2020 Debates: Watch Party

One drink for “Come on, man!”
One drink for “Drug test”
One tiny sip for each time Chris Wallace rescues Biden. I won’t be held responsible for alcohol poisoning.
Drain the bottle for “ear piece”.

The debate begins at 9pm Eastern.

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Timing is everything: The old Gray Lady ain’t what she used to be, but she can still manage to conjure a story out of nothing. Using stolen tax returns and mirrors, the New York Times manufactured a scandal that will allow Chris Wallace to ask President Donald John Trump about his taxes at tomorrow’s debate instead of asking Biden why he and Obama used the FBI to spy on President Trump. (It’s deja vu all over again).

The strangest campaign in history.

And this just dropped.

86 Replies to “2020 Debates: Watch Party”

  1. They must have rented Hillary’s robot pantsuit and got some really -good- drugs for the Hair Sniffer.

    How many drinks do we take if Mr. Sniffer blows a cerebral artery on screen like Ron Paul?

  2. Prediction: Biden has been coached not to drool and to yell out some loud, catchy one liners at Trump’s vulnerable areas (which are many). Trump easily makes good and many debating points. But since the expectations on Biden are so low, he “wins” the debate — at least by the cash-in-the-pocket, paid-for media.

  3. This is going to be the highest rated political debate ever.
    Like he did when debating HER….

    In front row seats, Trump should put a lineup of every woman Biden ever sniffed and finger frigged. That otta shake Joe’s bones.

  4. A typical incumbent would play it safe, take no risks, and bafflegab their way thru fuddleduddling.
    Trump has been a risk taker his whole life. If he comes out strong, and doubles down, attacks Joe constructively, he will be fine. Being defensive would make his senile opponent look strong, that would be a fatal mistake. So would be a relentless hardass full frontal assault on a senile old decrepit perv, no matter how much Hidin Biden deserved it.
    Unless Biden keels over, strokes out, or rambles on relentlessly about Cornpop, the dog faced pony soldier, no minds will be changed tonight.

  5. Kate,
    One large sip for each Biden gaffe, after you stop laughing, could be added to that list.

    Gotta admit, I like my Brandy, but if I play by those rules, I could be very intoxicated by the end of this “debate”. I’ve also been suspect of Chris Wallace for a good while now. Being a resident of Fox, although not a fan, I allowed him some cover, as I “presumed” he was a conservative, but I truly doubt it now, he seems middle of the road, but as Kate said, he may rescue Biden a bunch, and be more forceful toward Trump. Fox News Channel is also owned by a very lefty family hierarchy, that used to let them be Conservative as a business model, one that became wildly successful, but the kids have taken over from Dad, and I’m thinking they are edging slowly toward the center, or even further. Time will tell.
    It should be entertaining tonight, but I truly am wondering if they have Biden on some enhancement drugs, as his gaffes are many, and he was zombie like on many an occasion, but recently has been more assured and focused. Of course his latest gaffe, (that I’m aware of) is, “I’ve been in the Senate for a hundred and eighty years”, or the prior one of reading the prompts on the teleprompter out loud, such as,”end of quote”. Even the meds don’t work perfectly at times, plus his age, and the pressure, plus all the “preparation” could be taking a toll on him. I truly do think this is elder abuse.

  6. All the president has to do to convince the American people he is on their side was to actually be on their side, and then just be himself—which is all he has ever done. To the eternal surprise of his foes, who never seem to learn their lesson, it works like a charm.

    Trump speaks like your father does, or your grandfather. Grandad doesn’t need talking points when he has something important to tell you.

    As a younger man, Joe needed talking points because he was a goddamn liar. Now he needs them because he’s senile and can’t improvise without giving himself away.

  7. In the interest of public safety, I think you should amend your suggestion to “one molecule of ethanol” for every time Chris Wallace bails Biden out or softballs it to him. Otherwise, the devastation to the livers of the world could be astronomical

    On another note, my prediction is that Biden will have a stroke at the 1:34 mark. The headlines of the next day will be:
    New York Times: Heroic ex-Vice President murdered by Trump while trying to save World
    CNN: Trump murders Biden to divert attention from Russia Collusion
    Foxnews.com: See Jessica Simpson new Bikini Body after losing 20 lbs!

  8. Shot of wild turkey for ‘why I ought to take you behind the Portables at lunch hour’ .

    ‘ Joe you are like 77, haven’t been in high school for 60 years and can barely stand, you are embarrassing yourself. ‘

    Gobble gobble..

