45 Replies to “The “W” Word”

  1. Sure.. Dodge bullets and bombs on my way to the back of the line.. But it’s more than that.. You mistreat a segment of your population.. Define mistreat?.. Is being a minority a mistreatment?.. Maybe in their eyes..

    Generally speaking people who are mistreated, real or imagined, are not falling off their chair to catch a bullet for the society that mistreats them.. They have an air of mistrust around them even if they are good soldiers..

    A paranoid military is not a good place to work.. Those who can take a pass, will..

    1. Agreed, but more than that, having a volunteer military means having a segment of society who strongly supports that society. “Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone” Canadians can do that. “You must D.I.E.” says “oh hail noh” to that.

  2. It wasn’t good long before this cracking down on white privilege (my ass).
    If life was fair…
    Being crucified for showing some leadership ability, just not an officer has dire consequences.
    This was way back in the middle of the 1980’s.
    What happens in training and on the field of battle should have stay where it is just a simulation.
    Blowing up the Commanding Officer and his driver with simulated grenade running this Combat Leadership Course even though he was from a different Battery… brought rumors of insubordinate charges and other nasty threats coming my way with other officers and non commissioned officers calling me by my first name was very creepy. Got my promotion but also took getting out at my 4 years before some really nasty accidents occured like marching into a wall to destroy your knees if you’re not doing it properly. How about pack drills so strenuous wanted to see sweat coming down the crack of my ass… just a couple examples.

  3. After seeing the way this country has gone in the last 40-plus years, I’m starting to feel shame that I wore a uniform, and carried a rifle to protect this insane,upside-down,commie-run ,clown world of a country.

    Today it seems the only good thing I got out of my service was the Canadian government taught me the skills to efficiently break things and kill people,if the need ever arises,lol

    1. I am quite happy that I was trained in the basics of how to do all sorts of things at government expense, back in the mists of time when I was a teenager. Also -very- happy that my little peek behind the curtain of Official Things revealed just how -amazingly- stupid officials are at all levels.

      When the teenager looks at how his regiment is being run, and by whom, and laughs? That’s not good. That was the 1970s. It is -far- worse now. Far worse. You’d have to be crazy to sign up now.

      1. The levels of stupid, carelessness and arrogance laid bare before me while serving drinks in the officer’s mess at Petawawa while waiting for my training platoon to form in the mid sixties were so far beyond my expectations, that it took weeks of repeated experience for me to come reluctantly to the opinion that the officer core was largely populated by yes men fools, with some seriously evil monsters thrown in. My patriotic fever was entirely quenched. I spent years in denial before I realized everything government touches becomes much the same.

    2. As time goes on, I’m agreeing with you more and more. I certainly gained a lot from my time in the forces, but I’m increasingly wondering what the hell it was all for as this country’s citizens line up to follow a cabal of crooks and clowns headlong into self destruction. As someone said, if it can’t go on like this, then it won’t. Unfortunately when it all implodes on itself a lot of good people will be hurt in the process.

    3. That you for your service. You (and Phantom) were part of a huge force for good.

      Today, I’m not sure what recruits are supposed to be a force for. Supporting suicide? Being overtly racist (treating people differently on the basis of birth and skin colour)? Promoting pedophilia? Castigating Christianity while supporting any tree…er…”loving” narcisistic pervert out there?

      Yup, this cannot last.

  4. Many western militaries have decided that they no long want the people who have a long history of service in the military, instead preferring to advertise to those who have no such history, and those who have no interest in tradition.

    Additionally, after 20+ years of war, with stupid levels of restrictions, many veterans who would otherwise recommend that their kids continue the tradition are saying “nope, do something else”

  5. Shut it down. Sell it off.

    Even if they did not participate in fake woke crap at all – recruiting would still be down.

    Canada is full of failure everywhere else – education, health care, religions, government, etc. etc.

    And Canadians are nasty and ignorant – they elected Justin Trudeau three times.

    Would you put your life on the line to defend these people and their failures?

  6. I’m not sure that’s the primary reason. They put tampons in a men’s bathroom and acted like this is a positive thing to do. So, the same people that hold your life in their hands make decisions like that.

