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  1. It’s PAST time and theTurd himself is the best example: 3x jabbed and he still got the Wuhan virus.

    1. Hah, I would bet money that TurdHole didn’t even get his skin pierced. A nurse reviewed the video and pointed out why no injections were given.

      1. @MikeT: I know 🙂 He’s a liar, I never believe him. But the story goes that TheOne never lies, right? Anyway, in real world there are others with 3x jabs + had covid. For ex Massai Ujiri. I also have friends/relatives with 2x or even 3x who had Covid after. Some of them, again/for 2nd time. So it’s the biggest BS ever. They are pushing something that doesn’t work. And I think they double down on this crap to cover the fact that they were and are clueless. Worst case they gonna say that all doctor/’experts’ recommended this route, ‘Your Honor I’m innocent!’

        1. DanC, I have 4 friends (a family) 3x jabbed, they recovered from the coof last week. Another half dozen or so 2x, they’ve all had it, as well. Daughter’s friend, 2x jabbed, had it back in October, got the booster afterwards, 3 weeks ago she contracted it again.

          Safe went out the window a long time ago. Effective? Yeah, not so much.

  2. As much fun as Blaming Canada is, I don’t think I can listen to the South Park magnum opus in good faith these days. Canadians standing up for freedom? Getting results? Ya’ll have yourselves a congratulatory drink. Trucker Canada is best Canada, the best Canada in the land. When you’re done in Ottawa, come south.

  3. It’s time to uncover the fact that the mRNA “vaccines” are an abject failure and are killing people. I’m all for REAL vaccines….the mRNA are NOT vaccines and that has been known (and covered up) for many months.

    As noted by the U.S. Navy in a document released by Project Veritas:

    “The gene-encoded, or “mRNA” vaccines WORK POORLY BECAUSE THEY ARE SYNTHETIC REPLICATIONS OF THE ALREADY-SYNTHETIC SARSr-Cov-WIV spike proteins and possess no other epitopes. The mRNA instructs the cells to produce synthetic copies of the SARSr-Cov-WIV synthetic spike protein directly into the bloodstream, wherein they spread and produce the same ACE2 immune storm that the recombinant vaccine does. MANY DOCTORS IN THE COUNTRY HAVE IDENTIFIED THAT THE SYMPTOMS OF VACCINE REACTIONS MIRROR THE SYMPTOMS OF THE DISEASE, WHICH CORROBORATES WITH THE SIMILAR SYNTHETIC NATURE AND FUNCTION OF THE RESPECTIVE SPIKE PROTEINS. The vaccine recipient has no defense against the bloodstream entry, but their nose protects them from the recombinant spike protein quasispecies during “natural infection” (better termed as aerosolized inoculation).

    Furthermore, the EcoHealth proposal states that a “vaccine approach lacks sufficient epitope coverage to protect against quasispecies of coronavirus”. Consequently they were trying to make vaccines work by “targeted immune boosting via vaccine inoculators using chimeric polyvalent recombinant spike proteins”. THE NATURE OF USING A SPIKE QUASISPECIES MAY EXPLAIN THE UNUSUAL (AND POTENTIALLY DETRIMENTAL) ANTIBODY RESPONSE AMONGST THE VACCINATED TO THE NEW COVID VARIANTS. FUNDAMENTALLY, THE KNOWLEDGE THE PROPOSAL PROVIDE SIGNALS THAT THE RISK OF ANTIBODY DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT (ADE) FROM VACCINATION SHOULD BE EVALUATED WITH HIGH PRIORITY, ON TOP OF THE REALITY THAT SINGLE-EPITOPE VACCINES WILL HAVE LITTLE EFFECTS AGAINST SARSR-COV-WIV, AS INDICATED IN THE PROPOSAL.

    “The mechanism to improve the SARSr-CoV-WIV spike protein (other than direct engineering) is to challenge it against animals that have spike protein-only antibodies. The attenuated virus will either die or adapt its form to neutralize the spike protein-only antibodies. The intent was to perform this task against humanized mice and then “batified” mice. Instead it was done with the world’s population.”

