35 Replies to “Grief Shopping”

      1. Apparently Black Lives don’t Matter in rich Liberal virtue signalling Beverly Hills. What happened to supporting the “peaceful BLM protests” folks.

      2. Aw Kenji, you’re no fun, BLM crowd would love to collect reparations from Rodeo Drive. They would turn Rodayo into Rodeo, as in a Cowboy Circus, kind off, well, they did have a black cowboy in some movies once or twice…..didn’t they?…ah fergedit!

  1. This is mostly peaceful looting, they are caught in the moment, you see.

    Worthless savages.

  2. And blacks are offended about being stereotyped. As we see, inner city hoodlums being themselves.

    Pot Kettle Black.

    It’s like another MAGA promotion, reinforcing the need fir Law and Order.

    Meanwhile, back at the mayor’s office……..Buehler? Buehler?

  3. I posted similar stuff in tips earlier today.
    People who never had it so good have never protested so much.
    In the end, they’ll pay.

      1. Yeah, any police out there, always have the body cam on, and never wait or even ask for permission to release it.

        In point of fact, have a plan in place to simply start live streaming as soon as you realize that you have stepped into one of these mostly peaceful situations.

        And fuck this fighting with captcha . Done with covid fear porn pusher kate.

  4. Too close to the election to be showing what needs to happen to the revolutionaries. But after the election crush them like the warring enemy they are.

  5. And over on FOX, Tucker Carlson interviewing the man who is exposing Joe Biden’s corruption – first hand, with plenty of hard evidence.

    Philadelphia riots a coincidence, or ordered MSM distraction? You decide.

  6. The thugs want war? Give them a taste of real war, and let’s see how badly they still want it.

    Tell the Democrats that if they try to steal the election, the White House will pick a “diverse” ghetto in a Democrat-controlled city for the US Air Force to bomb to the ground.

    Let’s see then how many thugs will still care to be the last to die for Willie Brown’s ho.

  7. The Last Refuge-
    Two Philadelphia police officers are under scrutiny after they refused to allow 27-year-old Walter Wallace stab them in a violent frenzy. After retreating from the confrontation; and after being chased by Mr. Wallace; the officers eventually shot and killed the attacker.

    Black Lives Matter and the Philadelphia social justice network immediately activated to steal electronics, loot retail stores and start fires in a quest to achieve justice for Wallace. The police are overwhelmed and the looting continues across the city of brotherly love while the media calls their behavior “protesting”. Nothing solves violence like a brand new pair of looted Nikes. Yes, stop me if you have heard this bef…
    racial bias? don’t look like it ..

    1. His attempts to stab them were “mostly peaceful”. And after the first bullet hit him, he dropped the knife so he was unarmed. But the REAL reason? – Philadelphia.

  8. You call it looting, they call it ‘early Christmas shopping”! 🙂 But on the other hand just how many times will Wallyworld put up with stores looted and ripped apart before moving them somewhere else?

  9. All sub humans can kill each other and loot 24/7.
    Keep it to the GTA & other diversity strongholds

  10. Wal Mart sure didn’t get much “protection” for their $100 MILLION bribe to the Burn Loot Murder crowd!

    1. You can take them out of the jungle but its impossible to take the jungle out of them. That cheap labour from the 1800’s is starting to get very expensive. Time to get them repatriated.

  11. I could make a fortune selling “Big Screen Carrier Slings” on ebay. Sure do struggle to get away with the oversized loot don’t they?

    1. Mike, LOL, you win today!

      Make it a universal type of carrier, it looks like they’re needed for washing machines as well.
      Maybe put a couple of hd castors on the bottom.

  12. The election matters, but the major problem for the United States will still be out there and there is no answer. Matter of fact, a Biden/Harris win might make it worse when they find out the reparations cheques aren’t going to start the day after….maybe never, as guilty white people represent a shrinking part of the population.
    I guess this is one time when being part of the vanishing race is good for a laugh, or at least some revenge.

  13. Barbarians are just about to take over.
    The looters are barbarians, no question about it.
    They could not care less about shooting, tough it is a good moment to start, since the police are off and anything goes.

    Barbarism is way on top of agenda for a good part of the US sediments.

  14. Any and ALL Looters should be Shot on sight
    No Questions Asked

    Get the Guard to Practice Head Shots

    Don’t shoot till you see the Whites of their eyes.

  15. This isn’t about BLM. This isn’t about justice. This is about war. And if it’s war they want, then give it to them good and hard. Shoot to kill. No Hollywood/Biden leg shots. One to body mass, one to the head. Repeat as necessary. You loot, you die.

  16. After their election wipe out in Philadelphia the Demon Rats will discover that it was all a vast right wing conspiracy to set Burn Loot Murder lose upon their faithful supporters.
    Contrary to all evidence to date,the Dems will claim they were for law and order,equality before the law and the Con, ca..That Thing.
    And that evil altright Nazis provoked the “mostly peaceful” inhabitants of these Democrat Controlled Enclaves..
    Yea, provoked them into Burning their neighbours out of employment,Looting for justice and murdering anyone who questions their sanity..

    Given the level of emotional retardation,what is the difference between a Democrat and a Demonically Possessed person?
    The evil seems the same.

  17. Pretty much what I expecte. A bunch of white peopIe standing around with shocked Iooks on their faces, and a bunch of bIack peopIe running around with stoIen TV’s, shoes, and whatever eIse they can Iay their thieving hands on.
    Democrats…these are YOUR peopIe. You deserve them. Remember that the next time you want to go shopping in your neighbourhood onIy to find that no one wants to open a business there that doesn’t seII booze or stoIen goods. The attitude of entitIement shown by the Iooters, is exactIy why their cities are aIways such dirty shithoIes.