Canada Is Back, Baby!

BBC- How Canada became a car theft capital of the world

Early this summer, Interpol listed Canada among the top 10 worst countries for car thefts out of 137 in its database – a “remarkable” feat, said a spokesperson, considering the country only began integrating their data with the international police organisation in February.

Authorities say once these cars are stolen, they are either used to carry out other violent crimes, sold domestically to other unsuspecting Canadians, or shipped overseas to be resold.

Interpol says it has detected more than 1,500 cars around the world that have been stolen from Canada since February, and around 200 more continue to be identified each week, usually at ports in other countries.

13 Replies to “Canada Is Back, Baby!”

  1. First they said punishment is not a deterrent, now they say there’s not point in punishment at all. Surprised?

  2. … once these cars are stolen, they are either used to carry out other violent crimes …

    This is 100% true here in the Oakland CRIME zone … cameras and license plate readers are useless … because EVERY criminal uses a stolen car in their crimes.

    1. A viewing of the mugshots of those few apprehended by our incompetent police services would indicate they are of recent immigrant origin. Trudeau imports only the best.

  3. 90% of these vehicles leave Canada through the port of Montreal.

    A sleazy, mafia ridden, crime infested armpit.

    Or French, for short.

  4. Liberal voters want to see high crime rates because it means expanding government services, more social workers, more policing, more government drug dens, more people pretending to be educators, etc. etc…

  5. I came for the mountain air and all I got was this short, fat and stupid female finance minister.

  6. How big a cut does Justin get? Remember when we called them the Libranos? Were we wrong?