Desperately seeking truth part 1

Much of the energy debate at present is based around the risks associated with energy procurement systems; emissions from burning fossil fuels (FF) and radiation hazards linked to nuclear power. New renewables (wind, solar and wave power) are presented as a risk free alternative to FF and nuclear. However, what is systematically overlooked by renewables advocates are the risks associated for individuals or for society not having access to affordable energy when it is needed.

Energy and Man part 1

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  1. Boy, that picture perfectly describes the world that “environmentalists” want to take us back to. As Hobbes put it, when “the life of man [was] solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

  2. Unfortunately this is an easy problem for governments in rich countries to solve. Implement a means test and send the poor people cheques. In a way this is happening now in Ontario. If you have low house-hold income or you’re over 65 years of age you can qualify for up to $1,187 in tax credits. You just fill out a form and send it to Queens Park.

    My electricity bill was supposed to drop by up to 25% according to the Ontario Fair Hydro Plan. Well it didn’t. This is one reason I will never vote Liberal. Lot’s of promises and fancy web-sites but my taxes always go up and I don’t get anything meaningful for it.

  3. Also, I’m pretty sure that is a photo of my uncle camping in Kelowna with his girlfriend in 1978.

    1. ‘my uncle camping in Kelowna with his girlfriend’
      I thought the picture was proof of a direct descendant link to Sonny and Cher.

  4. My great great grand father converted his water wheel in his flour mill to electricity in Waterloo, Iowa in the early 1860’s. What this meant in that era was huge. He remained a director in this utility for decades. I am always blown away by the idea of such innovation. Does it surpass Elon Musk’s submarine? Yes!

  5. ‘Some of these voices have no regard for the well fare of Mankind and have vested interests making money for themselves out of the suffering of others.’
    Sounds a lot like a Phucking Lieberal.

  6. Any election I am ever going to vote in again, I will just pick the guy who wants destruction the fastest, and vote for him.

    Whomever will cause the most pain, to the most people, the fastest. Like Wynne did to Ontario. It is my job, for the rest of my life, to make sure Liberals always get what they deserve; good and hard.

  7. In a related story … Ted Kaczynski doesn’t regret murdering three people in his protest against energy, technology, and human success. In fact, he wishes that he killed more in the noble struggle to take mankind backward.

    The eco-left are perfectly aligned with Kacynski’s manifesto. And they’d surely mailbomb every “denier” on the planet … their spokespeople have already said so.

  8. Snpercard You at oh so right these Eco-Wackos want us living in caves and sacrificing a virgin or two to their their Nature god their Moon God or their Sun God