    No thanks.

    1. They’re supposed to be really good for treating deep (or through) gunshot wounds. I wouldn’t know, though, just got it from a book.

    2. That pretty much encapsulates this mess. You want your leadership to at least be grounded in reality. When DND is agessively pushing LGBTQ ideology and all the crackpot wierdo stuff that goes with it AND persecuting anybody with a shread of connection to mainstream values you start to worry. You have a 4 star that turns around and backstabs the whole outfit as racist because it is trendy to do so, assuming the position for the likes of Trudeau. Pissing on the graves of those that have gone before. Nope, they wanted fewer white men, they got it. All those trannies and stronk whahmen and dual citizenship BIPOC not lining up to the recruitment centers? Not my problem anymore.

  7. Join forces for a regime that literally wants us to starve in the dark???
    Either now, or by 2030 or whatever?
    Defend a population that would send armed goons after folk for selling lawn darts or using a cigarette vending machine?
    Defend institutions that like to chop off the genitalia of our young?
    Defend institutions that like to parade our young before sexual deviants?
    …and so on.
    Not much worth defending, IMHO.

  8. Another article suggested that military cultural norms should be shifted with ideological education. “Structural forms of power and privilege,” it argued, should guide lessons on colonialism, racism, sexism, misogyny, ableism, and heteronormativity; discomfort — that is, demoralization — should be embraced in learning.

    Make no mistake … the military are demanding permission to frag their own troops … for the “sin” of the “W-word”

    1. White men? How about White people? If they’re shown at all, it’s either a mixed race couple or the token in a group. Tim’s is the worst offender. One would think White Canadians don’t eat donuts or drink coffee, let alone work there.

      1. Such as Tims black santa doffing a kwaanza sash? That alone should be reason for total boycotting. But, this is the Lieberal Democratic Peoples Republic of Kanada. Woke companies know Canadians will never learn.

        1. … “That alone should be reason for total boycotting…”

          Yes , but it can’t be alone the reason, because there’s that coffee. And the food.

      2. I think it’s a CPP promo that features a goofy looking white dude trying to assist a skilled black guy fixing a car. Of course, the true hero of the piece is a brown girl who fixes it all.
        It’s possible to ignore the worship of the POC, but I truly resent the constant denigration of white people. Of course, it offers a comforting feeling of false superiority for the woke mob.

  9. When I was in the army – drinking – I figured the only reason there were women was so that we wouldn’t have to leave the base to get laid.
    Nowadays if you got caught boning a blond on a barracks roof you’d get charged with rape.
    Probably can’t even get drunk anymore.

  10. ‘…open hostility to white men ‘ isn’t good for anybody in a free society. But that doesn’t stop them. The pathetic corporate and government pandering ever since the death of their thug Saint Floyd has been to say the least, revolting.

  11. Joined at 17, retired at 48. I wouldn’t go anywhere near the military nowadays if I were back at the age of 17. Canada isn’t worth fighting for anymore, especially as a white male.

    1. I was late to the game…joined at 26, retired at 50. Great career, wish I had joined earlier.

      But like others have said, if I were young again, today, thanks to the Turd, I wouldn’t even consider it.

  12. Whites make the world go round. Thought I’d say it before if becomes illegal if it isn’t already.
    There’s a knock on the door…be right back.

  13. Diversity is Strength. All those military age men coming here can serve the cause! Six weeks basic training, I believe. Then, to Victory!

  14. Funny how a beer company can recognize a branding Fk Up, fire the ditz in charge, and fight tooth and nail with big $$ to reverse the brand damage, but a national military can’t damn we’ll figure it out.


  15. a possible future scenario reminds me of the joke about Tonto and the Lone Ranger upon being surrounded by hostile savages, says Tonto to the white guy: “whaddayamean ‘we’?”

