24 Replies to “There Goes The Narrative!”

    1. To mangle a line from that famous poem by Clement Clark Moore:

      “The ‘victims’ were nestled all snug in their beds
      While visions of dollar signs danced in their heads.”

    1. You really are a pedantic idiot. He’s defacing a monument to a black civil rights leader. Who cares what he wrote?

  1. no no no no no.
    it was all on purpose.
    following the footsteps of one j smollett.
    see how that works?
    . . . . . whall shyt . . . . . mebbe it IS jessie . . . . . . .
    see how THAT works?
    godamned privileged n words.

  2. The self-righteous left is smug in their calling out of racism anywhere and everywhere except their own racism of low expectations evident when blacks are given a free ride and granted a monopoly for using the N word as well as affirmative action.

  3. Surprising that he is described as a black man. I would have expected his description to be “a very well tanned white man”!
    Like when you’re Hispanic but stand accused of shooting a “protected” thug. I.e. “white Hispanic”.

  4. But he identifies as White.
    can’t you see that,such racist discrimination to refuse to acknowledge his white supremety.
    Well maybe he identifies as a man ,but one never knows anymore.
    What happened,after a month of hiding his identity,the media lets it out?
    What were they thinking?
    They had a whole month to bleach bit his online profile and bleach him into a White African American.
    Remember these are the same tools who brought you the “White Hispanic”

  5. “But he identifies as White.”

    Okay John. I never thought of that. But maybe the more politically correct term would be non Non-white!

    You know, sort of like the Rachel Dolezal thing in reverse…. ?

  6. We need to keep statistics on the number of FAKE “Hate Crimes” -vs- REAL “Hate Crimes”. I expect there are far more FAKE than REAL hc’s

    1. Always remember “Truth is not a defense” according to the Progressive mantra. Alternatively “The ends justify the means” is.

      This is not a war where logic and truth wins.

    2. Kenji, I suspect there are lots more hate crimes committed that are never reported as such because they don’t follow the “correct” narrative.

  7. The police will be sued for releasing this.

    Peoplekind with a badge in Philly, expect some problems of your own creation this summer.

    1. Let us not forget that Europeans did not generally enslave people. They bought slaves from Arab Muslims or other Africans. And let us not forget that European serfdom had much in common with slavery. Whoever owned the land owned the people. The stupidity of reparations is that the descendants of a minimum of 360,222 Union soldiers who died freeing the slaves would have to pay despite paying with their lives. At any one time 2 percent of Americans owned slaves and ancestors of more than half the US population arrived after slavery ended. There were also black and Indian slave owners. Making genetically innocent white people pay based on the guilt of a couple percent based on race is stupid.

      1. Meh.
        Those who had family members killed or crippled in the fight to free the slaves must be paid.
        If descendants of slaves are owed,then they must owe their for-fathers rescuers..
        And who sacrafised more?
        Time to dust off the Liberia model.
        Any who demand or take reparation payments must leave the USA.
        Obviously they must be RETURNED to their native home..
        Fairness insists on it.