

Vaccine Failure and the Way Out

As with the vaccine roll-out, the stage was set for everybody to say that they had defeated Corona, fold up shop and go home. This is, you will note, exactly what China did. They tightened official testing criteria, declared the pandemic over with and never looked back. Western countries, though, kept the ball in the air all summer long, just as they are keeping the ball in the air now.

Until now, Corona policy in every western country has unfolded more or less according to the same script, devised by the World Health Organization at the end of February 2020. The final act was supposed to be the wide-scale eradication of Corona after mass vaccination. It is now clear that this will never happen. For the first time since March 2020, there is no obvious international consensus on the way forward.

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  1. The way forward is to treat it like we do influenza. What we should have been doing from day1, or at least May 202 when it should have been onvious to all the experts it wasn’t such a big deal; but no, everyone panicked.

    Oh yes, and we sue the pants off China Communist Party, the WHO and their Western enablers.

      1. Dougie Doolittle and his snaggle toothed sidekick Christine Elliott should both eat shit and die.

      2. As of October 12, 2021 you will need to be fully vaccinated to attend funerals in Ontario.

        Knowing Fat Dougie’s stupidity, the guest of honour would be included in that requirement.

      3. This can end when we want it to.

        Protests in Brampton, London and Welland.

        Justin called the protesters “anti-vaxx mobs” because calling them citizens or protesters would be beneath him. He hid the entire time.

    1. Not impressed by this article. The vaccines, along with The release of human-generated SARS-CoV-2 are bio-weapons. The evidence revealing what’s in them should prove that (see esp. Dr. Robert Youngest work) if you doubted it from the many 1000s of deaths they’re causing yet aren’t be shut down.

  2. I keep hearing about Delta, but I’ve yet to actually see any evidence of it. I see no difference between how things are now and how they were a year ago.

    Am I missing something?

    1. I’ve yet to see any evidence of regular ol’ Coof, nevermind any so-called variants. I expect *some* people are getting sick *somewhere* but I sure don’t know anyone myself. Couple of instances of “so-and-so’s kid’s classmate’s girlfriend” but never anything closer to home than that.

      1. Yup. I’ve met some who claim to have been sick themselves and who’ve given me a spiel about having to be masked. Then there are those who have a relative working in a hospital, all of which are “swamped” and “overwhelmed”.

        I’m wondering whether we shouldn’t call this the “fish story” virus.

      1. It reminds me of the oil company I worked for right after I got my B. Sc.

        There were a lot of unwritten rules and information was conveyed silently, as if by osmosis or diffusion. That meant that, in order to find out what was going or know what to do, I had to be very chummy, particularly with certain people.

        I often had the sense that the attitude was: “If we have to tell you, maybe you shouldn’t be here.”

        Similarly, with this phony-baloney plague, I need to be completely in tune with Prinz Dummkopf and get all my news and information from his Ministry of Truth. Therefore, I’m not seeing the masses of the ill and dead because I’m disconnected from his wisdom and insight.

    2. You aren’t missing anything. There is pure flying bullshit everywhere around this scamdemic. It’s all about more government control and the investors in big pharma … people like Fauci and Gate will make millions or more while big pharma makes billions selling a concoction that doesn’t work.

      Politicians are having the time of their lives. Bossing their citizens around, shutting down small business. .. Big business pays them off so they don’t have to close.


      Nothing is what it seems to be.

      A lot of politicians need to be ‘ventilated’.


  3. DIL just tested positive for ChinaFlu. She has been double vaccinated.
    They asked if she wanted the booster. She told them to shove it up their ass.

  4. The tragedy of this all ar the medical people who have lost their jobs an dotherwise been persecuted for attempting to find treatments, oh yes and those who dies because they were denied treatments. SOme people deserve an accounting.

  5. A year from now when our virus numbers have demonstrated the declined efficacy of the jab, one wonders whether or not the Covid Stalinism will have allowed a few cracks of light to shine on the situation such as this article. Will the medical community awaken from their institutionalized coma and demand to be allowed to administer out-patient and early treatment protocols? Will the social media Oligarchs allow open discussion on their platforms? Will proven drugs from the third world be allowed in the first world woke backwaters? Will big pharma censor reporting of natural immunity efficacy? Will O’Toole’s Stalinist-lite policies allow discussions of IVM, HCQ, Nitric Oxide, Vitamin D, Zinc, vitamin C, etc? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. By then it will be a booster every 2 months just to keep the vexxed alive.
      The Walking Dead.
      Sometimes art does imitate life.

