17 Replies to “Embrace Hollywood!”

    1. Not a movie…

      But I’m watching ‘My Name is Earl’ now. Saw it before. Sadly on Disney Plus which I got for 2 bucks a month. The show was about 2005.

      Anyways. A dirtbag loser from the south wins a hundred grand, loses the ticket, decides he needs to turn his life around to earn good karma so his life will change, makes a list of everyone he ever did wrong and goes out to fix it. Ticket comes back to him after his first good deed and he sets out to become a better person.

      Earl did a bunch of dirt bag stuff and goes out to make amends. Everything I hate is in there…but done well, helpful and contribute to lessons.

      A gay guy is in the pilot…but you power through and he helps in later episodes, the southern sl@t that tricked him into marriage to take care of her illegitimate baby, black guy she cheated with, hot illegal immigrant Latina, daytime hooker Patty, his slow brother….all fun characters.

      And Earl just uses his $100,000 to stay in a fleabag, crime ridden hotel with his dim witted brother while he goes back to everyone on his list to make amends for things he did when he was a dirtbag…and often drunk. Surprisingly touching.

      And not a lot of shows on tv about people seeking personal redemption

      Ohhh. ‘Xena’

      1. “My Name is Earl” was one of my favourite shows at the time. Great story lines and scripts. Burt Reynolds and Norm MacDonald as Chubby and Little Chubby. Hoo boy!

        I’ve tried to find it to watch again but I’m not paying, and certainly not to Disney+.

        1. I’m really not a low brow humor kind of guy. Bit it was such a fun show. It made me laugh out loud, which is all I want from a show.

      2. I loved “My Name Is Earl”, Stateless.

        One of my favorite scenes that had me helpless with laughter was when Earl is running through the trailer park banging a garbage can lid and yelling “Bounty hunter! Bounty hunter!” Everyone dives into bushes, over fences, dumpsters, sheds, any sort of cover and within seconds, seemingly no-one is in the trailer park. It appears completely deserted. The subtext is that EVERYONE in the trailer park had an outstanding warrant.

        I think of that scene often enough now that the Mrs. and I have become “trailer park trash”, never mind that we are retired and snowbird in a RV park where $250,000 to $500,000 motorhomes are common and the cheapskates like us stay in 40-feet +/- 5th-wheels. Still, it cracks me up that we are now trailer park trash.

        Every now and then I am tempted to get a garbage can lid and run through the park banging the lid and yelling “Bounty hunter! Bounty hunter!” *sigh* Park management would NOT be amused.

        1. Hi. H.R.

          That’s funny. I can’t believe there are quarter million and half million dollar motorhomes! That’s insane.

          I was in the US for a while and interested in real estate. There was a guy named Lonny something. I tried to look him up, but I’m finishing Christmas beer early and couldn’t find him.

          Anyways, dude made a TON of money going around trailer parks. People who were desperate to leave would sell for a couple of thousand. Because you are in a trailer park and will take whatever cash offer you can get.

          He’d fix up the trailers. He’d sell them for $10,000 or so. Most of his clientelle wouldn’t have that cash on hand or have great credit, so he would create notes at 15% interest or whatever, spread over so many years.

          If they left, destroyed the place, it’s a $2000 trailer. And that wouldn’t happen often. Made a lot of money…

          Smart business plan too.

          Don’t know how it’d work with half a million dollar homes.
          We’ll see how the jabs work things out…

    1. Zulu….my favorite movie. In 1983 my late wife & I drove a day out of our way to visit Rorke’s Drift…and we had the place all to ourselves!

  1. And Disney executives can’t figure out why gender bending movies don’t sell well in the family market that Disney has owned for 70 years. I’m sure the shareholders will be figuring it out soon.

  2. Being forced fed heavy handed politics is propaganda.. Expecting the Brunt of the Joke to sit and enjoy the bad medicine is even more propaganda..

    Im 100% sure Im computer modeled.. Convicted in absentia.. They simply don’t need me anymore.. I could learn to code but I will end up working for them.. I can’t think of a worse fate than modeling myself in a unflattering way..

  3. Make a good movie and it will get picked apart because everybody loves a car crash.. It’s what social media is for..
    Your two hour movie creates a billion hours of internet content.. Chum the waters and cry that everybody is surfing on your corpse..

    Dirty Laundry ~ Don Henley

    Really, if you want to be adored don’t make sitting duck car crash movies.. Appeasing insane people is not going to work.. Too black, too white, not gay enough, women women what about the Chinese, you have just insulted 1.4 billion of them.. Grow some balls and embrace the art..