14 Replies to “The Enlightened Left on Display”

  1. There is no cure for stupid and apparently insanity has also become incurable. The insane left will eventually provoke an all out war which they will lose. How many generations after that loss will there be another war, who knows, I just know that it will go on and on and no matter how many terminally stupid people die there will be other stupid people to take their place, the unfortunate circumstance of the human condition.

  2. “The insane left will eventually provoke an all out war” – Not too dissimilar to the Western (mainly Brit it seems) born Muslims who flocked to join ISIS. They terrorized/slaughtered a bunch of civilians for a while, engendered false views of their own supposed ‘superiority’….right up until they time they encountered REAL resistance.

    1. Bring it on. Give the left the class war they think they want.

      The workers and peasants—the real ones—will be glad of the opportunity to use fat limp-wristed leftists for target practice. It will come in handy for a real war against the Chinese.

  3. Fascinating video, good find. I had an interesting conversation online recently, the gist of the argument given to me was “We need mass immigration to prop up our declining birthrate. Anyone that opposes mass immigration is a Nazi. Violence against Nazi’s is necessary.” The people in this video shouting at Tommy are of the same mindset, they just won’t articulate it on camera; but they’ll vote, fundraise and organise to make it happen. I am opposed to violence for political purposes, and I wish I knew a way to deter Antifa and similar groups from violence and threats. Do we ignore them? Persuade them to change their minds? Only appeal to the mass of voters that don’t care either way?

    1. “Persuade them to change their minds?” Given the premise that they have minds to begin with? The “Love each other” woman is one clear illustration of the “Polly wants a cracker” syndrome.

      There’s going to be no debates, no discussions, no exchanges of ideas – they have NO ideas, just memorized rhetoric.

      This will not end well.

  4. This crowd and any other crowd like them…are low IQ humans walking about with their eyes wide shut & that have been brainswashed totally and irrevocably…by “Mulit Cult – Diversity” Social Justice BS. All they know is screaming “NAZI Scum – White supremist etc”… yet it is their actions that are more akin to nazism than to any normal thinking humans…emphasis on the thinking. AntiFa being a shining example.

    We already see this mass insanity here in Canada…egged on by the LIberals, the CBC, CTV, McLeans, Red Star ad nauseum and all the rest of that disgusting Leftist Cabal that hides and obfuscates any of the Disgusting – filthy – criminal actions commited by Islamics.

    I agree, that this will not end well….and if its a war they want – so be it.

  5. Slowly but surely we are descending into the chaos that existed in Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s. I suspect that it will end the same way. The question is, what sort of dictatorship will it be?

    The only difference is that the Wiemar Republic tried in a timid way to resolve this, while our leadership generally encourages the anarchy.

    1. Sadly, I find myself agreeing with you. We are seeing people blindly following political rhetoric of the left and using violence and censorship instead of logic and reason. There is some inkling of hope when I see things like the walkaway movement, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to overcome the rise of the fascist left.

      May you live in interesting times.

  6. Children. They’re all intellectual children. They feel and believe, but don’t think.

    1. And, if I may, amplify the repeated comments by the toothless, white-haired lesbian who repeatedly called Tommy a NAZI over and over, and that she HATED him. Followed by her repeated self-affirmation that SHE was in favor of LOVE.

      Need I remind you that this is how Gay Marriage was SOLD and PACKAGED by the rotten-to-the-core LGBTQqqqqeu Geysteppo in America. They got the SCOTUS they wanted, got the sacramental Word “Marriage” and …. … … … Then, they immediately went in search of Christian cake bakers and other Christian businesspeople to bludgeon with their “LOVE”

      This toothless bearded hag, would School Tommy with a strap right across his back. But it won’t be all right … anymore than a crossfire Hurricane was all right for America. Beware the LOVE of crazed leftists. Don’t be so gullible.

      There is ONLY one TRUE LOVE … and it doesn’t come from people. Sorry. TRUTH is inmutable

  7. You cannot argue with a empty headed socialists/fascists.
    They have no argument, they don’t know much of anything other than they are told by the media cartel and their fellow travellers. They will not listen and consider things that they never new existed.
    There was a guy that wrote that religion is opiate of masses or something to that effect.
    Well, you take religion away and replace it with opiate of socialist/fascist narrative and you are on your way to help to destroy civilized society.
    Religion, how ever faulty the practitioners of it are, for the most part is concerned with ethical living, there are no ethics in socialism/fascism, only hot air of nothingness that makes those that profess it feel good, without an actual obligation to do any of the good. They find it sufficient that they tell others how to be good.

    Socialism, fascism and other piles of the excrement are just about read for the garbage dump of history.

  8. There are no debates during temper tantrums. They wouldn’t know a valid argument if it flashed on their (capitalist) phone forever.

    Witness this display of intellectual yet idiot “logic” from twit AOC.

    “It is just as politicized a maneuver to not impeach in the face of overwhelming evidence as it is to impeach w/o cause.”
    Congress swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. That includes impeachment.”
    We have a duty to preserve our institutions + uphold the rule of law.”


    What “overwhelming evidence,” not belief, is that? That Amash fool gives his “DOJ’s ten reasons” like they’re Luther’s theses.
    Neither provides a shred of actual evidence beyond their assertions, which are not facts at all, with no criminal referrals.
    So the Constitution includes impeachment; and rule of law? After all Bill Clinton was impeached and life went on. Orwellian.
    Except Bill did commit an impeachable offence (and was saved from much harsher treatment by Congressional Republicans).
    BTW AOC, impeaching Clinton was a political act because, as with Trump, there is zero chance of Senate conviction.

    What institutions are preserved where due process is jettisoned, where belief is evidence, where politics and the law are flipped?
    AOC, there is a law against stealing political donations. I understand there have been some questions on your conduct.
    You should be impeached because we have overwhelming belief, umm evidence you’re guilty. We must follow the rule of law.
    Our Constitution depends on it. When can you come by and turn yourself in? These PC totalitarian twits are mind boggling.

    I am being purposefully invalid, but DeMarxists actually believe this crap. Oh right, facts don’t matter, they’re morally correct.

    1. They wouldn’t know a valid argument if it flashed on their (capitalist) phone forever.

      Yeahhh!!! … but Al Gore invented the Internet they use to post “Likes” with their capitalist phones !!!! The gubment invented the Internet

      And just think of how Socialist and egalitarian APPLE has become. Think of all the PROFITS they’ve given away to the SPLC !!

      1. Socialism is not possible without prosperity via free enterprise aka capitalism for discontent over amplified expectations.
        Marxism came into vogue at a time when standards of living had exploded upwards from 1000 years of stagnation.
        The neo regents took up from where the imperialists supposedly were, autocratic, monopolistic and corrupt.
        43% of Americans by one poll think “favourably” of socialism. They haven’t a clue what socialism really is.
        It’s not compassion and fairness, it’s a reordering of society under the control of elites with citizens pigeon holed into class.
        Because it goes against human nature, coercion is the natural outcome, inevitably followed by totalitarian shared misery.
        Except for the ruling class, which is what socialism is ultimately about, party elites running the show for their benefit.
        If you’re not a socialist at 25 you haven’t got a heart, if you’re still a socialist at 35, you haven’t got a brain. Or it’s too late?
        The echos and millennials are about to find out the hard way as their parents cash in and out on kids’ wish to be directed.
        Just when they start making good money. They voted for the largesse, but mom and dad, with the bank closed, benefit.
        IOW they’re being played for suckers by old establishment and young radicals seeking total political power over them.