      1. Except obviously the vaccines and the boosters are not working. Why keep doing what does not work.
        That is insane right there.

    2. My guess is “no.” They’re in too deep. To admit failure now will be… how should I put this… disastrous, and a lot of people are not going to be very pleased.

      Do I have a gift of understating things, or what?

      1. I wish I could upload a picture I saw today,
        Media, Doctors, nurses all being hung at Nuremberg for misleading the public.
        Coming to a town near you.

  6. I suspect in the future many public officials and politicians will be spending more time with their families. Those with dual citizenships will take their pension and depart for sunnier climes. While all involved will be quite modest about expressing their previous achievements. Should any of them rise to speak reward a Wack-a-Mole™ incident might ensue.

  7. I have grown to hate Canadians with a passion. A weak-kneed race of pissants who fear their own shadows, the shame of their ancestors, and the least deserving people on planet Earth. I wish a plague of locusts on this crappy country followed by a plague of influenza that’ll fell all the Karens and Kevins along with every single premier and medical officer of health.

    1. Syphilis and Gonorrhea to 7 Generation’s on all the Political Scumbags, their Covid Cult Exhorter’s in the Bureaucracy’s of Death lead by the Witch Doctor Whore Tam. And all the State Propagandists and Lying POS in the MSM.

  8. Brain damage….must be due to me having C19 last January 2020…before it was a thing….
    I survived by taking
    10,000 mg Ester-C
    200 mg Zinc
    10,000 IU D3

    Now I take Ivermectin monthly

    No vaccines for me…
    Not now…not ever….

    My body my choice….


      1. Over the counter from Amazon. Not a fan although it’s good price and quick delivery. Goes under the name Bimectin. It’s the horse variety and should be taken as per your weight. A South African Doctor friend recommended it and said the horse version is identical to the other.

        Side note: it is currently unavailable on Amazon, although there are a other varieties available.

        Good luck!


        They are in Virgina and cater to Canuks.

        Get the Duramectin from Durvet, it has 1.87% ivermectin in paste form.
        It’s in the yellow box.
        Going for about $10/tube which is good for about 5 days dosing per average size man.
        I got a dozen tubes , went through about half of that so far.

        1. As a prophylaxis 1 ml of that should be good for a 200lb person, taken 1 to 4 times per month depending on the risk of covid.
          FLCCC has great info on ivermectin.

    1. Me daily:
      5000 IU D3
      2000 Vitamin C
      B complex
      Zinc available
      NAC available.
      Tested negative for COVID the other day, antigen.
      Antibody test negative.

  9. First sentence is blatantly wrong.

    “As with the vaccine roll-out, the stage was set for everybody to say that they had defeated Corona”

    The stage was set to use Corona to do precisely what they are doing now – implement totalitarian control of the West using Covid and subsequent vaccine passports as tool to do so.

    And that is just the beginning.

  10. From the article:

    “A few countries, or perhaps even a few prominent politicians or public health pundits who do not have their heads up their asses, could change everything. Everyone who is not crazy needs to start insisting on the same simple message:
    We have to live with Corona, it will always be with us.”

    A mass arse-ectomy of people who do have their head up their ass also needs to happen. They need to understand that:

    1) The vaccines are not up to task to provide sterilizing immunity.
    2) Effective treatments must stop being suppressed to push these faulty vaccines.
    3) Stop using covid to push toxic political agendas

    Everyone needs to take a deep breath, stop listening to Project Panic and protect the vulnerable. Everyone else should return to normal. There’s more normies than politicians and corporatists so stop complying with their insane, authoritarian policies.

  11. I try to read these things with an open mind, but the reasoning is so sloppy and standards of evidence are so low that I just throw up my hands. I can usually tell in advance that this is going to happen when it is posted by Francisco. I am sick of going through the effort to try to piece together what the writer was thinking to debunk it. Basically if it has a lot of words and he likes the conclusions already before even reading it, it’s good enough.

    For some reason Kate’s links hold up a lot better to careful reading.

    1. I thought it was interesting. Comments ( at the link) are also informative and comments frequently quickly identify weaknesses. On balance it was worthwhile reading.

