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  1. Sun says – LILLEY: Byelection results give Trudeau a reason to worry

    National Post has slightly different twist – John Ivison: Liberals get clashing election messages while best chance to win majority passes by and “The hawks around Trudeau are urging him to force an election for good reason – the auspices for electoral success diminish in the new year” One can only hope.

    1. Thanks for the link.
      Both columns discuss the electoral prospects.
      However one of the columns frames their discourse as one where its a bad thing if liberals lose elections.
      It’s a reflection of the company some journalists keep.

      1. It would be funny if the unthinkable happened and Trump won New York and she was forced to vote for him. She might not survive the ordeal.

    1. A friend of mine was up somewhere in the NE United States, Massachusetts I think, and crashed a local Trump event. She texted me photos of many happy, smiling people. The juxtaposition with (p)antifa specifically and marxists in general tells a story.

  2. The Liberal Party’s Toronto Star explains that China’s ambassador to Canada should not be expelled. Also its Harper’s fault we have bad relations with China. And the Liberal Party’s iPolitics website has Rev. Michael Coren explain that Christian fanatics are running rampant in the Ford government.

  3. And now your Islam Death Cult news for today. The Liberal Party’s Globe and Mail reports that seven people were injured from a knife attack in a French church. One woman was beheaded in the church by a member of the religion of peace.

    1. Why do people in western civilizations keep voting to have our own countrymen terrorized and beheaded?

      1. Part of it is the foolish notion that if we love them “enough”, they’ll change their ways and become friends.

        Sadly, much of the church thinks that way. I’ve heard that one of my undergrad roommates is a member of a congregation that can’t import enough of them.

        So much for the New Testament doctrine of loving our neighbours as ourselves.

      2. Leftists or marxists, “liberals” is no longer the correct attribution, view the world as they want it to be. Conservatives view the world as it actually is. Dealing in reality is the only way to resolve issues which leads us to all the Dim cities that haven’t seen Republican governance since, in some cases, the 1950s.

  4. The Liberal Party’s Globe and Mail reports that Chinese Canadian groups are celebrating China fighting Canada and its allies during the Korean War.

    1. They were just copies, but I am sure that Biden’s protectors wanted to know what was in them. We know the FBI has almost certainly leaked them the laptop contents, but this is new and they need to be prepared for whatever comes out.

  5. I fully expected a “run” on USA markets before the Nov.3rd vote. A massive downturn hurts Trump. One might ask how that could be co-ordinated? The first thing I noticed yesterday was how light the volumes were. A significant selloff could easily be manufactured by leveraged short sellers. The ‘approved’ rationale was Covid spread, EPS concerns for 2021 and elevated tech valuations.

    One has to ask themselves who is most threatened by a Trump re-election? The list is extensive. Globally China, Russia and Germany. Trump’s tough foreign trade policy particularly threatens Germany as their export economy drifts into recession. The EU teeters on collapse. Progressives, not just in the USA, but globally are threatened. It was progressives who championed globalization even tho it hurt most of their constituencies. Favored companies and the politicians who paved the way benefited financially. Trump challenges all of this.

    Media and the social networks like Twitter, Google and FB are all threatened by a Trump re-election. The social networks are actively censoring information that support a Trump re-election. The irony is that a Biden POTUS will eventually suffer the same manipulation as Trump is experiencing.

  6. I am one of those anti-social people sho is seriously annoyed by mandatory masks. Presumably, a driving factor was a Lancet research piece commissioned by the WHO. Looks like the piece was seriously flawed:
    Yes it is still referenced regularly– such as by the “anti-mask people are anti-social” article that someone posted a link to yesterday.
    It aldo appears that Lancet is disinterested in the outcome of the major Danish study — one of the few to scientigically study the effectiveness of masks– 6000 people including a control group. https://www.transcend.org/tms/2020/10/the-suppressed-danish-mask-study/
    Like so much else in this “panddmic”, mask wearing is bring politically driven. It is not scientific.

    1. It’s anti-scientific. When contrary results are ignored and hidden, it’s not scientific but becomes more like a religious belief.

      Year-over-year death rates per week in BC don’t show a huge change. Flu season mortality from Sweden over the last 150 or so years show a flu that’s the worst in 10 years, but still within the top 10% of low disease loss years. I’m increasingly of the opinion that this is the next step in the Green’s plan to de-industrialize.

      1. Speaking of contrary results that are routinely and soundly ignored, masks are worn nearly universally in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc and they are far and away doing to best job keeping the virus under control,

        As for the Danish Study, since you guys so thoroughly understand the science of masks, I would be very interested to know how they figured out whether the people wearing masks who got sick and didn’t know it, spread the disease further or not. Much of the basis of mask mandates is that people who are sick are contagious and don’t know it for a few days before they get symptoms.