  16. Smart young white boys can recognize the State of Thuggery,unaided.
    For this State has been attacking young males for two generations.
    Serve the State of Thuggery?
    Where you have no rights nor freedoms?
    Where you are considered worth less than a girl.
    More unwanted than a “Dinnadonuttin”?
    Ritalin for you,if you have youth and energy?
    After Dear Leaders use of “A State of Emergency” no sane citizen will sign up.
    Can Ahh Duh.
    Done to perfection.
    And do not forget..all our “Military Leaders” were applauding the Ukrainian Nasty,right along all our “Political Leadership..
    This is what you would be signing up to “serve” under

  17. lm an SDA reader from long ago.
    l gotta admit the tag lines for some of these comment strings show a delightful mischievousness and a full understanding of the irony, hypocrisy, cultural, political norms etc. ralph makes a very good point. l lived thru the draft dodger era.
    l almost went the other direction, fini gr 13 with a 60 avg no money no plans no prospects. mebbe thumb a ride to detroit recruiting station. make it a hopeless situation to return boo hoo l only bought the one way ticket because l figured you would take me bla bla bla.
    well they would have seeing as previous summer l got accepted into the army student reserve. (ya there was such a thing. l suppose to let some late teens get a taste of army life leading to full time enlistment)
    but then, just before the end of that year grade 13, a rep from the technical school showed up taking about a computer called Honeywell 120.
    in a years time l was on my way to 15 years progressing to senior operator with a BSc in the subject.
    l do sometimes wonder what shape l wd have been in at the end of the tour.
    l dont think l wd have finished, late 1973 l was hit with the first of 3 extremely severe, and multiple many dozens lesser, OCD spells.

    thats what Howard Hughes had, unfortunately for him, a billionaire, relief in the form of a drug called anafralin or anafranil (cd never remember) really helped, me became available for a few bucks each.

    off topic @ this point
    but if you know someone who knows someone with OCD tell them there is hope.

    this MAiD thing is so dangerous l would have opted for it. but l got over it.

    1st time l dropped it the relief l described as having a 50 tonne weight lifted off; its still hovering just above but finally some breathing space.

    oddly enough one of my final dealings with the disease l did something of a John Nash. l wound up in a situation where there was no refuge from the triggers.
    when they started, l realized l needed to hand the situation over to my rational mind which came up with a very unique sol’n:
    give in.
    just let whatever images thought crop up just take it all in like a movie.
    wouldnt you know. it was like popping a balloon. the intensity and frequency dropped like a rock, the OCD that had been feeding on the energy exerted in my head fighting images of pus snot puke and shit, had no fuel source and sputtered.
    fighting it consisted a phenomenon kinda like constantly yelling at someone to not think of a orange rhinoceros. loud and incessantly.

    the OC’Demon’ as l nicknamed it had lost its strength.
    in 20+ years since, l had one slip up, backed away and took fluvoxamine abt 2 months to douse it early. it worked.

    OCD is like a raging forest fire in your head.

    1. Good to hear from you. Thanks for breaking it into managable chunks (we’ve had some others here who made everything into a single run-on sentence that was almost impossible to follow).

      Even in the darkest hour, even if you can’t see The One who loves you, you are known. And it would suck to never hear from you again, so keep on writing.

    1. We know.
      It serves our Progressive Comrades purposes that Can Ahh Duh be defenceless.
      Such treason is gradually being recognized,boy we Canadians are stupid,eventually retribution will be sought..
      Hence the current need to fall back to defendable borders with like minded citizens..

      Diversity in all its perversity needs time to die.
      On the bright side..have you ever observed the shooting skills of the Political Police that serve these parasites?
      The creatures the fools and bandits imagine they will use to replace the military..
      Circular Firing Squads come to mind.

    2. Sorry, Jamie, but I have to disagree. They don’t care about YOU, or what you care about, but there are some things that they DO care about. And if your life is made a living hell as a result, they’re OK with that. Because you, personally, are not something they care about.

      There will always be those outside of the system that agree with you though, so it shouldn’t be taken too harshly.

  18. I would be loathe to enlist and fight for the security of a population that would elect such a despicable clown as the Vapid Justin Trudeau. Three times no less.

  19. Hard work, low pay, treated like poop.

    There are lots of non government employers out there that will do that for you without having to “serve” for a locked in period of time.