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  1. From Taki, South Africa explained.


    The riots and looting tearing through South Africa simply cannot be happening. The images must be CGI; the news reports fake. Everyone knows that black people only riot and loot because of institutional racism caused by evil whites and their damnable supremacy.

    It’s a law of physics, no more violable than gravity.

    So no, it’s simply not possible that blacks are rioting and looting in a black nation because of actions taken by the blacks who rule them against other blacks who used to rule them.

    In fact, the backstory of the SA riots is so convoluted, only a writer of Marvel blockbusters could’ve come up with it. The origin story involves something called the “Zondo Commission,” which totally sounds like what Doctor Strange or Starhawk would appear before while trying to find the Galubrious Cubes or the Synstricious Stones or whatever inane plot device saves the universe.

    The short version is this: Corrupt South African Butcher-Thief #1 was accused by Corrupt South African Butcher-Thief #2 of being a corrupt South African butcher-thief, so Corrupt South African Butcher-Thief #1 was brought by Corrupt South African Butcher-Thief #2 before a commission started by Corrupt South African Butcher-Thief #1 to investigate corrupt South African butcher-thieves. And Corrupt South African Butcher-Thief #1 said to Corrupt South African Butcher-Thief #2, “You can’t bring me before my own commission!” so he was charged with contempt and sentenced to fifteen months in prison. And the residents of Corrupt South African Butcher-Thief #1’s home province of ButcherBongoThiefUbango (formerly known as Rhodesville Nogtown during the apartheid years) decided they wanted flat-screens and slap-chops so they started looting malls and burning down the homes of Indians.

    And apparently killing Somalis…for reasons that surely make as much sense as anything else going on in that geographical septic tank. It got so bad that last week Somalian diplomats sent a formal protest to the South African government demanding protection for Somalis living in SA. The Somalian flag is a machete-wielding warlord carving a starving child in half while eating a baby. When your nation has become too extreme for those lunatics, maybe it’s time to dial it back a bit.

    The death toll from the riots is nearing 100, and Twitter is overflowing with videos of entire shopping malls cleaned out and factories and warehouses sacked and burned. The rioters have especially targeted the food production chain, because what harm could come from that? It’s not like Africa has ever had any issues with famine.

    Help us, Zondo! You’re our only hope!”

    1. I heard much the same thing in Sunday sermons some 40 years ago. Peace and justice will prevail in South Africa once the twin evils of apartheid and white supremacy are at last destroyed, as decreed in the Bible (usually obscure Old Testament passages conveniently quoted out of context).

      Well, apartheid was abolished nearly 3 decades ago, and blacks (or, to be politically correct/”woke”, Blacks) now rule. Some peace and justice, huh?

      Of course, you’ll never hear the church condemning what’s happening in South Africa right now. That’s because it’s all due to residual white supremacy/privilege/racism. You’ll never near the church admit that its adoption of “liberation theology” and the “social gospel” were heretical mistakes.

  2. Trying for the third time, this time with a link from CNN

    How is that “nation building” working out for ya?


    The moment the boot is off their necks, they immediately revert to their natural state and eliminate the most valuable among them.
    Savages who failed at being colonized.
    There is no civilizing this.
    There is no humanizing this.
    They have no desire for freedom. They have no understanding off it… that is why they are being imported.
    Brampton today, is Kabul in the 1970s.

    1. My family and I were appalled that the Americans would even consider going into Afghanistan after 9-11(over 20 years ago). The British had to admit defeat after 20 years there in the mid-1800’s, the Soviets left after 20 years, in the early 80’s and now this.
      Perhaps there are a few educated Afghani’s who would make a contribution to the western world (I am thinking of the interpreters used by the Canadian army), but the rest are truly backward. The Americans are right to leave, not another American life to be wasted there. If the Taliban start exporting their terrorism, the Americans should go in, bomb the living heck out of them, and leave.

      1. Didn’t they run Genghis Khan out as well?

        A country that has a ‘fighting season’ is not civilized.

      2. “You’ve fallen for one of the two classic blunders! The first being never get involved in a land war in Asia but only slightly lesser known: never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!” Vizzini, 1987 (Inconceivable!)

    2. Why we IMPORT this kind of Islamic garbage into this country remains a complete mystery to me. Just one more reason for Alberta to leave this Beyond SCREWED Dysfunctional Pedophile run shithole of Canada.

      yea I know, we have plenty of that persuasion here too.
      Mexico/Texas bekons …. looming larger by the day.

    1. Thanks Ed for posting. Great to see doctors coming out of the woodworks and exposing the truth that the vaccines are not working as evidenced in Israel

    2. I Really think ALL of us on this blog need to REFRAIN FROM calling this utter GARBAGE a “vaccine”. Whatever the shit is in said needles, in no way shape or form constitutes a vaccine. Call it a jab or inoculation or my fav term. “Profijuice”

      Vaccines for the most part (Thalidamide & a cpl others notwithstanding), do in FACT provide huge benefits for mankind.

      This SHIT.??? Designed to ensure you become addicted to some Untested Experimental non Biological BS that not only WON’T protect you from this or any other virus Yet ensuring you DO become a a STEALTH Super spreader that will need countless booster shots on a Bi-monthly basis….all for PROFIT.

      EVIL incarnate – but thats the jist of it.

      1. I believe Dr. Ryan Cole called it a “medical device.” Works for me; anything but “vaccine.” ABV, anyone?

    1. But that will never happen after The Great Reset, because nobody will own anything and we’ll all be happy.

    1. Yea…saw a Vid on BRIGHTEON a week ago on that along with the the .pdf of the Lawsuit…..simple math really, as most will tell anyone who wants to listen (theres the rub…most dont – prefering to be DEAF), that History has shown, only 1-2% of all Adverse reactions are actually reported. (Doctors being the ones who do the reporting).

