17 Replies to “He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship”

  1. The transaction should be labeled: “Here’s a little bit of your own money back that we shouldn’t have taken in the first place.”

  2. Doing the government’s bidding isn’t exactly new territory for the Big Five so expect them to fold like cheap suits.

    1. Its pro wrestling. Central bankers run the government and the Big Five play good cop bad cop so people think they can vote harder and change things.

    2. Yes if freezing bank accounts at the governments behest was no problem for them than this should be piece of cake.

  3. “I feel that, as a client, we should have the right to label this the way we feel it should be labelled and it’s not up to the banks to decide.”

    Except the government of Canada isn’t the client here…

    And I’m sure that the banks are going to love the government capping fees.

  4. I’ve yet to receive any sort of CO2 rebate, but if/when I do, I’ll be buying more guns and ammo.

  5. It’s not their money it’s our money, the arrogance is beyond amazing. We are the client not the GD goberment.

  6. “carbon rebate”
    What does that even mean?
    “I delivered some carbon over to Trudeau and he’s rebating me back a nice hunk of that carbon.”

    1. “carbon rebate”
      Why should I be getting this? I don’t recall ever buying any “carbon”.

    2. The correct technical term is “carbon massed rebate”, but no one trusts himself to say it.

  7. Carbon rebate: I took more of your money than I was supposed to, and if you’re a good boy you get some of it back. Also I did the math on this so you just got to trust me.

  8. If these low lives can’t dicktate (sic) newspeak, the plebeians may think there is something amiss.
    Can’t have that.
    Dicktate (sic) it is.

    They take a lot, give some leftovers to the plebeians, gotta have the cut to give themselves a raise.
    Wonder if the majority population knows that or they are good with that.

    The convict that comes up with the newspeak should be made to face ridicule relentlessly and without end.
    And the idiot is happy to have him, avoids making the idiot look like an idiot.

  9. Canada is in the grip of a climate panic that is 100% a cover for socialism, concocted by Marxists, and from which escape is going to be a huge problem.

    Trudeau has deliberately crippled Canada, because he is FIRST a Marxist.