    1. I don’t know that they are a complete failure. They do have some effect.
      At the time, two years ago, when it appeared that this was a real threat to a large number of people, the mRNA research that had been going on for years looked like the best hope.

      COVID is a corona virus. There are many other diseases caused by this family of virus. The thing they have in common is that being a single-strand RNA virus, with nothing to stabilize the RNA strand, there are many, many transcription errors in copying as the virus replicates. Mostly, this is good, because the mutations are mostly not viable. However, just like the infinite number of monkeys on their typewriters, they occasionally produce a gem – a variant that is viable, and different enough to avoid defenses the hosts (us) have built up against the parent version.

      We have seen this with the flu. You get flu, become immune to it, until the next year when a new mutation comes around and you get it again. All corona viruses work like this, which is why the traditional dead/weakened virus vaccines are only of any help against the current version of the virus.

      mRNA research was looking at creating a vaccine not against a specific corona virus, but against some fundamental, and common to all variants, part of the virus, so immunity would work against all mutations.

      It was a good try. But too early in the research, needs a lot more, and may turn out not to be a good path at all, but it was all they had at the time to try to fight off the presumed deadly disease.

      Now, it turns out to be less effective than hoped. It doesn’t stop spread, it doesn’t provide herd immunity.
      It may well be worth it for older people, because the little bit of protection it does give can be the difference between nasty and fatal. For everyone else? Probably not.

      Side effects? Probably. Looks like significantly more than most other vaccines, but we don’t really have proper information because governments lie. Trying to generate statistics from a bunch of lies leads to garbage answers.

      1. “I don’t know that they are a complete failure. They do have some effect.”

        Yeah. They kill people. And just wait for the long terms effects to kick in.

        1. The long term effects can already be seen…in SPADES.

          This shit was to me Purposely Designed such that it would lead to an Immune disorder whereby this dbl – triple+ Vaxxed end up requiring BOOSTER SHOTS for life….

          To Juxtapose:
          PFIZER NET PROFIT 2021: ~ 35 Billion Net Profit

          This is and always was a planned psyop designed to steer the planet’s population to seek their “freedom”. Via getting vaxxed.

          They have been had, as Big PHarma will pick up 50-60 Billion Annually for decades.

          My opinion…and it seems to me Dr David Martin Nailed it with his ~ 4000 patents on ” corona viruses”….since 1990. (Take note that one CANNOT Patent a naturally occurring organism).

          My take…and in time you will see I am right. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE $$$$$$$

      2. Doctors were actually starting to say a better protection against corona for children would be an annual flu shot.

  4. Now it’s time for an assessment of how many actually died of Covid, how many died in nursing homes due to neglect, the deaths attributed to delayed or suspended treatment for a host of ailments such as cancer, the number of destroyed businesses, the loss of jobs and wealth, etc – in short all the costs of these tyrannical impositions and,of course, the benefit.

    The end is nigh, Moe, and for all you rotten politicians, bureaucrats, health officials, and so called judges.

    1. AND the number who have died because of the “vaccines” themselves. It is time to tear Pfizer, et al apart.

    2. I’m in sync with the Weinsteins on this, the data and its collection have been hopelessly tainted. There is no way to rewind and get the real data. The best hope is a small country, with a universal healthcare system that keeps electronic records, like Israel. Unfortunately, they succumbed to pressure too.

  5. Sounds to me like him and all his ilk are still treating the population like a herd of cattle.

  6. Remember the real enemy…….even if we win and do everything said above it is will only be a set back to the goal. They are not stopping ever!

    1. Bug eyed, Doug?

      Oh, he’s on the line with Castreau asking him what he needs to make the “occupation” end, while asking for more money for a provincial daycare programme that will cost us all more in taxes.

      Sucking up like a good little leftist boy that he is

    2. In his dugout, hiding like a good little liberal tool.

    1. Yeah, Prinz Dummkopf. After all, Tiananmen Square was such a wonderful success, wasn’t it? The U. N. will make you a member of the big kids’ club after that, won’t it?

