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    1. Liked it! Reminds me of my bush flying days. One pilot I flew a lot with told us the safest place to be when crashing in the bush was self tucked, head down behind that big radial engine in front of you, ploughing through the trees. Norseman or the later version Single Swine (Otter). The Air Pig. Funny, I flew over plenty of twin Beech wrecks over the years. They had a habit of losing one of two engines and with a load on not enough juice in the remaining one to remain airborne. Wheels up or floats landing in a swamp. They never seemed to burn though, as Av gas is pretty volatile.

      1. B sorry but that was exactly my point. I was mocking the “Wexit will give us a great loyal to citizens police force”. My attitude towards cops, is, I believe, well known.

      2. Alberta Sheriffs? They all look like retarded cue balls. They need a collective noun of their own like a simpleton of sheriffs. They normally transport prisoners and give out speeding tickets. Running a checkstop is way above their paygrade and basic competence. Let Kenney know how happy you are with his Gestapo. I did.

    1. I believe they’re a necessary evil, but an evil nonetheless.
      Pack mentality is led by coward bullies emboldened by their advantage.
      With cops it comes with state sanction.
      If they’re outnumbered, like any pack, then they’re much less aggressive. But if they have any advantage and smell just a bit of blood, its go time.
      Too many of them are just looking for go time.
      Even if its just one punch to the head of someone who can’t/won’t fight back.

      1. I agree they are a necessary evil but they we are doing an extremely bad job holding their leash. And that largely comes form the fact that we are telling low IQ thugs (yes) to enforce fascist laws. Perfect example case linked above.
        We really can’t expect a lowlife trusted with power, to restrain himself, when the only thing he is taught is that people are cattle to be told what to do and hurt if they are not doing it. They routinely look for opportunities to hurt people. They get off on it. And we’re idiots to think they would behave otherwise.
        Body cameras should be mandatory at all occasions when enforcing any law and punishment for thuggery including intimidation and routine lies, should be severe personal and not subject to lengthy delays.
        Most importantly perhaps, we need to stop looking at cops as the good guys. That pathetic naivety needs to go.

        One last thing, in the age of diversity whitey is the target they are free to go after with complete immunity. None goes to the streets, none protests when whitey goes down. This needs to change.

        1. We really can’t expect a lowlife trusted with power, to restrain himself, when the only thing he is taught is that people are cattle to be told what to do and hurt if they are not doing it.

          That nicely describes the graduates of the Gestapo Charm School who work as security at the Edmonton airport. I swear many of them are one wrong comment away from a fistfight.

          1. Absolutely, and after you get curb stomped expect charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest to filed against you. Filed by the very cynical thug that blindsided and sucker punched you when you did not play “Simon says” fast enough or dared to smirk in the general direction of his bullshit.

            And we keep acting as if they were the good guys or as if their testimony in court wasn’t a forgery as a rule. Madness.

          2. There’s one security agent at the EIA who openly dislikes me. He looks like he’s itching to give me a good hiding.

    1. Is this an open pole ? The push for Peter McKay doesn’t seem in line with CPC members I know.

    1. That reminds me of the time while I was at Armpit College when all the male employees were required to attend a sexual harassment session.

      The organizer, an ardent feminist, decided that we men had to be “educated”. We were bombarded with many of the same concepts that are in vogue today, such as “believe all women”.

      It didn’t go over well. The backlash at men being singled out proved to be too much for her and that was the only time it was ever held.

  1. Blackie’s loyal media reports that Carlton University in Ottawa, will no longer place criminology students with police forces or prisons. They don’t want criminology students to get the wrong impression of criminals from racist police.

  2. I guess Dementia Joe won’t have to raise anymore money. The entire North American media are singing his praises and celebrating his choice of Heels Up Harris. CNN is now just a non stop advertisement for Biden.

    1. I think it is intended as brainwashing. Unfortunately, brainwashing works. Lots of people will vote for the pair– the very worst ticket ever seeking the American Presidency. Both Biden and Harris are pathetic.

