Oh, Shiny Prime Minister!

National Post;

Over the years, federal environmental assessments have measured everything from the number of endangered lynx near a proposed New Brunswick mine to the presence of dragonflies and butterflies at a British Columbia hydro site.


But under new federal legislation tabled in February, the scope of impact assessments is being broadened well beyond fauna, requiring project proponents to take into account “the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors.”


Part of the Liberal government’s embrace of gender-based analysis, the new provision has left environmental lawyers puzzled over how the provision will work if the bill becomes law.

It’s not designed to “work”. It’s designed not to work — until all the right palms are greased.

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  1. As one of the reader comments on the Post article said, please stop this world so I can get off.

    The Liberals are evil.

    1. “…one of the reader comments on the Post article said, please stop this world so I can get off. ”

      I say please make the world spin faster, and push Justin Castreau off.

    2. far too many evil people with time and government money on their hands. i don’t think there is anywhere left where one can escape the idiocy.

  2. Wanna build a bridge, just sign off on this summer jobs clause, ooops I mean enviro impact clause and go ahead. Oh, wait – you didn’t read the fine detail now did you? It says that you can’t build a bridge but must build a tranny bathroom here, and in the mall down the road, and in the tim horton’s 5 towns down, and in the gov’t building in winnipeg, and so on and so on.

    In short, it makes you shiny pony’s b&tch – get used to it.

    1. I think Frenchy77 is on the right track here. More importantly though, these things are appearing in all the Libs legislation. The purpose is to codify all the 57 genders, transexuals, minority quotas and such as part of and therefore accepted in Canadian law. Then when a new government attempts to remove the garbage, the Supremes will simply rule the removals to be violations of the Charter.

    1. Probably bunker themselves in their walled communities defended by armed security while waiting for the unwashed masses to attack wielding the only weapons they haven’t had confiscated….. garden implements.

      1. Walled communities? The Mongols chucked diseased dead bodies over the walls of cities & sat back & waited. A little walled compound is small potatoes. Poison their water supply, or just shut it off. They’ll run out of bottled stuff soon enough. They are outnumbered & they know it.

  3. Only Butts-approved projects need apply unless the proponent is from Quebec and only then with good LPC “relationships”.

  4. Well, there was that crap about “feminist glacier expert” a while ago. Its not going to get better.

    Or see: feminist bridge engineers, Florida…

  5. They won’t run out of money any time soon unless a hard recession shows up.
    The debt is racking up at 2 million per hour – 1 million in AB.
    The only hope is to change government and then get rid of this legislation.

  6. Presumably one of the requirements is to ensure that the numbers of masculine and feminine French words are equal in the translations.

  7. I am thinking about intersectionality of collapsed enviro mentally build bridge.

  8. Yet another government scam to add layers of bureaucratic parasites to private industry to suck the last vestiges of blood from the proverbial turnip as companies and citizens alike are forced to navigate the regulatory morass that has been metastasizing for the last 50 years or more. The accountants, the lawyers, the human resources platoons, the environmental monitors etc…and now the skin colour/gender police.

    **Some of these are necessary evils, such as accountants and lawyers and yes even environmental monitoring, but their numbers are swollen beyond all rational need as a result of overly burdensome and completely unnecessary regulatory growth.

  9. Meanwhile, the disruptor down south is going in the opposite regulatory direction, the cbc keeps telling us.

    who do you believe in, Barbie-Butt-Socks or The Donald?

  10. “It’s not designed to “work”. It’s designed not to work — until all the right palms are greased.”

    Precisely, exactly, 100% right on.

    This is made to be interpreted what ever one likes it or as the airhead in Ottawa is wont to say, it will work itself out.
    The current government does not operate as though there are real people in the rest of the country, to them it is just like in world of magic.

    As though, well, shit happens.

  11. from the natpost article – “…. collecting data in such a way that it can ensure that benefits of any of its decisions are equally distributed amongst various sectors of society,”
    collecting for collectivism. the only sane response is, “and the pony you rode in on!”

  12. This legislation would ensure that nothing substantial could be constructed in Canada, unless Liberals wanted it built. Forget pipelines, any large scale infrastructure project would be subjected to this absurdity. After consulting with “Elders” on the thickness of hair on Cariboo coats, (Traditional Knowledge) planners then would move onto gender identity analysis . Apart from make work for hundreds on Womens Studies Grads. what does this jargon even purport to do? It would mean whatever the government says, which no one today can even explain. Imagine what the rules would look like a few years down the road, when the correct precedents are established.

