Unfiltered is bad!

Viva Frei has noticed a new term being used by the legacy media: “misinformation limits”. Basically, it describes a growing trend whereby citizen journalists bypass the obsolete media entirely and share information without a “filter”, i.e. without first making sure that it does not offend the narrative promoted by sufficiently woke elites.

Viva’s original tweet is here.

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    1. Good to see CTV echoing the selling points of our Finance Minister.
      When you have no logical arguments, simply invoke the name of Trump.
      80% of Canadians (ok, I am making that % up) will immediately and compliantly recoil in disgust at whatever you want them to, and dismiss whatever logic they may have once possessed.

      1. First timer,
        Re. 80% of Canadians (ok, I am making that % up). Did you not know that 68.7% of all statistics are made up?

    1. *

      “Members of the Freedom Convoy will be made an example of…
      regardless of whether or not they departed peacefully.”

      Ah, yes… ‘the Beria principle.’


  1. Nice of W5 CTV Liberalvision to admit it’s their job to Propagandize for their Masters.

    600 Million taxpayers dollars buys a lot of Propaganda

  2. I call them the simplest thing I can think of that is accurate: propagandists. They are propagandists of Blue Church theology. BTW free men to my north – why don’t you embargo these people that don’t respect you? Ottawa hates you? Why bother delivering food or repairing their infrastructure?

    1. Hajj…

      That is EXACTLY what the Physical Class should do to the Virtual cabal.

      Toilet broken..?? Tough shit asshole, use a bucket.
      Furnace Broken..?? Tough Shit asshole use your fireplace or freeze, I could care less.

      Every trade should give them … ALL, a 1 finger salute….and Truckers should Avoid Ottawa like the Plague.

      1. OK; but it’s not like everyone (Trudeau bootlickers) puts an ‘I Love CBC’ banner in their front window; how is a trades person supposed to distinguish?
        There were a LOT of Ottawa citizens who came out to support the truckers. Viva Frei had many of them on his street interviews.
        I’m not suggesting that the Liberal supporters don’t need a swift kick, but it somehow should be precision aimed. How do they live differently than working class people. Cutting off their Starbucks fixes maybe… 😉
        Ottawa public transportation, garbage collection, etc…

        1. Easy. Every tradesperson answering a phone should use the following template, “We’re having a great day at Joe’s Plumbing. Fuck Trudeau! How may I help you?” The caller’s reaction will immediately give them away as someone worthy of helping or not.

  3. “The Daily Mail is the best news source for stuff like this because they have the least restraint and just publish all the info, and rumours. Footage of the killings. Fake news. Everything.
    Broadsheet journalists are always concerned with carefully steering us, the dumb rabble, towards what they believe we should believe.
    So, the Mail is the choice of adults who think they can handle the responsibility of getting all the info, possibly fake info.”

    – by a left-wing commentator on a UK reddit site

        1. Why the Fk would we do a General strike on a day that the Entire Northern Hemisphere is off for a Long Weekend…??? What brilliant brain trust put that up..??

          Let’s try Mar 15th…gives everyone time to digest what our NAZI Govt has done and ramp up the and Wii guess of the populace to take another….long weekend along with massive protests

          1. Bruh’s…musta had a brain fart over that last part of my above post…lol.

            (The boss was yacking at me at the time…something about how the hell can we have gnocchi without some vino..??)

    1. The press of Italy is free, freer than the press of any other country, so long as it supports the regime. – Benito Mussolini

  4. I have posted this many times before and its always been po poed. Well I hate to say I told you so BUT. Its now glaringly obvious.
    The biggest terrorists organisation in Canada is the government of Canada.
    Liars Thieves Killers Extorsionists Bullies and Cowards.

  5. Canadian journalists must be the dumbest govt lackeys on the face of the planet. Even the hacks of the NYT are shocked at their slavish devotion to the state.

    For example, Carol Off took issue with the NYT saying police were pointing guns at protestors by claiming that they were only pointing guns at empty vehicles …

    Think about that comment and how deeply stupid it is.

