6 Replies to “Conspiracy Theory To Spoiler aAlert”

  1. Snopes is still around? I had a dial up modem last time I checked snopes.

    They should have stuck to checking lighthearted myths and interesting old rumors.
    Political fact checking? No thanks.

  2. What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and a spoiler alert again?

    1. About 3.873 milliseconds. The worst example of course being the lab leak “conspiracy theory”. Boy, they pushed real hard against that. Yet another reason to absolutely despise our mendacious media/government (joined at the hips).

  3. Who GAF about anything Snopes has to say? The type of idiots who give them any creedence at all will never be reached with logic or reason anyway.

  4. Snopes is political horse shit. Once I figured that out 20 years ago I quit using them. I can’t imagine anyone who would. I also use Wikipedia a lot less for the same reason although it appears somewhat less blatant.

  5. When is Snopes going to update the conspiracy theory that the diary was stolen to the more factual ‘diary was left behind when Ashley moved’? She did remember to take her laptop though.