  12. “The Death rate is a fact, anything beyond this is just inference” – -William Farr, the father of epidemiology

    When the funeral homes are overflowing, that’s when we should start panicking

  13. Many people, institutions, governments, and fake health bodies are on the wrong side of history right now, and you know they are.
    The truth will out, and they will pay.
    Sorry for those that were duped and are thus in for a big, psychologically damaging surprise.
    At least they will have a reason to tell their children about it and say never again.
    It is, however, going to be a hard road to walk before telling kids about the war stories.
    Put on your walking shoes and stay strong.
    Hope to see you all on the other side.

  14. What is going on in Western “democracies” is they want to pursue the social credit system China has. They want the power China has over their people, that’s why this is not over, vax passports are a path to 24/7 surveillance.
    They can’t resist.
    The public sector unions are what is driving this, coordinating with the UN and other countries.
    They need to be knee capped.

  15. I agree with parts..The do-gooders ride the tiger,everything they do to us,is “for our own good”..
    yet they have done us,the collective,far greater damage than a Spanish Flu grade pandemic ever could.
    They panicked,or chose to react insanely for ideological reasons,motive do not matter anymore.
    Their actions,deliberately destroying civil society,to “save it” amounts to “We must save you from catching the dread disease,even if than means killing you”.
    As a nation we are FUBAR,most all productive people are suffering,yet the “Helpers” are making out like..bandits,the very bandits they are.
    Nothing our expert help has done,helped anyone ,except them in their sick lust for power.

    In fact,without government help and the shrieking of their Presstitutes,would you have even known we had a bad flu year?
    Cause the numbers do not support “Pandemic,medical emergency”.

    When you,government,declare “Emergency” and steal my rights,freedoms and is essential,for your survival afterwards,to show me the evidence.
    I should not have to seek proof that a true pandemic exists,which is the case with this Dread Covid..
    Wherefore are the mass graves?
    What is the best available treatment?
    How have we protected those most vulnerable?

    No Pandemic.
    Plenty evidence of Plandemic.
    Plenty evidence of panic,hysteria and fear mongering.
    Numerical evidence suggests that being a recipient of direct government care has been the most lethal aspect of this farce.

    And absolute evidence of lies.
    The lies of our helpers have become so compulsive they cannot keep track.
    Read the “Advice to the public” provided since march 2020 till now,in chronological order..
    Would you trust such people to tell you what time it is?
    The “vaccine narrative” is in tatters and still they lie,almost as if they see no way out,that does not involve mass humiliation and dismissal..
    Which,while richly deserved,will be the least of their worries as they prolong their hysteria,madness and criminal abuses.
    We have been treated to an amazing Shitshow,one that almost no one would have predicted,in its duration,arrogance and foolishness.
    I would never have credited us being this stupid,yet in hindsight it is all perfectly predictable.
    Allowing fools and bandits to hold positions of authority,will always create this kind of idiocy.
    These are persons with Delusions of adequacy,far in excess of their abilities.
    These people sought political power,bureaucratic dominance..
    “To help us” of course.
    Proving once again,those who want the job are the least capable of performing the responsibilities of these tasks.

    Sane people do not “help” other persons against their will.
    Fools however know they can run your life better than you,thus they seek positions of institutional authority so they may do so..
    After the cull,maybe we can introduce a little bit of “wickerman” to public service,would sure cut down on pension costs.

    1. Ronald Reagan’s famous line about not trusting government:
      “We are from the government and we are here to help”
      Has never been truer, they are stealing our future, our rights and our freedom.
      Over a flu that has a 99.9+% survival rate.
      Never trust anything media says, CBC, CTV, Global, plus all the US networks. Big Pharma are their biggest advertisers.
      They are captured and corrupt as are the politicians.
      The public sector unions are complicit with the UN and other countries. Has to be, how could they do all the lockdowns in unison.
      Fire them all.

  16. Very soon we must rise and declare the show is over,
    The Dread Covid Theatre is done.
    All actors will be rewarded for their roles.
    For that foot stomping on your neck will only cease when you seize it and shove to up the asshole attached,for its forcible contact with the head already up there,is the only way we can get that fools attention.
    Some of us may desire to set the footwear afire before insertion.
    For this idiocy only ends,when we make it stop.

    Helping me against my will is total assault.
    Any reaction is self defence..
    As the help seems fatal,there is no limitation on the defence.

    Without double standards our progressive comrades have none at all .
    It is illegal to gather up drug addicts and alcoholics and forcibly detox them.
    All our progressive comrades insist this is so.
    But we must have the Government Goo injected into us…

    Utter morons,deadly to civil society and the continuation of civilization.
    This is “Weapons Grade Stupidity”.