26 Replies to “Russia! Russia! Russia!”

    1. Dan, Seth Rich and his brother, both Burny supporters , used a thumb drive to down load. And that is why Seth’s murderer has never been caught, it would show that the Russia accusation was/is a lie. Son yes, the DNC server was compromised, but not by any Russians

  1. In spite of rumours to the contrary, there has never been any clear evidence as to who hacked the server.

    The amusing thing is that Hillary says she lost the election because of this. In other words, the fact that voters learned the truth about Democratic sins did her in.

    1. I had to read it twice as well. I’m expecting it to be on CBC right now; I’ll turn the TV on to check.

  2. When are handcuffs on Hillary going to clunk?
    And please, please add aggravating charges of war crimes for the bombing of Belgrade to her and Bill!

    1. When?

      Depends on which rats get off the sinking ship first, and who they implicate.

      Who will be the turncoat? Rice, Ms “Memo to self”? Loretta Lynch, apparently she has been co-operative. Forget the FBI cabal.

      October Surprise coming up? Red October?

  3. NATO broke all agreements to be on Russia’s doorsteps and Russia is deemed the aggressor when they try to protect their economic interests.
    While the US invaded into the Middle East.

    1. It’s funny, why were all those countries on Russia’s borders clamouring for NATO membership? It’s almost as if they were afraid of a resurgent Russia recreating the old USSR. And you know what? They were right! NATO has never been a threat to Russia, mostly because the member nations don’t take their mutual defence seriously. The Russians could have joined NATO themselves if they weren’t so aggressive. Them, China, and Iran, three countries that want way more than they have. Russia for pride, China for power, and Iran for Allah.

      1. It could be the trillions of dollars unaccounted at the Pentagon’s budgets for CIA and black Ops operations Worldwide,, like in Ukraine’s US government sponsored uprisings…
        Never giving Russia new government a chance, just a silent US invasion with over 800 bases worldwide.

  4. Meanwhile, at ALL the MSM outlets: Crickets.

    The average, low information, dimwit, who bothers to vote just found out that The Rock (a former professional wrestler and now action movie actor) has just endorsed Joe Biden. So, really, what more do you need than that to decide who to vote for.

    Everyone is waiting until November 4th in the belief that this will all go away and we can return to our regularly scheduled program of killing the west one little slice at a time.

  5. BTW, hillery is not a criminal, Vince Foster’s murderer is tho, and they are one and the same!!!

    Waiting for our resident “I hate Trump” trolls.

    1. I’m a ‘the elite protect their own troll’. She and her Epstein flying husband should probably both do the prep walk but it’ll never happen.

  6. This scope of this is international. Trump ought to let everybody know that anyone even remotely involved in this coup will be dealt with severely.

    How bout some nice fat economic sanctions… or fess up.

  7. If authentic, this letter should settle everything. It should, but liberals are so insanely invested in Trump-Russia collusion that they risk some kind of psychotic break by giving up on that false and significant part of their beliefs.

  8. They are on the right Time line… The DNC Server had Debbie and Lorretta DOJ communications that Hillary would not be Charged…..Funny that the server was wiped (CIA) and Comey told the Senate that Russians had planted that Story… He lied if the Russians never hacked the Server