    2. Viva Frei on the ground, still live as of 13:15 Sask time. Other bloggers still going and report cell coverage is still OK.

    3. Does Ottawa even have the jail capacity to keep these people?

      This looks desperate considering mandates are being dropped almost everywhere in the US and in Europe.

    4. Remember this when the RCMP in Alberta ramp up the ads to keep them and not a AB police force.

  7. I went into the local lottery kiosk yesterday, I know the girl who works there quite well– a morbidly obese liberal. Well she starts lecturing me on the evil trucker protest, I told her I support them 100 percent. She lost her noodle and started screaming “I just want people to mind their forking business and leave me alone” ah Dah dimwit that’s basically what they are protesting freedom of conscience and medical treatment. She couldn’t articulate why she was so angry, another product of slime stream media. She had her three obligatory shots, and ended up in hospital with covid last month. Vaccine mandates serve one purpose, the government can trace our every move for profit and data. I will never comply-never.

    1. Did you tell her you and the truckers agree and dropping the mandates and onerous rules is how we get there?

      1. I tried to, in between her telling me that she just wants to be left alone while demanding the rest of us get vaccinated and live behind a plexiglass enclosure masked.

  8. Cell and internet down in Ottawa. They are making their move. Pray and good luck, hold the line.

    I hope they have a good anti-coraling plan.

    1. I’m in Ottawa and as you can see, my internet works fine. So does my cell.

    2. YouTube livestreams are up
      Tireroaster Garage
      Vidstrom just finished
      Viva Frei is live in Ottawa with 28K watching

  9. What are you waiting for Moe? Just do it. Admit you and every other politician was compromised or blackmailed by the WHO/WEF/CCP and come clean with what we all know – the plandemic was never about our health or any virus. It was always about the experimental injection and using the masses as lab experiments and rush the world towards the Great Reset. Your Great Reset has turned into The Great Awakening.

  10. Thank you premier Moe.

    It’s past time is right.
    It’s a fact now, you can get the jab and still contract and pread covid.
    I also feel these jabs are causing these variants.
    It should be the individuals choice weather you take the jab or not.
    As to the safety of the jab, when you have insurance companies saying their death claims are up over 40% from last year, I’m going to say they certainly are not safe.

  11. What about all the fines that are before the courts? What about the people that lost their jobs because of this? I know someone who lost their job yesterday because of the mandates. Like they didn’t know this was coming? Fired them anyway? Really?
    Will there be justice for them?

  12. Okay fine, but whatabout stopping lockdowns, and mask mandates? Unless I missed that.

    This was a victory to be sure, but the fight isn’t over yet. Lets keep up the pressure.

  13. It’s too bad he didn’t pull the bandaid off right away but I think this is just to give branch covidians time to escape their trance and grieve. It’ll probably be the same way everywhere. You can’t just remove the security blanket from these psychotic people all at once or they’ll need to be committed.

  14. It’s the right thing to do Scott. To bad it took thousands of trucks, millions of protesters and a shitload of bad international publicity to bring you around to doing the right thing, at the time of your choosing of course. We still love you though.

    1. But certainly will still glady see you in jail, for sure – a nicer jail that Turdo but still off you go.

      You had the leadership, you had the responsibility, and still you illegally enforced illegal and deeply immoral acts.

      You’ll at least get your day in a fair court, which is a hell of a lot more than you allowed for us.


    Here’s my benchmark for being impressed:

    1. An admission of error, preferably including the word “egregious”.
    2. Some basics on why the egregious error occurred.
    3. A brief lesson on moral philosophy explaining that the mandates and passports were immoral.
    4. An assurance that these UNPRECEDENTED restrictions will never be repeated when the next virus is ready.

    His bullshit is marketed as some kind or GIFT to the public.
    Moe, law-giver, gift-gifter.

    Sorry Kate. You said to one commenter that you know something that he didn’t. What you knew my friend was of no import.