  9. LOL…you read my mind Kate, I was thinking of exactly the same thing this morning – One drink for every “C’mon man”.

    1. His week-long debate preparation reminded him to NEVER utter that phrase ever again as it has become a dementia meme. However … I still expect to take at least 3 swigs …

  10. Its interesting that lying Joe only has Wallace to protect and shield him from scrutiny and the big bad orange man… up here in Turdholeland our own Captain Dipshit, Juthtin Turdhole needed 5 woman ( no men allowed) to protect his stupid ass, Lisa the Flame, Althia ( gerald Butts ass nugget) Raj, Dawna ( globalist) Friesen and the two fattest, ugliest, Liberal loyalists ever excreted onto the airwaves Susan ( jabba the Hut ) Delacourt and at the very bottom of the toilet big ole Rose ( “yes, he did get a haircut”) Barton the six figure bureaucrat that you can’t fire. I’m sure Wallace will do his best to help Lying Joe… Lying Joe first agreed to third party checks for hidden earpieces and then he reneged on that agreement… hmmm, i wonder why… is old Joe trying to pull a Juthtin the Turdhole ? Go Trump!!

  11. One drink every time Chrissy Wallace begins ARGUING and BADGERING Trump. Fact-checking him. Refusing to accept something he says. “Well, we will just have to disagree” … Chrissy will say. I will be shitfaced by 6:30P Pacific Daylight Time

        1. Yep…Trump just made me cringe with Pocahontas…
          It wasn’t on your list Kate…but I am swigging a big one now.

  12. This is an ugly debate. Sleepy Joe calling President Trump a liar. The President is debating the moderator. Not quite what I was expecting.

  13. ‘One tiny sip for each time Chris Wallace rescues Biden. I won’t be held responsible for alcohol poisoning’

    It’s still early, but I’m well on the way to choking to death on my own vomit.

  14. I ssshhhhtartttteeddd tooooo drrunk 1 zlurp everytimez Walllllaccceee interferesssss… IIIIs to strunk to vatch and it justh farted…..

  15. I am watching primarily to see if Biden really is senile. So far I can’t tell. Maybe I’m senile. One thing for sure, regardless of what Biden says, he comes across as weak and ineffectual. I can’t see him appealing to anyone. You really have to be off your gourd to view Biden as a reasonable alternative to Trump. He’s creepy. Maybe they should bring back Jimmy Carter. Is he still around?

  16. Chris Wallace calling critical race theory “racial sensitivity training” is one of the biggest WTF moments tonight.

  17. Can t watch any more of this attempted video assassination, Chrissy Wallace will get a real good job in the Harris administration.

  18. Climate change caused the fires and the reason they stopped at the border is because of Trudeau’s carbon tax bigots.

  19. The way Biden lies is pretty convincing to those that are for him.
    Those that are interested in the affairs of men, see it right now.

    1. Biden’s whole strategy is to deny, deny deny, “that’s not true”. Every statement, every declaration. It’s a default procedure, he doesn’t debate at all.

  20. It’ll be really interesting if the after debate panel on Fox will have ANYTHING to say about Wallace. They would if he was from another channel.

  21. Chrissy will be sucking his thumb and clutching his inadequacies at bedtime!
    Proof positive .25c condoms do not prevent inbred stupidity. The mask slipped once again.

  22. It would have been so easy to have sliced Joe Biden nine ways in this debate, but, as I feared, President Trump could not (or would not) discipline himself sufficiently to do it. Instead he rambled about Hunter Biden and other off-topic matters to the point that nailing Biden on his lies was done too late and in too unfocused a manner. To the casual and uninformed observer (a characteristic of many “swing voters”, all they could see was two men interrupting, talking over, and insulting one another, and ignoring the agreed upon rules of the debate.

    Frankly, they should have allowed both men to have earpieces. For Biden, it wouldn’t have changed much. For Trump, perhaps two or three people that he trusts, might have been able to tell him that a debate isn’t a campaign rally, and that since he has the facts to refute Biden’s falsehoods, he should let Biden finish and use his time to demolish them, point by point.

    And how I wish that Fox had sent Brit Hume to moderate the debate.

  23. I thought notes were not allowed at presidential debates. Biden spent a lot of time staring down at the podium. In the last 3 minutes of the Fox broadcast at the end of the debate, you can see Biden blatantly taking his notes, folding the page and putting it in his suit pocket.

  24. Trump got played and didn’t call it.
    The moderator and Joe won.
    I still drank lots.
    Oh, and I watched Ezra and Sheila watching it and commenting immediately afterwards, and they were cringeworthy. Ezra admitted that Joe did good and that Trump wasn’t on his game.
    The moderator always interrupted Trump but not Joe.
    In short, a shite show. I am left feeling disheartened for many reasons. Good night.