      So to me the 45,000 is LOW….if its 2% then I’m thinking something in the order of 900,000 have died. Sounds crazy, but how much covering up is going on hmm..??

      One even slightly curious look at what this entire shitshow was predicated upon: RT PCR with its utterly fraudulent results….then it would not surprise me in the slightest.

    1. Canadian sheep don’t give a damn and those of us who do will never overcome the level of stupid that keeps this fraud rolling. People will have to start dying right in front of them before they will wake up to what has been done to the world, and maybe not even then.

      1. CDC cancels EUA for RT PCR.
        The QUESTION that needs Answering is Why da Fk wait till December 31st..??

        Ahh yes, all to allow that 4th, or is it 5th Wave…of more covid medical NAZIism predicated on RT PCR Bullshit results

        The alternatives CDC talks about have been around for quite a while. Yet the only supposedly viable test, as per FAUCI and cabal (patented), that was ever Discussed at any time in the past 17 months was RT PCR.

  3. Re the post “My butt is double masked”

    Does that make thongs and “going commando” even more daring?

    1. I think it makes it tight space for my ‘tri-pod’ to feel comfortable though trying out a thong.

  4. Another flagrant example of Islamophobia perpetrated against a Canadian muslim has come to light:

    “Prosecutors have approved charges against a captured Canadian ISIS fighter, according to documents that show how federal officials have dealt with citizens detained in Syria.

    The approved charges are the first known to have been authorized against a Canadian member of the so-called Islamic State caught in Syria.

    They were disclosed in records released to Global News by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) under the Access to Information Act.

    “The Ali charge package has now been approved by PPSC,” read the ‘secret’ report by GAC’s Task Force on International Critical Incidents.

    PPSC is the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, which handles terrorism cases.

    The only Canadian ISIS member named Ali who is in custody in Syria is Mohammed Ali, a 30-year-old resident of Mississauga, Ont., captured by U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters shortly before the June 25, 2018 report was distributed.”


    P.S. The print report is by Stewart Bell, formerly of the National Post and now at Global News. For well over a decade, he has been the leading reporter (and typically the only reporter) focusing on Canadian Islamic terrorists.

    They really are NOT looking out for your HEALTH!
    They fast tracked vaccinations NOT APPROVED by the World Health Organization and many Canadians got the jab.
    Our Government also mixed Vaccinations against the World Health Organization advice and guidance.
    And many more Canadians got these jabs.
    As far as the World Health Organization is concerned, Canadians lack the proper vaccinations for World travel.
    And now unless everyone gets re-vaccinated properly, they are bannedfromtraveloutsideourcountr.. Our citizens have not the proper protection and documents to travel.

    Canada the Coodie Ville of the world is not allowed for international travel as our politicians fucked up on our vaccinations.
    Really shows that this is pure politics and not really care about your health.

    1. Jojo, if a shot is necessary to go anywhere I sure as hell don’t want to be where the fools who took this shit are going.

    2. I could give a shit…Anywhere I want to go..?? I’ll drive.

      Besides think about his people: EVERY AIRLINE Pilot on the Planet has been TOLD in no uncertain TERMS: THOU SHALT be vaccinated with the vidvax or one simply does NOT FLY. PERIOD. My Bro In law is a Chief Pilot for a Cdn Airline….he can easily attest to that. This mandate is seemingly World Wide.

      But who in their right mind wants to fly with a pari of guys at the controls who 6 weeks Prior had their jab & subsequently gets blood clots or starts to show the signs of Hoof n Mouth. or some other deadly malady at 35,000 ‘…???

      Do date I’ve seen / heard of 4 BOAC pilots & 5 from Jet Blue….all dying within weeks of taking the “ProfiJuice”. So I am betting that within a years time 1 Aircraft will fall outa the sky due to both pilots being incapacitated……Any Takers.??

      I’ve been told in no uncertain terms …. “Oh thats Conspiracy Bullshit”….!!! uhuh. I replied, yea, I guess all pilots are God like creatures who aren’t subject to the issues that face us deplorables.

      FUCK THAT..!!!

      1. As an aside.

        I saw earlier on Fascist Book, that the YVR Airport had instituted separate Lines for Returning passengers I believe it was. I’ve seen scenes like that in black n white…

        Chelmno – Belzec – Sobibor – Treblinka – Majdanek & Auschwitz-Birkenau.

        It appears on the outside that said airport is now Being Run by the Chinese Communist Party…??
        (Signs have since been taken down – so I guess there are actually some in the Lower MAO Land with some cojonnes.)

  6. Interesting FYI, my daughter came down with “covid like” symptoms so her employer sent her to go get tested. The results came back as negative. The interesting thing is that they told her she only had a cold.

    How could they differentiate between different Corona viruses? I am generally curious here. Does anyone know?

    1. Great point Jgriffin.

      HOW indeed.??
      It could be they DID NOT use RT PCR as the testing protocal..??

    2. It wasn’t politically necessary at that moment for her to be found “positive” for Covid. Had it been necessary she would have been found to be “positive”.

      The differentiation depends upon political necessity.

  7. “Justin Trudeau said today the Montreal Canadiens showed a “lack of judgment” by drafting an 18-year-old who was fined recently for sharing sexually explicit photos of a woman without her consent.”

    Trudeau is a noted expert in “judgement”…

    Multiple-time adult blackface enthusiast, three-times convicted of ethics violations, sexual harasser (alleged, more than once), etc.

    We should ask the staff and alumni of West Point Grey Academy for their opinions on Trudeau’s “judgement.” At least the ones who haven’t signed Non-Disclosure Agreements.