        Also there could be any number of reasons for questioning the results, such as there wasn’t a statistically significant effect because they didn’t see enough cases, this happened in a previous study of masks. I think that they should release the study, because at this point they have just created a situation where people can make up anything they want about it.

        1. Fauci once published a paper about the 1918 Spanish flu and noted in the conclusions that most people didn’t die from the flu, but from the induced pneumonia from being forced to wear masks. So which is it – masks good, or masks bad, Often Wrong Fauci?

          1. As SDA readers may know, I am no fan of mandatory masks or Dr. Fauci but a quick search yielded this from the NIH:

            “The weight of evidence we examined from both historical and modern analyses of the 1918 influenza pandemic favors a scenario in which viral damage followed by bacterial pneumonia led to the vast majority of deaths,” says co-author NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. “In essence, the virus landed the first blow while bacteria delivered the knockout punch.”

            There is NO mention of masks by Fauci. One can argue that wearing masks helped deliver the “knockout punch” by providing a bacterial soup, ready for respiratory invasion, but that was not what Fauci concluded.

        2. If Japan, etc. are doing the best job of keeping the virus under control, there is no reason to conclude it is related to masks. I think overall population health factors are way more significant, and these are often ignored. Blacks in the US do poorly because they have poor health — overweight, diabetes, etc. And of course, elderly and sick. Northern Italy had a very high population of old people– more so than other areas of Italy. We are putting too much emphasis on lockdowns and masks, neither of which have been proven to be effective. Plus masks only protect against coughing and spitting– which asymptomatic people are not doing.
          In other places where they are doing well, it is related to treatment protocols. (eg. Dominican Republic). Intervectin is found to be effective. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0166354220302011
          It is not being used in developed countries. And, of course not being advertised as an effective treatment. In the West, we have a very narrow set of responses to disease.

          1. Jeezuz tooly assholes. About 46,500,000 people died world wide before 11 am today and maybe a million of those for the last ten months died with, repeat with , not of cov2. We are regressing and I don’t think we are going to survive, as our level of stupid increases the chance of our survival decreases. . How long this will take is anyone’s guess but I doubt we have 100 years left at this rate. Maybe back to the stone age with two or three hundred million people on the planet. The seven plus billion who will die will sure stink the place up for a few years, but hey, we won’t be around.

          2. vowg, we’ll have a better idea where we are headed on November 4th. A conflagration is on the horizon, IMO.

        3. “…the people wearing masks who got sick and didn’t know it…”

          If people who wore masks got sick and they don’t know it, how do you know they got sick?
          And how do the masks that failed to prevent them getting sick prevent them spreading the sickness they don’t know they have even though you know they got sick.

    2. I was reminded once again that the sole cause of the virus is logic and reason. Eradicate those, and there’ll be no more plague.

      I was about to get onto a WestJet plane when the agent asked if I had a mask. When I replied that I did, she demanded that I show it to her. (Uh, how am I going to board without one?) When I gave a less than joyous response as I reached into my pocket, she starts giving me the “if you don’t want to fly with us blah blah blah” lecture. (Really? Was that necessary? I do as you requested, but not enthusiastically, and I’m getting a lecture in return?) That’s what I get for not obeying instantly and without question like the mindless robot I’m expected to be.

      That whole song and dance was completely irrelevant. If I said I didn’t have a mask, I can’t get on the plane. If I said I did, but lied about it, I still can’t board unless I conjure one out of thin air or can produce evidence that I’m exempt.

      Can anyone explain the rationale behind that, because I sure can’t figure it out.

      I guess I can safely say that WestJet is now as bad as Air Canada.

      1. Since Westjet went from a publicly traded company to private ownership, the PR emanating from WJ has been terrible. We flew it all the time, avoiding AC, but our last WJ trip was less than ideal, there has been a perceptible change.

        1. Much of the blame lies with the boss Ed Sims. He’s an idiot, exemplified by his stating that there’ll be zero tolerance for any talk of Wexit. Then came the equally brainless “if you choose not to wear a mask, you choose not to fly with us” statement.

          In-flight service is pathetic. The phony plague was used an excuse to cut back on that.

          Maybe the boss of Onex, which now owns WestJet, Mr. Heather “Tee hee hee, Trump is a tyrant, tee hee hee” Reisman, otherwise known as Gerry Schwartz, will change things.

          What saddens me is that WestJet used to be a nice airline to fly, but this goes back a long time ago to when its TV ads included the line that the staff were themselves WestJet owners because they had shares. They were proud when I let them know that I was a shareholder myself. However, several years ago, the attitude changed and now it’s a case of “Up yours, mate–if you, as a shareholder, don’t like our service, sell your shares”.