  13. First impression; this law means the only approvala for new construction in Canada will be in Quebec.

  14. I seem to recall that the engineering firm responsible for the recent pedestrian bridge collapse (FIU Florida) had bragged about their staff diversity and how their many female engineers brought unique ideas to the table

  15. Imagine the effect on the oil industry. No formation will produce anything unless the company produced documented proof that the oil or gas is gender-balanced (conforming to all the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ categories), that no organisms were or will be harmed during its formation, production, and end use (so no dead dinosaurs), and is completely halal.

    So ruleth PM Quantum Computing and the Goddess of Weather, Climate Barbie.

  16. It’s designed not to work for the Canadian economy…but it will be a political talking point when Canada tanks… “We are the good guys that look after all the collective” You have to hate Trump & the Americans for Canada’s economic failure….The capitalist system made Canada a shit-hole Country… loading up points of denial….

  17. Every little pronouncement, every little bit of incremental stupidity and you can see where this is going right…??

    Turning into a 5 Yr plan ala STALIN…where SFA gets built, done or finished ….Evah.
    And the sad and scary thing is….its PLANNED – Designed to do EXACTLY that.
    Global Gendered “Environmentalism” at work folks….and what Deplorable said…!

    1. I do not think we can impeach them, but they are really screwing Canada big time and deserve to be taken down.

  18. If the Conservatives can’t bring every Librano minister with a file relevant to critical infrastructure to the table, and make them explain what a “gender analysis” of a bridge or a pipeline actually means, and make them squirm out an explanation, and cross examine that explanation, then it’s time to burn every building in Ottawa right to the ground. Every single one.

  19. Today may be a good day to get involved in the Conservertive party of Canada.

    I recently renewed my membership. It’s a small step, but we do have to start somewhere.

    1. And here we see someone who is part of the problem; CANADA IS DEAD. Has been for a long time. Can’t be resurrected. Can’t be saved. Can’t be reformed.

  20. The Liberals are sickening. They are all about social engineering and catering to minority groups for the purpose of getting votes. Canadians should be disgusted. A few days ago I posted this link to an article which indicates that environmental assessments must now include aboriginal spiritual beliefs — and science is not to be given a priority in the decision making process. People who must implement this nonsense are rightly confused. Unfortunately some of this stupidity is below the radar for many Canadians.

    1. Groups do not respond to policies, only individuals do. Why must all individuals fit into some group and then be entitled to special favours bestowed upon them by the rest of us. Can we not have the “inclusive and democratic society” the Liberals pine for without class warfare?

  21. This may be a better article on the issue of having to consider Aboriginal traditional knowledge before going ahead with environmental decisions. It reminds me of the Michael Lewis Boomerang book which indicated that for one of the Aluminum smeltering plants in Iceland they had to do a special report to confirm that there were no “little people” (as in elfs!) living on the site. Well, now this nuttiness has come to Canada thanks to the Liberal government, Climate Barbie and Ken. Anyway, this article gives a good overview of what is at stake: http://theprovince.com/opinion/columnists/gunter-liberals-further-burden-pipeline-approvals-with-progressive-add-ons/wcm/10c8bf55-3f6a-4ef6-a136-b3727ff55d08

    1. Traditional Knowledge (TK) is as bogus as the little people. When I worked in the arctic I used to hear about little people. I asked some of the locals what they looked like. Nobody had actually seen one but they were convinced they were out there.
      TK is the same thing. Only a native knows what it is. If your not native you are incapable of understanding it……whatever ‘it’ is?? They tell us ‘it’ is the equivalent of modern science but they cannot explain ‘it’. Ok then…
      I think bongo and barbie understand ‘it’.

    1. When I was a kid, like many others I collected stamps and coins, it was a given, even then, that the biggest shithole countries would release the biggest and most garish stamps. Seems that idea has now reached into the coin world, I have watched as our debased currency adopts faddish often childish designs -the worst related to the Olympics. Currency conveys a lot about the issuing currency.

      Glow in the dark currency seems to match the current state of canaduh, childish and innumerate.

  22. It’s easy enough to follow the provisions of the ‘law’ falsify your data and bs it. No one is going to check the results.

  23. Kate … you were half-right … as it isn’t the palms that are getting greased. The “intersectionality” goes … uh … much deeper than that.

  24. This is in addition to having to ‘take indigenous ‘knowledge’ into account’, which is an assault on Canadian secularism.

    This might be a lot worse than palm-greasing. At least bribes are do-able. This is a descent into madness.

  25. let’s turn this LIEberal nonsense into some money making entertainment.
    I propose a betting pool to see when we reach 8,000 genders.
    winner also gets to add another one.