The President Puddin’ Cup Prediction Contest

The contest rules are easy: Predict the number of days President Asterisk serves in office, choosing any number between 1 (gone before the day is out) and 1460 (full term).

Tie-breaker: choose the circumstances

[ ] Death (all causes)
[ ] Voluntary resignation
[ ] Involuntary removal

Of course, should you predict Biden will complete his term no tie-breaker is required.

The winner(s) shall receive a free book or some other prize of my choosing.

Disclaimer: it goes without saying that the awarding of any prize or prizes is subject to SDA’s own survival under the government of PM Spendy McShutup.


167 Replies to “The President Puddin’ Cup Prediction Contest”

      1. Pelosi will enact the 25th amendment and Joe will be kicked to the curb within 3 months, leaving the California Ho in charge. Americans should be frightened.

        I see one of Joe’s first acts was to rejoin the corrupt Chinese Agency the WHO His second was to ensure anyone can use any washroom in public schools or buildings. There going to be a lot of diligent fathers watching for creeps to take advantage of this rule.

  1. So tough to decide! Gut feel is he’s a politician who’s coveted the highest office for his entire life, so he won’t relinquish it willingly and will try to use media colluders to cover for his accelerating decline over the next 4 years.

    He will complete his term but announce in year 3 he will not seek reelection. So, 1460 days.

    1. Meshuggah that seems about right so since you’ve taken it I guess I’ll have to pick a random number of 1234 days, death, all causes.

    1. Death in 125 days by pillow over the face as the dementia gets worse and the other two options are unbecoming of office.

  2. Nice to see this – I even wasted an hour looking for a European betting site that would take a wager on him lasting 4 years.

    467 days – resigns

  3. I think he will step down just after the 2022 mid-term elections and the party will move far left – so within 700 days.

    By the way, I didn’t care to listen to the inaugural speech. Did he happen to mention this quote from Baldacci’s latest book?
    “Corruption is the number one business for some politicians. Serving the country faithfully doesn’t even run a close second.”

  4. 56.
    ‘Resigns for health reasons’.

    Which, in the grand tradition of the Clintons et al, is likely quite true.

  5. 300 days (10 months) Voluntary resignation

    If he dies, they put him on life support and fake his resignation speech.
    If he shows signs of incompetence (more than currently), they will have him read his own resignation.
    Involuntary resignation will be avoided to prevent the “Told you so…”.

  6. Geeze I didn’t think that rambling speech would ever end. Although Warren Kinsella liked it. He tweeted he was in tears. I guess he’s not in tears about his hero cancelling Keystone.

    1. Warren Kinsella is still alive? I thought his liver would have fallen out by now.

      Chou Beijing will be hospitalized or dead of dementia-related morbidities within, hmm…67 days.

  7. 735, i.e. just over 50% term. They will likely prop him up that long so that Harris will be eligible for two full terms, opening the possibility that we will see a shade under 10 years of her (assuming they will hone their vote-rigging skills).

    Might even be their game plan.

    I suspect involuntary removal – can’t see the grouchy old sod going willingly.

  8. I’d give ‘president’ biden 33 days, involuntary removal.

    If we are lucky, pelosi too…

  9. I’m going to guess “voluntary” (in that I think it will be publicly characterized that way regardless of the truth of the matter) resignation after 745 days — that way Harris’s time replacing him doesn’t count against her ability to run for two full subsequent terms. (Edit: I see Mr. Absent above had the same thought I did.)

    (That assumes he survives that long, which given his current condition and the stress of the job seems questionable at the very least. But I really don’t want to bet on the date of someone’s death as that just feels uncomfortably ghoulish.)

  10. I give him let’s say….121 days. Just before the start of Burn Loot Murder Open Season on all things Capitalist – White – Trump

    Civil war..??? I would NOT at all bet against that….
    Heart Attack. Natural or “otherwise”
    Involuntary…if it could even be proven..??

  11. He will be used as a useful idiot for as long as possible. He will be a puppet used to hide the real decision makers. I don’t think they will remove him because its 100% unaccountable power for the Dems. Any bad policies or when things go wrong, gets blamed on poor Ol’ Joe.

    He might die or resign, but I think odds are he’ll make it to the end. So I say 1460

    1. Not so. Anything that goes wrong, ANYTHING! will be blamed on Trump.

      Joe will be regarded as a genius, perfection in the flesh, from God’s mouth to his ear.

  12. 200 days, voluntarily, yet involuntarily. Not a matter of covering all the bases, just a little nudge and he’ll go willingly.

    He’s wanted to be prez for most of his life and now that he is, he’s fulfilled his dream. But he’s old in body and mind, he really doesn’t want to do what it takes, he doesn’t want to do the work and he doesn’t have the energy. And Kamala is chomping at the bit, she’ll be pushing from the get-go.

    And he has a bit of dementia. Obama and Axelrod will be the power behind the throne, he’ll do what they tell him to. But after what they consider to be a decent time interval, they’ll “suggest” he resign.

  13. 731 days (2 years + 1 day) to give SubCommander Harris a shot at 10 years in office.

    Tie-breaker: Voluntary resignation

  14. I would respectfully add: falls down the stairs at the WH after showing Kamala the upstairs wash room.

  15. I am going to go for 90 days. He cannot be a public figure for more than a couple of months — too risky. He will be got rid of sooner if he actually gets the idea he can run things.

  16. 88 days, voluntary
    They’d like to go for two years and a day to maximize Kacklema’s options but they won’t be able to find enough toilet paper and spit to stop the small bleeds on Xiden’s facade.

  17. Tomorrow. He’s so senile, that after todays excitement he’ll probably forget to wake up.

  18. I’m torn between “Voluntary” (He will cite health reasons), or “Involuntarily (either his party will cross him up [with yet another impeachment] because he wouldn’t go far enough with the agenda, or he’ll be nudged to retire when even his own den of fools realize that the man just doesn’t have it anymore).

    It’s a toss up, but I’ll vote “involuntary”. As for the tie-breaker, I always had said he’d be out before the USSA ‘Dependence’ Day holiday, so my money’s on 160 days.

    I’d like to add, that although I think there’s substantial merit to the notion that there is a plan to have him hold his post for just 2 years plus a day, I honestly don’t think he can hang on for that long.

  19. About 150 days. I’m guessing that’s how long they will be able to keep him hidden . I’m guessing it will become more difficult to put him in public or have him read speeches
    Voluntary resignation – it will be involuntary but his dementia will have progressed so much he won’t know what he’s reading.
    ‘They’ have to keep him hidden until then – but it’s all a question of how rapidly he deteriorates.

  20. I’ll give him until at least July 4, resigning because someone finally figures out he’s in over his head. That date isn’t accidental. His brief tenure will be hailed as being as monumental as the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

  21. 1349 – Got to get rid of him when they realize he won’t leave and it is so bad they can’t steal the election. He only makes it that far if china doesn’t exercise the option to confiscate our resources while the guy with the nuclear codes can’t remember them. China has beaucoup people and it cures whiteness. Welcome to the twilight zone.

  22. February 20, 2021. Death under suspicious circumstances similar to Pope John Paul I. His demise will be blamed on Trump and his supporters.

    In other news, the great purge has begun. The list of Presidential Pardons has already been removed from the White House web site.