    1. chip and MikeT, what you say is true but insufficient. There’s not enough attention paid to how the new electronic media has ruined journalism. For journalists, electronic media means attracting attention via the most outrageous or scandalous headlines and statements possible. Mistakes don’t matter, as electronic media allows errors to be wiped out or canceled. You can’t cancel something out in print or from old-style video tape.

      So, sensationalism rules. Research doesn’t much matter; it’s about page clicks. Reporters are rewarded by audience measured by page clicks. Of course, Carol Off can make ridiculous statements; there are no rewards or punishments for what used to be bad behavior for journalists. That’s why Rose Barton still has a job at CBC.

      No, Mike, it’s not just about money. It’s about attention and appearing to shape public opinion.

    2. She’s been off her head for many years. If she had watched the video clips she would seen a trucker getting out of the vehicle at machine gun point. What’s her advantage in lying ? CBC, CBC, CBC.

  6. A few months after I started work at a Sask Crown Corp, I was confronted by 2 co-workers who were unhappy wìth my work ethic. In the ensuing conversation they all but said I was making them look lazy. Isn’t that why legacy media is angry at new media – new media is making legacy media look both lazy and exposing how legacy media are government lackies? I’m sure that is quite embarrassing for legacy media to admit they have neither integrity nor principles. They’re paid by Trudeau to punch down instead of speaking truth to power.

    ” At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

    P.J. O’Rourke, Give War a Chance: Eyewitness Accounts of Mankind’s Struggle Against Tyranny, Injustice, and Alcohol-Free Beer

    1. just because they repeat government press releases uncritically, doesn’t mean that they are lazy… they just know who pays them

      1. Yep. At this point, legacy media should just credit Trudeau and the PMO at the bottom of their stories where they usually credit Reuters or CP.

  7. The legacy media are jealous because they’ve already cornered the market on disinformation on behalf of their Liberal paymasters.

    1. “Misinformation” … “limits” ??? Whaaaaaat!? “Limits”? Ohhhhhh … I see … the State mouthpiece media are allowed to spew “official misinformation” … and thereby squelch all TRUE information.

  8. LOL open honest reporting is the single biggest threat to MSM -who’ve become the liberal party’s spoke’s persons. I’d be scared to, the public absolutely detests the MSM being purchased by liberals using tax payer’s money.

    1. Der Sturmer, Pravda, Isvestia = CBC, CTV & CanWest Global…curating captured minds for their globalist masters.

      The primary reason I cut the cable into my home…

      Who would voluntarily pump that mind sewage into your home?

      One of the reasons I enjoy Viva Frei (David Freiheit [last name = german for Freedom]) and his discussions on Viva Barnes.


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group “True North”

  9. I laughed when I saw the tweet was from CTV. As Viva Frei’s live stream yesterday documented from start to finish the police use of a flash bang on a totally peaceful crowd so that the just arrived on the scene CTV news crew could get some footage of an angry and agitated crowd. Once they got their footage they left and everything return to a peaceful and totally unthreatening crowd of protestors.

    Because that’s how the MSM works.

    Should also check out the Afghan vet at the 1:46 mark in the Viva Frie Saturday livestream describing how he was arrested beaten and brutally treated by the police. Sounded like the RCMP swat (ERT) people. They were doing most of the unprovoked and very deliberate police violence yesterday. And the ones with the loaded M4’s just behind the main police line make sure everyone could see them.

  10. I wonder. Watching any livestream on Friday I could not help but think this was an extremely well planned logistical police operation. For the first time in a month someone seemed to have the smarts to compete with the convoy organizers. Police units from all over the place, transported, housed and fed, uniformly and well equipped in uniform and riot gear. Able to mount a containment day and night. Clearly well led in terms of knowing the strategy being implemented with efficient individual level communication and so on. They had made sure they had sufficient strength in numbers, training and equipment to deal with any level of resistance.
    Now I wonder how far back was this planned? Specifically did they ignore the unfortunate Chief Sloly’s pleas so as to put it all in place until Trudeau and Chrystia Gulagland could invoke the emergencies act? Then they could be sure to carry it out before parliament could debate the Act. Aside; I wonder how well it would have gone without Gulagland’s criminal financial tyranny which forced the big rigs out.

