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Our Betters At Work

On “equity” and race-hustling in San Francisco’s public high schools:

A preference for academic rigour and admission by ability is “racist,” you see. Please update your files and lifestyles accordingly. Note that the board decision was “unanimous,” while the views of local parents – those directly affected – were somewhat more complicated and deemed “divisive.” Note too the implication that the feelings of those who work hard and show ability should be trumped by the feelings of those who do neither.

Oh, there’s more.

Trust Me, I’m An Educational Bureaucrat

Behold the new and thrilling “equity” policies in San Diego schools:

The practices being confronted – i.e., excluded from consideration in academic grading – include “turning work in on time” and “classroom behaviour.” Abandoning such standards is, we learn, an “accountability measure.” On grounds that acknowledging tardiness, unreliability and a lack of diligence results in “racial imbalance,” which, in the land of the bedlamites, simply won’t do.

Oh, and then there’s the problematic issue of disparities in cheating.

Clippings From Elsewhere

But posing and posturing have become a mass phenomenon, the tattooing of our time. Of nothing is this more true than contemporary Woke morality. Whereas not long ago young people of the middle classes sought to express their sympathy for the lower and supposedly oppressed orders by imitating their tattoos and way of dress, imitation being the highest form of empathy available to egotists, they now express the same desire by making Wokeness the touchstone of their morality. They think they are rebelling when, of course, they are conforming. They do not realise that it is more difficult, and more courageous, to contradict a friend than to criticise a society.

Theodore Dalrymple on pretentious guilt and moral grandiosity.

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