      2. Since this “scamdemic” started with the closedown on March 16, I have noticed all of the petty bureaucrats are in love with their newfound powers and have become major “bossyboots”!
        I put up with some of the nonsense because I need to buy groceries, medicine and do some other shopping. I try to avoid certain stores in which I have been treated very badly by staff.
        There will be a reckoning!

        1. That’s an interesting phenomenon. Ordinary bureaucrats and minions become tyrants when given a little but of authority. I believe that contributed greatly to the Nazi success in Germany. People are not thinking about the broad evil they are contributing to. They simply enjoy increased status (no matter how petty) that lets them think they have power over others. Behind this of course is their own feelings of powerlessness. I am sure someone must have studied this phenomenon– either historically or psychologically. If not, someone should.

          1. Linda L, l recommend the book DREAMS AND DELUSIONS – The drama of German history” – by Fritz Stern.
            He asks the question as to how could such a well educated people could be deluded/seduced into following such an anti-social dip stick like Adolph Hitler for so many years and end up in such a mess. And Stern follows the path right from 1933 to post war Germany.
            An interesting point he makes is that he singles out the elite of the nation that could have stopped the deception at the beginning. But they didn’t say anything until away too late.

            Actually it is very much like Canada being deluded about the leadership of Pierre Trudeau.
            Nobody would have voted for him if the news media had done their job and told people what he believed in to begin with. Pierre thought 1930s state corporatism was the answer to running 1980s Canada and he liked the way Mussolini combined the Church and State into one big jackboot over the people. Man owe man, he had a sick and twisted mind.


          2. rockyt:

            Considering how much the voting public was enthralled by PET due to the Trudeaumania hype, I doubt if telling it like it was would have had any effect. I remember how lots of my high school classmates were ga-ga over him, particularly the girls. They saw what they wanted to see. Actual reality would never have persuaded them to think otherwise.

            And that was in NE B. C. Imagine what it must have been like elsewhere in the country.

    3. And the only way to COMBAT this NAZI BS is to say…NO.
      I have not worn one for over 3 weeks now, I go about my daily activities just like any other day. Anyone asks – which rarely happens, I tell em: “I’m Exempt”

      I have yet to run into some Drone Karen or Corey..but am prepared for that eventuality.

      One has to keep in mind the following:

      Masks have been mandatory in Calgary-Edmonton for some 3+ months, both Cities have been Blanketed with Lexan & Saran Wrap with CONSTANT Sanitization being performed EVERYWHERE on EVERYTHING anyone might come into contact with..!!
      ….and now there is an increase in “cases”..?

      (and all based on a BS test that was never designed to be used to indicate Viral load – nor nail down that YES, you are in fact INFECTED with COVID19.)

      Comon, tell me this isn’t 100% Political.

      1. Has been from the get go steakman. In fact it is all about Trump and no one else. That our criminal politicians are on the band wagon is not encouraging. Just ask how many think a mask can stop a virus? If it could stop the whu who flu virus you would not be able to breathe through it.

      2. Masks have been mandatory in Calgary-Edmonton for some 3+ months, both Cities have been Blanketed with Lexan & Saran Wrap with CONSTANT Sanitization being performed EVERYWHERE on EVERYTHING anyone might come into contact with..!!
        ….and now there is an increase in “cases”..?

        Edmonton’s clampdown was because of a survey conducted by Donnie Dumbass Iveson and the silly council. The survey claimed that people felt “unsafe” taking the bus or the train, so to increase Edmonton Transit revenues, the rest of the city has to suffer. As for those surveyed, I suspect it’s a case of, to borrow the phrase from the movie Casablanca, “the usual suspects”.

        Now here’s a twist. After Donnie Bike Lane issued his edict nearly 3 months ago, all the public drinking fountains in the Edmonton International Airport have been buried under plastic wrap. Go to the airport in Calgary, though, and I can get a drink of water any time.

        Go figure.

    4. LindaL, just ask someone how a mask, any mask, can stop a virus that can only be seen through an electron microscope. The answer, it cannot now or ever. The science is conclusive. As I said months ago, nothing short of a level four bio-hazard set up can stop a virus. People with far more info than I have say the same thing. Now how do you grab the average CTV, CBC watcher by throat and convince him or her otherwise?. Paranoia and stupidity are a very dangerous combination when there are more of them than us.

