37 Replies to “Justin’s Governor General”

    1. Spiked orange juice?
      Natural orange juice was a whopping 16$ a glass!
      Spiked must be at least double that.

      1. On one of the GG bills that was released, a litre of OJ for her plane was over $1k, but that will never get any traction

  1. Disgraceful! What a flagrant waste! Imagine all the good things this money could have been used for!

    Like another handout to our whorish press.

  2. She has to be either a former journalist or a person of first nation ancestry. Nothing else could explain that kind of insensitive entitlement. Ok. She could be a Liberal.

    1. Correct on all counts. She has lived a luxurious lifestyle for many decades by drawing deeply from the taxpayer trough.

    2. trying to beat Adrian Clarkson , who BTW is still on the taxpayers dime to the tune of more than a million a year

      1. All former GGs get a generous pension for life and funding for their “Former Governor-General’s” office expenses. Which is why the minimum age to qualify for the appointment should be at least eighty.

  3. Unbelievable level of corruption. Where do Liberals keep finding these totally incompetent female governors general who abuse their office financially? I’m guessing Liberal Party membership rolls. The one I thought would be incompetent like the rest was the black French CBC chick but she turned out to be pretty good.

      1. Worse, Canadians would elect Trudeau as President, making him Head of State as well as head of government.

  4. I find it highly repulsive listening to the common people complaining about these expenditures. It’s as if you think we’re entitled to keep the money we are paid for our labour. This money belongs to the elite of canada. I feel blessed that they allow us to keep some of it for food and shelter.

    Can you even imagine how hard it must be for our owners? Knowing they are the chosen ones and having to endure the constant wailing of mere slaves who they graciously allow to exist.

  5. The GG is the monarch’s representative IN Canada. If there is any representation to be made overseas it’s the UK royals’ job. There is never any reason for the GG to go abroad, except maybe to the UK monarch’s funeral or Coronation. … I wonder who will get first dibs on the $6000 per night suite in London come this May for Charles’ do.

  6. I’ve come to the conclusion that Trudy and his regime consider themselves royalty and we the peasants shall pay for their lavish lifestyle and if we mewl out in outrage we’re deemed “Haters” and will be dealt with. She makes my skin crawl, she lives like a British Royal and we pick up the tab, we can’t afford food but she lives like a Princess.

  7. Former CBC employee and professor of a language spoken by dozens and read by none until around the time the Leafs last won the Cup. This country is a bad joke.

  8. A real country would limit what the governor-general spent altogether.

    But Canada is not a real country.

    1. But Canada is not a real country.

      You took the words out of my mouth! Funny how you all hated me when I said it though.

        1. the flesh-eating bacteria

          It was federalist bacteria.

          Say it with me, “Canada is not a real country”.

          Merci beaucoup.

          1. Lucy
            Your gonna have to come up with something a little more original. “Canada is not a real country” was worn out on SDA years ago.

      1. Come now, I hated you long before you said that. If anything, I rather warmed up to you when you said it.

  9. As maddening as this story is, it is utterly insignificant on the waste and corruption scales in comparison to the daily squandering, influence pedaling, and sleaze that occurs in Ottawa and our provincial capitols.