27 Replies to “Burn, Loot, Murder”

  1. Every commie supporter I ever met (college, work, the army) was a useless, incompetent, thieving f00ckstick. They are all bums. Have you ever met an actual commie “activist” ever who had made anything but an intergalactic c00kup of their entire lives?

    No successful marriage or family, no successfully-built non-profit, business, or other enterprise. No sporting achievements. Nothing.

    And they will tell you with a straight face that they alone have the chops to run a labour economy with no functioning price discovery mechanism. With all “money” being calibrated to units of labour effort …

  2. Well hopefully this bit of knowledge gets around so they can all be painted with the same brush.
    And then tarred.
    Before or after the volleys of rubber bullets, I don’t care.

  3. Below are two links that confirm Canadian Universities are ‘chalk-a-block’ full of Marxists posing a Social Justice Warriors.

    Carleton University’s indictment of police creates controversy among criminology schools and law enforcement agencies

    Scholars and Lawyers Call on Government to Defund Police

  4. Waiting for Dem pols to be asked to denounce the attack on the Ronald McDonald House in three, two, one…………. You know, if the script were reversed, Republicans would be hounded on it .
    Chicago’s Michigan Ave is a commercial and residential area (of the wealthy, CEOs, and professionals). Were the attacks Sunday into Monday a harbinger of more generalized attacks on residential neighborhoods. To date, in other cities, they have marched on the more exclusive areas but it was to target a specific individual.
    Finally, the attack on Ronald McDonald House was bad PR, but that’s the risk when your shock troops have room temperature IQs.

    Chicago will be treated to more “peaceful protests” thru the upcoming weekend.
    1. BLM marching to block the Dan Ryan Expressway. (Looking forward to this because DR drivers, mostly black, stop for no one and nothing.)
    2. BLM demonstration on the lakeshore to demand Columbus Drive be renamed.
    3. BLM march starting at the Wrigley Bldg and heading into chaos.

    Mancow calls these upcoming “peaceful protests” TRUMP VOTER DRIVES.

    1. Just an FYI, Matthew “Mancow” Muller is a popular syndicated Chicago radio talk show host on WLS (AM-890).

  6. Not to worry, the BLM people were only planning on “lotting” which I believe isn’t a crime (as opposed to looting”.

    1. I asked the propagandists if they actually seen the violent vitriolic messages or if they simply took Pink Flamingo’s word for it. My money is on the latter.
      It’s disgusting the City if Calgary would promote this organisation. The Purple Princess and his council cronies are the result of idiots allowed to vote in Calgary elections.

  7. Gee,you cheer for Burn Loot Murder,vote for the fools who incite it and who profit from it,then complain when the Thuggies Burn Loot and murder in your neighbourhood?
    Worst type of NIMBY ever.
    Why is a Ronald McDonald House more precious than a Police Station?
    The do-gooding is impossible without the order the Police provide.
    So “Cry me a river”.
    Cause these same people said Jack when the mob attacked others.

    However,the mob riots,just as a pack of dogs slaughters,without reason or restraint.
    So seeing local people finally starting to wake up and act is good.
    That they have had to do so,might cause them to challenge the Fools and bandits they keep electing.

    Of course in Can ahh duh the Supreme Court will rule that Burn Loot Murder is the constitutional right of the special people.

  8. Apparently, some idiot female BLM leader, said the “Looting” was not “Looting”, but a form of reparations. So when these cities end all boarded up, and the businesses are closed or moved away, you can be sure they will be advancing on the suburbs to continue collecting reparations. I’ll bet a bunch will be collecting hot lead with express delivery.

  9. They are so stupid that they thought Ronald MacDonald House was the corporate heaquarters and this was to be a new warning, give us more money.