9 Replies to “Oddments For The Weekend”

  1. These are three of the headlines on Breitbart articles:
    Jeffries: Trump Engaging in ‘Conspiracy to Subvert our Free and Fair Elections’ (Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY))
    Schiff: ‘No Racist Appeal Too Much, No Political Dirty Trick Beyond the Pale’ for Trump
    Susan Rice: Trump ‘Sends Troops into the Streets of Our Cities to Attack Peaceful Protesters’
    Do they just make up things to say without a shred of evidence? On the first two, are they also projecting much? On the last, telling lies in the face of video proof to the contrary.
    Democrats really are disgusting.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes. Oh, and Yes.

      And their utopia of idealism and progressiveness is starting to crash against the walls of human nature and reality. You can’t get free stuff from those who have nothing, or those who are armed and have will. The cities will run out of easily lootable items (including food), and heaven help those who try to loot MAGA country.

  2. Having done a lot of waterskiing as a young man, I hope the guy doing the ass slide had something other than regular material covering that region.

  3. In an act of impulsive folly, I purchase a copy of Maclean’s today. There were articles omn CPC leadership candidates: MacKay, Lewis and O’Toole.

    That’s it. I will vote Sloane to stuff them. The establishment can go stuff themselves. He is a legitimate candidate in an election, he has the right to be heard.

    1. You got me to waste valuable minutes of my life. No one seemed to be bothered about whether there was water on the island. The pigs must have found some fresh water unless they were the very rare salt-water pigs (cochonus salarius) in pig latin.

  4. Somebody in a red body suit knows what I’ve just gone thru with a bat in the house and all I’ve seen or read since that ordeal is this small 3-ltr word. Why? Why did it have to be on SDA also – for no reason but to torment me? Get thee behind me Satan. But, first, a glass of wine.