    1. Point 4 will never happen if those who implemented and authorised this do NOT go to jail.

      If they do not go to jail then I guarantee that we will see the likes of this BS again and very soon, I don’t think we’ll make it out of 2022 without more draconian BS unless the turdeau clan (includes premieres) are in the clink.

  16. I get up from the bar and walk to the restroom no mask…
    Hey Cowboy! wheres your mask?
    OOPS…me bad.
    An hour later..
    I get up from the bar and walk to the restroom no mask…

    mischief is fun

    Havent punted me yet
    Besides… my money is good alot of places

  17. Meanwhile over the weekend this happened on a global Zoom call.


    As far as the new rules are coming out and the mandates are being rescinded it couldn’t be that the window of opportunity to shut down the world economy is closing fast.

    I would advise everybody to listen to these lawyers. Understand that this is a grassroots movement and suffers some technical difficulties but stay with it.

  18. Comrade Moe is stalling.
    Damn that Dread Covid Virus is so smart,it knows how to turn itself off and on at set places and times..
    Moe is an idiot,by this limpwristed middle ground,he pleases no one and looks an utter fool.
    And he is the “best of the bunch”,which only inclines me to demand a full scale cull.
    These politicians are terrified of admitting the obvious,which ain’t gonna save ’em.
    This is their opportunity to apologize and start cleaning up..But most are too stupid to see what will follow.
    Government “HELP” has caused us far more harm than a real pandemic would have.
    We know this for we have the Spanish Flu to compare.
    All such “help” must be banned.
    An accounting must be forced.
    Let us see the 2019 Disaster Plan,the breakdown of government actions,expenses and evidence of this Pandemic..
    They claimed “Its an emergency”,a pandemic..
    Two years and still awaiting evidence to support these claims.
    Retribution is a bitch.

  19. Via Insty:

    Follow the science:

    Go to the CDC gov website and type “Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonheathcare Settings – Personal Protective and Environmental Measures”. A report by that name will come up that outlines the findings of “14 randomized controlled trials” of nonpharmaceutical masks and hand hygiene. The report says the trials “did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory confirmed influenza. The science HAS NOT changed. The liars have decided to quit lying. A little.

