22 Replies to “An Idea Whose Time Has Come”

    1. Re: Women who are unable to use the menstrual cup … I’ve not been able to reach my wife’s cervix either … but I don’t complain about my “white disadvantage”.

  1. Most of that packaging is 100% recyclable. It is cardboard, PET and PETG.
    It is the actual sodium acetate that goes into the landfill to become other salts of sodium. Green, in other words.
    So the article is totally misguided, or is it politically motivated to transgender everyone?
    Well, of course, everyone stands to make shit tons of $$ from the promotion of sex changes.
    Nothing in the politics is political, always financial. Look for the cash trail and you will find the interested parties. Then deal with them.

    As of lately, companies like Monsanto/Bayer decided that the free, natural procreation of humans has to be stopped, since they could profit from sterilizing people and then taxing them for every fertilization. They have successfully implemented that for plants, by virtually eliminating naturally fertile species from the agriculture. Now they came for humans and everyone just winks.

    1. Whether the applicator is cardboard or plastic depends on the brand.
      Still, this makes me glad I’m past that age. Geez.

  2. The article notes that reusable period products are available, but not all women will use them. This is all the fault of men, of course.

  3. This reminds me of the joke about the man using the womens bathroom. He did not notice the sign advising of the automatic tampax remover. What could possibly go wrong????

  4. This demonizing the use of recyclable cotton and cardboard is just a tactic.

    It’s underlying strategy is to label being a woman as a problem of “toxic femininity” It follows from labeling the male of the species as a problem of “toxic masculinity”.

    It’s part of a larger argument, to a label the human species as “toxic humanity”.

    The cancer/greenhouse gasser, the killer of Mother Earth! Save her. Thus “Into the volcano with them!”
    The conclusion to the argument is: the solution is Nihilism, * to end humanity!

    Below replacement birth rates post 1971, marriage/motherhood was successfully labeled toxic(oppressive) by Marxist/feminists.

    * (but “only for thee, not for me!” This only applies to European/Western Civilization. Militarily much too strong to conquer, but if they can be convinced to commit suicide… Then the 3rd world imperialists easily take over. Prof. Samuel Huntington “The Clash of Civilizations” is confirmed. History is still in process.)

  5. Turn off your TVs
    Cancel your TV cable/satellite subscriptions
    Cancel your McLean’s, G&M, TorStar, etc etc etc subscriptions
    Stop listening to CBC, CTV or Bell owned radio stations
    Avoid Internet sites of the above.

    Support independent journalism & blogs which promote critical thinking & honest unbiased debates.
    Vote #PPC

    1. I’m there, Ray. I can’t boycott ’em any harder than 100%.

      That’s why I value Small Dead Animals. Kate keeps an eye on their antics and I don’t have to give them any traffic.

    2. I have to watch Fox News.
      The Five
      Hannity is too hard to take even though I agree with what he says.
      Most of the early morining people.
      Many of the rest .. Wallace, Cavuto are Liberals. avoid the week-end line-up. … Go play outside …

  6. 400 pounds over a lifetime doesn’t seem like an excessive amount of resource usage. These people who think and write about these sorts of things are morons.

    1. Considering that the average north American probably shits a pound or two every day … I’d say the tampons are not the main problem.

      And what do all those empties weigh?

      How about the big green bags of garbage going out every week. What does they cumulatively, weigh?

      Then there’s China … what do all those dog and cat carcasses weigh after they have had all meat eaten by those little yellow assholes.

      Asking for a friend.

  7. It’s nice to know that while we are staring down the barrel of a possible pandemic that the usual idiots are working hard to ban plastic grocery bags so that they can spread diseases with filthy reusable cloth grocery bags.

    If nothing else this possible pandemic might get people to understand how dangerous these idiots really are.