  11. It takes time to call in the UN and get those uniforms.

    Parliament seems to be Kabuki.

    Obama excelled in the manufactured crisis.

  12. The first thing a good manipulator does is convince his target that others are all liars.

    Then every time someone tries to help the target, the target says they are liars, that he/she is not being manipulated.

    That is how strange religious sects operate.

    That is how narcissistic psychopaths operate.

    and that is how the left and their media operate.

    They have convinced more than half the planet that anything and everything a non liberal says is a conspiracy theory or false information.

    Every time you show proof that the media has lied, the target tells you that you are the liar, and they know because the media told them so.

    Just like the person manipulated to give all his money to a strange religious cult screams at his friends and family that THEY are the liars and that he knows that because the cult has told him.

    Talking to a leftist who trusts in the main stream media is like talking to someone who is part of a strange religious cult; their brain has been turned to mush…facts and logic slide off of them like butter in a hot teflon pan…the more solid your evidence, the more angry they are at you, the more they call you a liar, the more they believe those who manipulate them.

    The main stream media is the biggest brainwashing machine this planet has ever seen, the damage they are doing is immense.

    The main stream media are the enemy of truth, thus are the enemy of the people.

    And right now liberal leaders such as Trudeau and Biden are silencing anyone that can prove the media are propaganda machines or anyone that has evidence leftists are doing evil things .

    Things are getting worse, and fast.

    And leftists and their media will not stop until there is nothing left to destroy.

    It is in their DNA. they cannot stop.

  13. Mercedes Stephenson and Carol Off are disputing reports of reporters who were actually there.
    The Canadian whore media was ordered out of the area by the RCMP before they started beating up people so how would either of them know what happened?

  14. Do it right back to them, but locally.
    Bring it up in conversation, use the same tactic.
    We are conditioned to believe the first thing we hear.
    Bombard people with the message that every word out of the MSM is a lie, and prove it to them.
    There are mountains of examples.
    Ask them where the CBC coverage of the Mohawk woman being trampled is.

    Give it to them day and night and be slightly contemptuous of anyone who does believe anything in the MSM.
    We’re all herd animals, use every trick in the book.
    Mockery works wonders.
    And shame them for being dumb enough to believe the MSM lies.

    If someone sends you anything with a link to an MSM story then respond to them by jokingly, or not jokingly, questioning their intelligence.
    Trudeau and his media are using psych/op techniques, we can use them as well.
    The MSM is hugely vulnerable to this because they are so full of shit.

    Explain to them that Trudeau has to demonize the protesters as evil so that when his goons start the beat downs the public will accept it. The goons can’t beat up nice people, the public has to be convinced that only the ‘bad people’ are being assaulted and crippled.
    Explain that process to them.

  15. George Floyd’s death was played on a loop, is that the filter they’re talking about?

    1. Garth.
      Excellent link..!!

      The Physicals and the Virtuals.
      Yep, I had a neighbour a while back, most definitely a Virtual. Tgey had taken a perfectly good Garden Bench out for trash pick up…I noticed it and being one that when I had a garage, loved to renovate -reinvigorate Furniture and other items.

      So went n knocked on the door asking… his wife who answered, if I could take it..? Her reply was something, with a resignating note in her voice “yes you may, my husband isn’t very “handy”.

      No kidding…one wonders how that family woulda survived a 1000 or even 100 yrs ago.

  16. Let’s stop calling them the mainstream media or the legacy media. They are the obsolete media as Dennis says. Without financial aid extorted from the taxpayer to prop up CBC, CTV, Global, City, G&M, Torstar and every Postmedia city daily, they would be bankrupt. No thinking person watches/reads what they spew and now at last some people are finally waking up and seeing them for what they are; far-left propagandists.

  17. EXACTLY! This is why I prefer to get my news from SDA, where the information filter conforms to my preconceived biases, not those of the elite legacy media.