  20. This comment could be filed under What I did on my winter holidays:
    I haven’t provided many comments here lately because I fell and broke my hip on November 26th. It turns out that on top of the many health issues I face, my bones are weak from osteoporosis and when my bone density was tested I had only about 70% of the bone density I should have for a man my age. I spent the next 7 weeks and 2 days as a guest of the government of Saskatchewan at 3 of their health care facilities. Normally some old guy’s health issues would be of zero interest for the average reader except in the current context of covid some here might find some of this worthy of a look, especially after what Premier Scott Moe said about covid the other day.
    After an x-ray at a local hospital that confirmed I had broken my hip and the insertion of an IV to deliver pain relief and a catheter I was sent by ambulance to Royal University Hospital for surgery. Laying there I couldn’t help wonder what was in store for me. I hadn’t taken any of the jabs offered for the covid and while I knew there was no danger for my own health my concerns were more for what my wife and family were going to have to deal with. In my mind I pictured myself confined to the farthest corner of some ancient wing of the hospital being treated by nurses in full hazmat suits. Like so much of the covid narrative the reality was I was treated the same as everyone else on the pre-op and recovery wards. There simply aren’t enough beds available to segregate on the basis of vaccine status. About 6 of us were scheduled for orthopaedic surgery that Monday AM and we all ended up back on the same recovery ward. In recovery I found out there are others who haven’t taken the jab. We didn’t get much sleep one night because one guy hollered at the nurses throughout the night to stay away from his bed. He was convinced the nurses were going to inject the ‘vaccine’ into him while he was sleeping. After about a week at RUH I had to vacate the bed since they needed the bed for the next round of operations. All the covid cancellations of last year has put extra pressure on a place that was already busy before covid.
    I spent the next 2 and a half weeks back at the local hospital. There they thought I could receive better help with the Physio & Occupational Therapy from a geriatric rehabilitation unit in the city so back to the city I went. That was going well enough until the facility experienced an outbreak of covid. Six weeks to the day I first entered a Saskatchewan hospital and after countless tests for covid, all negative, I tested positive for covid. In less than an hour, even before the results of the more accurate lab test had come back, my wife who was visiting me was told she had to leave the facility and 3 posters were taped to my room’s closed door in bold red letters about the dangers contained therein. The only thing missing was police tape and a uniformed guard at the door. I knew a positive test for covid earns you a 5 day lock up for a fully vaccinated person and 10 days lock up for an unvaccinated person (recently changed to 5 days for both) and I knew the Physio and Occupational Therapies were over and done so I asked the charge nurse if I could serve at least part of my ten-day sentence at home. Not a chance was her reply. I told her that considering my room was directly over a furnace and the temperature was approaching 100 above with the door closed I likely wouldn’t live 10 days. She thought that was really funny and laughed just a little too much but about a half an hour later she brought me a handle for the window so I could open and close the window to control the room temperature. Other than checking my vitals twice/day temperature, blood pressure and lungs it’s not encouraging to have to report there is still no protocol for those who contract covid. The patient is required to lie there shut in their room with no contact from family and if you don’t die from that, you get to live. I guess the covid I had was asymptomatic because I was never sick. I never did find out how many in the facility who tested positive had 2 jabs and the booster, but I served my 10 days shut inside the room and early Monday AM after a total of 7 weeks and 2 days my holidays were ending. My family came to pick me up and take me home. We had been home about 2 hours when someone from the faculty we had just escaped from phoned to inform us that the facility was moving to level 2 lockdown instead of the inhumane level 3 lockdown (her words) and a PT would now be allowed to enter my room. “Oh”, she said, likely looking down at her paper, “I see your husband checked out this AM”. “Yes” my wife said, “you could have saved your breath”
    Looking back at all this I must say I have no complaints about the care I received at any of the facilities. Despite all the politics, the rank & file health care worker continues to do their job, The nurses and aids are trained to help a patient who is flat on his or her back and that is what they continue to do. It might surprise the health authorities that, yes there are a lot of stressed-out unhappy workers right now but the majority of workers are like people everywhere; they just wish the covid bs would end.
    I met some very good dedicated health care workers and doctors. There is a post surgery waiting period of 2 weeks to get the jab so of course my family who are all jabbed wanted me to take the jab so passport in hand, I could join with them at the local coffee shop. I told one doctor that I wanted the Johnson & Johnson shot because that way only one jab would be required to achieve full vaccination status. He came back a bit later and told me, “3 shots are better than 1 and besides, it appears that the Johnson & Johnson shot has some blood clotting issues”. When he noticed I was smiling, he realized the contradiction of a doctor questioning one of the ‘safe and effective’ jabs and quickly changed the subject. When I discussed the issue with another doctor, he humorously stated that because he had had a busy week, he hadn’t read the latest memos so he wasn’t sure what he was required to believe that week. Humour is good because usually when people start making jokes about an important issue, it’s a safe bet that issue has lost its importance. Since getting home another change has occurred. If you have had covid like me there is an 8 week wait time to receive any jab. At the rate things are moving I may have access to that local coffee shop yet without the jab and sooner than I once thought possible.

    1. Dear Nold,
      That was some ordeal that you went through. Glad to see that you’re on the mend. Sending you get well wishes.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Take Care.

  21. If you can read this, thank a teacher.
    If you can read this in English, thank a veteran.
    If “The New World Order” has been fought back to lurking in the shadows, thank a trucker.

  22. Kenney moves even faster than Moe. Keep on honking in the free world! No vaccine passports as of tonight. No cuck masks for kids as of the 14th and then everyone else on the 1st. Too slow for me but better than nothing.

    BC announces their craptastic plan tomorrow I believe.

  23. I hope I’m wrong but I think too many of you are dangerously naive.

    Moe removed mask mandates once then reneged by re implementing them when his Liberal puppet masters leaned on him. These restrictions won’t be lifted or in the unlikely event they are lifted, they will be re imposed upon on us in short order.