  7. Did anybody listen to Minister of Everything, Chrystia Freeland speak about *choke* Government spending yesterday? As a retired Speech Pathologist I’m guessing they are giving her sessions on how not to talk to people like they are in kindergarten. I naturally tune into her attempts to shift intonation and rhythms in her speech patterns. So far it’s not going well. She says each word slowly and distinctly in a monotone with tiny pauses between words. This short speech sample is not enough to evaluate, but she. sounds. like. a. robot. It might be more odd than the ‘lecturing and hectoring’ effect of her normal speaking. This may be a transitional period as she learns to talk pretty. They have stepped up her physical appearance a great deal. I kind of hope she gets stuck in her android phase of speaking to the peasants. It’s the first amusing moment I’ve had from her since she clawed her way to the top. Can’t change the inner power hungry four letter word that starts with ‘N’.

    1. Many (All?) of Justin’s crew are the epitome of the Peter Principle. They’ve risen to their highest level of incompetence. These are people who would be barely competent to be on a village council, yet here they are, as national cabinet ministers.
      Maybe she speaks slowly, because she’s got trucker’s mouth? Her halting speech has always been annoying, as you say, perhaps her arrogance is showing through, treating the population like 5 year olds. Mind you, Liberal voters are like that, aren’t they?
      And Freeland’s background to qualify for Finance? Hmmmm, still looking. Progressive politics, the only qualification is genitalia and feelings

      1. And Freeland’s background to qualify for Finance?

        She knows how to spend money?

  8. Trump’s economy roaring along at over 33% in the third quarter, while Angry Adolf’s economy is crawling along. But don’t worry, he has promised us all sorts of Green jobs. And Blacklock reports that Peking Tam has removed all references to masks in her annual report.

    1. And yesterday the DOW took a 900 point dump. Why? All the media “experts” claimed it was due to COVID fears in Europe. I disagree. It was pre-election jitters … jitters that Trump will not win re-election. I expect another dump prior to Tuesday.

      And a massive rise after Trump’s landslide re-election

      1. Corporate America aren’t afraid he will lose. They’re afraid he will win—and that their investments in fascism with Oriental characteristics will go to zero.

        Do you think Jack and Zuck will be the last globalist corporate swine to be fitted for orange jumpsuits after January 20? The last to be made to explain who paid for antifa’s bricks?

  9. “horrendous as this event was………
    bring us together as a community united against hate, prodigious, oppression, and racism”
    Wow Kenji, the writing; give that writer a Pulitzer.

  10. Great Leader Imam Mohammad Trudeau held his virtual meeting with European leaders this morning. His loyal CBC was excited that our little dictator promised to work closely with Europe to proceed with a green recovery. He also explained in depth that muslims killing Christians in France has nothing to do with muslims. Islam is wonderful.

  11. Hillary Clinton says it makes her sick to her stomach to think that Trump could have four more years to destroy our values. That rich coming from a skank who stood by while her husband chased everything in a skirt . Hypocrisy thy name is democrat/liberal

  12. I see the Australian News is covering the disgusting aspect of Hunter Bs pedophilia,
    I remain wondering if the comments of the Obama Girls credit card being used to line up Hunters drugs was sarcasm or truth.
    But I am damned if I want to watch child porn to find out for sure.
    I will instead use “Progressive Thought” to emote that he is scum,thus he is guilty.
    And because he is a Democrat,therefore all Democrats are crack snorting pedophiles..
    How am I doing ,on the “progresssive logic?
    Maybe the Ozzie Press can cover this as the Arkancide death Squads can’t reach them,cause covid?

  13. Movie alert:

    Tonight, Turner Classic Movies will be showing the movies Winchester ’73 (with James Stewart and brief appearances by Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis) and She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (John Wayne and directed by John Ford).

    The latter is part of Ford’s so-called Cavalry Trilogy and was the only one of those movies that was in colour. Being a Ford flick, SWAYR has a lot of familiar faces as he often used the same people from his unofficial acting company. It won an Oscar for colour cinematography.

    Saturday night, it’s Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (one of the funniest movies ever made, which, I think, improved with age), followed by Them! (one of the best 1950s SF movies, with James Arness and a brief appearance by Leonard Nimoy).

    1. By the way, Dr. Strangelove has a Canadian connection. Watch for Toronto-born Shane Rimmer as the B-52 co-pilot. Also much of the outdoor scenery during the flight was from Quebec, the NWT, and Banff National Park.

      Also, there’s a reference to the movie in Back to the Future. What is it?

    1. That’s because those racist Americans and Canadians disregarded the environment, the carbon footprint, and gender balance. I mean, the machines they used were misogynistic and oppressively patriarchical, even in what they were called, such as bulldozers.

  14. The Grinch is coming to the U. K. this Christmas:


    I’m not surprised. I just saw some notices that the rental office in the apartment complex I live in won’t be giving out Hallowe’en candy this year, due to the “disease”. Evidently, someone forgot that children aren’t affected by the plague.

    Someone in the rental company clearly isn’t a candidate for Mensa membership.