The Year That Was

Dave Barry- Year in Review: Wait, wasn’t 2021 supposed to be better than 2020?

Anyway, our point is not that 2021 was massively better than 2020. Our point is that at least it was different. A variant, so to speak. And like any year, it had both highs and lows. No, we take that back. It was pretty much all lows, as we will see when we review the key events of 2021, starting in…

6 Replies to “The Year That Was”

  1. Of course 2021 was better than 2020. Didn’t America finally get a proper president again? Wasn’t Canada made soooo much safer with all those “vaccine passports”?

    And isn’t tomorrow the golden anniversary of the most wonderful thing that happened to this country? Should we not rejoice at our having been blessed with his presence for so long?

    And….. [enter cane from off-stage right and pulling writer off] (“Biff!” “Stomp!” “Ow!”)

    1. Yes, 2020 had a 20 gram chocolate ration. For 2021, Great Leader increased the chocolate ration to 16 grams! Long live Great Leader! (/1984)

  2. Our politicians diving into the same Rabbit hole each and every time only makes matters worse.
    After two years of Pandemic scare mongering….
    They burned out all the Nurses and Hospital Staff.
    Adding restrictive breathing apparatus only made worse a failed system.

    Politicians response…let’s build more hospitals with small limited beds for our current massive population.
    Oh but it’ll be different this time.
    100% HORSESHIT!

  3. It soon will be 2022 and I gots to gets my government goo.
    It will be double plus good.
    For you.
    2021 was the year of disbelief,coming on the heels of The International year of Lying,that was 2020.

    2022 is the year of retribution.
    The maniacs have spent a full two years running around with their hair on fire.
    Where do they get the energy?
    The first Nazties were apparently State Speed freaks.
    And where did they get the hair?
    Two years of mass hysteria and complete histrionics is amazing.
    Time to seize the hysterics by the throat and slap them back to their senses.
    Well except for Liberals and NDP types,they had no sense to recover.
    Banishment is the only civil option left.
    However banishing large numbers of parasites from civil society will just result in roving bands molesting the outposts..
    So the “humane” solution will be to use those “Safety Camps” they have been building,as protective custody for our helpers.
    What were they trying to save?
    Never did get a good answer on that.
    We are stripped of the illusions concerning any rights and freedoms that an individual might have had in Canada.
    We now know the naked truth.
    Never had none,that any bureaucrat could not take away,citing an “emergency”.
    Naturally everyday is an emergency,if your power depends upon it being so.

    We know who they are and we now know what their enablers value.
    Any society based on 2021s values is dead on Arrival.
    Delusions of Adequacy,our idea of “good government”..

    For the good of the Nation,or the health of the State..means?
    Death to the individual.
    Hail the Herd.
    At least as demonstrated by our current “Leaders”.