8 Replies to “The Problem With Universities”

  1. The question isn’t “Can we…”, the question is “Should we…” when they are failing in their primary purpose, and it’s getting worse every year

  2. None of my friends or acquaintances went to university and yet became CAs like my brother, head nurses like my mother and sister, owners of companies as one who does all the electrical work at Pearson as a master electrician or senior management as I did. Almost all our American friends and family went to university yet we knew far more of American history, forget world history, than they did. My American sister in-law freely admitted we knew far more than she as a grad from California. My sister went to McGill in her later career and did very well in the nursing career she had.

    1. Similar to a covid vaccination certificate, my University degree made it easy for me to get a Visa and work in the US and around the world. The IT skills I was valued for were not developed in University.

  3. No we can’t save the shallow hateful halls of Academia but we can defund it from receiving tax dollars. If they want to indoctrinate students with hateful ideology they can fund it themselves.

  4. The polls have Biden and Trudeau looking at the end of their political power.

    The Polls do no ask the leading question: Do you support a political party influenced by a voting base that includes and is influenced by terrorist group funders and supporters?

    In Canada Hamas and Khalistan separatists could be mentioned by names.

    The polls in Canada in support of CPC are being influenced as a reaction the ground swell support for Palestine by the University power complex. At the very least no Jew with should be comfortable with Trudeaus dog whistle “maximum restraint.” in Gaza in support of Hamas.

    The poll analysis attributes the run away from the Liberals as a reaction to their failed climate change tax.