57 Replies to “In The Sky!.. It’s A Bird!.. It’s A Plane!..”

  1. Any bets that it won’t mention his teaching “career” or that he’s racially ambidextrous?

    1. B. A. – Any bets it won’t mention his life of crime, from Aga Khan, to SNC, to We?

      Maybe he is a super something. A lesser man would have been finished after the first scandal. Most ordinary people would lose their job after receiving a $106,000 Christmas gift from a group that receives millions in charity from your own organization.

    2. I can’t wait for Captain Blackface to make his first appearance. Or the later appearances of The Dancing Queen.

    3. I have an idea for spin off: Justin the time traveler.

      He could travel back in time and meet Rolling Stones while they’re taking turns with his mother?

      Or maybe put on a Prussian helmet and ride the bike with his daddy through Jewish neighborhoods?

  2. I look forward to getting a few copies. I’ll leave them in the hunting camp shit-house.

  3. Well his tenure as PM is a protracted very bad joke so putting it into a funny book makes sense. WEXIT is the only solution.

    1. Joe I know there are many people who think removing themselves from confederation will change anything but it will not. We have indoctrinated the populace to the the point that most don’t even know what the hell we are talking about. The population of Alberta is the same as every other province. We sealed our fate by constantly voting for liberal socialism. The stupid will no longer accept freedom and the work it entails. America is disintegrating and for the same reason. Hell on earth is coming for those of us who think freedom of the individual is the most import thing on the planet. Shallow minds and intellects.

  4. I saw the sub-headline,

    “Don’t worry, he’s not the new Captain Canuck”

    True. He is the New Captain F— Up!

    Jamie, don’t buy the comics. Do it the liberal Way, steal them.

  5. If it were really telling some truths it would be an adult graphic novel for all his sodomy, literal and figurative.
    Episode #5. Pride Parade and the Gloryhole.

  6. A coloring book? What a juvenile idea. Color Trudeau a traitor.
    Trudeau is merely a political figure and he one who has ruined a country.
    From the piece:
    “The 24-page comic book, set to be released on Sept. 16, takes a look at the global media frenzy surrounding Trudeau’s “camera-ready looks” and “easygoing nature” that erupted after he delivered the eulogy for his father.”

    There was a frenzy at the political rallies in Germany in the late 1930s and some would say when the Beatles landed in North America circa 1960s.

    There was no frenzy for Justin. If so, where?

    1. Nancy – I think they mean he posted numerous selfies, from different locations around the globe. A one-man, global, media frenzy.

  7. Wouldn’t it be funny if it ended up on a drag queen story hour reading list?

  8. I’m sure the mothers know.

    And don’t care.

    Honestly, I think they WANT their sons to be turned into perverts, so they’ll never vote Republican, take their fathers’ side in family disputes, or have eyes for any woman but mommy.

    Like their toy dogs.

    The fad for sex change treatments before puberty, I am convinced, is an excuse for mothers to have their sons fixed, so they will literally never grow up and leave them, like any sane mature man eventually does in the end, if he has any choice.

    They say conservative men hate women? For sheer unadulterated hatred women leave conservative men far behind. We don’t have the time or the energy to compete. We just have a realistic view of the weaker sex, informed by generations of experience.

  9. The bonus edition comes with several shades of brown crayons.
    Episode #3. The Dancing Darkie and the Banana

  10. Exactly Jamie; I finally used up the last of the Sears catalog. My doc always wonders why I have a technicolor sphincter: not!

  11. There’s gotta be a “I would gladly pay a Kielburger $30 million next Tuesday’ joke in there somewhere….

    I just might buy some of those comic books to send to some of my liberal friends, along with a pack of crayons with the black crayon removed.

  12. Captain Blackie….the superhero with the most costumes ever! His super powers, you ask? Why, he can hide from his enemies, throw people under buses, and elbow women, or grope them.
    Issue number 2…Blackie hides from Ethics Man and throws the twin K men under the bus!

  13. If he was a super hero his only power would be to be able to lie about anything and everything on cue.Stunned puke .

  14. And like all comic books a complete work of fiction.
    Only in someone’s imagination would the sock monkey do anything selflessly.
    His pride has no limitations.
    His self interest the only thing that matters.
    He has not demonstrated that he actually takes the job of PM seriously.
    He is a veritable totem of pretentiousness that a serious publisher let alone a competent writer would ever want to write a biography on except under duress.

  15. So what is his super power?
    His ability to buy off the Canadian media with our money?

    Corruption Man!
    To Inanity And Beyond!

  16. I’m surprised that the comic book people would swallow the incredible meme that a nation could be so shallow as to twice elect the arrogant little f**k. It’s beyond the believable theme of flying super heroes with magic powers.

  17. This type of thing is very common in comics these days, they just lurve them some Lefty politicians.

    I quit collecting in the early 90’s because it was getting stupid then. Fast forward 30 years (!!!) and it is only worse. So much worse.

    1. On the other hand, your bird could give his critique of it if it was inside the cage.

  18. “…details both Trudeau’s personal and professional milestones, as well as his hardships.”

    Too funny – “hardships” eh? Aside from having a mother with profound mental issues and a father who liked to smack mommy around every so often I can’t be too sure there’d be too many “hardships” for a trustfunder growing up on the mean streets of Sussex Drive.
    The twerp probably thinks a hardship is an icebreaker.

    1. Nah. For him, tying his own shoelaces would be considered a hardship, considering that his upbringing might have included having people pick up for him whenever he drops something.

  19. Ezra could come out with a competitive product based on the Liberanos. Maybe update a bit.

    Colour Justin’s mom accepting a bag of cash from his buddies the WEilbergers.

    Couloir Justin’s coworker Bill being worshipped by dancing Kenyans on his super-expensive vacay.

  20. Nice it’s coming out just in time for Christmas making it easy shopping for good little Liberal boys and girls, oops, non gender specific peoplekind children.
    Wonder what colour to use on the Trudeau countenance, there are options, he has been known to change colour.
    They’ll need a lot of colours for his socks alone, I’m sure there will be poses where his ankles are showing his socks.

  21. I see this will have a great future. It will be placed in all Canadian hotel rooms, replacing the ubiquitous Gideon Bibles. Copies of it will be distributed in a manner like Mao’s Little Red Book. Look for it soon in your mailbox.

    1. Poohdeau toilet paper.
      Wipe your a** with this a**wipe.
      Send me my royalties when someone actually makes it.

  22. And the teacher said, “for this colouring book, you’ll only need a “black” crayon, children”.