    2. The “how wonderful Joe and Kamala are” was also the lead story on CTV’s 11 pm news last night with Lisa L. Shut it off after the first 45 seconds.

  3. Threats to Canadian politicians.

    Of course the writer uses examples from other countries to start their premise.
    They fail to acknowledge the ease in which someone may send off a fiery or stupid and ignorant email.
    They also fail to acknowledge the vehement Liberals attacks on white men.
    One MP is pissed they have to spend their own money for security. Well dummy, its actually taxpayer money, but whatever.

    1. That’s brilliant. Everyone needs to read that to get some perspective. Fear of COVID has turned into mass hysteria. Just like fear of witches in previous times.

  4. Cascading fallacies in climate risk assessment


    “First, they use computer models to say precisely what the average weather will be in 2050 and 2100… The fallacy is that there is no computer model today that can accurately make such forecasts. ”
    Second, they use the average of what is called the CMIP5 climate model runs. These are runs on a large number of climate models that are made to feed into the IPCC process… The fallacy is that there is no reason to believe that the average of a bunch of bad models is good. In fact the CMIP5 average has been shown to run very hot compared to observed warming. (CMIP6 is even worse.)”

    And so on…

  5. Best brain on Parliament Hill right now is Pierre Poilievre. Hopefully he will run for leadership next time around, Canada needs a brain at the helm like never before.

    1. I admire the guy, too. But, do you not think that if he won the leadership, like the rest of them, he’d be marching in a gay pride within a week?

  6. Following the discussion yesterday — on the huge run-up in Bank of Canada Assets and Liabilities, and the surging gold market — this post shows readers the Kitco web site, a sort-of go-to web site for gold and precious minerals fans. Here is one page from the site, showing a directory of recommended gold dealers in Canada:

    One has to tool around a bit on the map, clicking on the province of residence, to get started. I was a bulk coin collector during the inflationary 1970s and early 1980s, living first in Ottawa and then in Kingston Ontario for my graduate studies. Then I had no self-managed investment portfolio, so to buy gold I went to coin dealers. I chose the biggest and most reputable dealers in each city. I did know enough to buy in bulk, and common-dated coins, with little markup over bullion prices. To buy silver, I recommend common-dated silver Canadian dollars, i.e., like the 1957-1966 silver dollars. For gold, try one ounce Krugerrands. As said yesterday, know how to study the coins, easily done through the internet (something I did not have way back then).

    As I recall way back then, the old PST did apply to coin sales, which limited my interest in buying too many coins. I did end up buying around 200 Canadian silver dollars, which I kept until about 10 years ago, when silver was around $20 an ounce. I bought the dollar coins around 1984, at $4 a coin, and sold them at $11 a coin. Since wealth taxes are coming, physical gold and silver coins are useful in that it is difficult for the tax man to trace coin sales, or coin holdings. As said, buy only bulk, common dated coins, and steer clear of rarer coins with a premium over bullion prices.

    I live in Fredericton, which has no large coin dealer, but if I am traveling through Moncton or Saint John, I might stop at the Kitco-recommended stores and buy a few coins. Note that common-dated pure bullion coins are NOT suseptible to the GST/HST — so check beforehand. I would never buy a coin subject to the GST/HST.

  7. A great poll to participate in. Looks like most of us if we were American are going to be voting for HO/JO. ROTFLMAO! If the media are going to depend on polls we should see another media meltdown night on November 3rd.

    1. As noted on Instapundit, Slo-Jo selecting KH as his VP candidate is a contribution-in-kind to Trump/Pence.

    1. They responded by shipping in crates of tire irons and pictographs in how to loosen Albertan and Saskatchewan and American lug nuts.

  8. Blackie’s CBC website is excited that Heels Up Harris is so moderate, that she could easily fit into the Conservative Party of Canada. Let the comments begin.

      1. I’m waiting for some trailer hitch manufacturer to use her–ahem–“abilities” as part of their advertising campaign.