42 Replies to “Jim Jordan Corners Fauci”

  1. The man is as dumb as a bag of rocks and I don’t mean Jordan. We shut down North America because of fucking morons like Fauci. Jesus I cannot possibly be smarter than everyone in America and Canada. Someone please come up with a retort that makes any sense to a thinking human being.

    1. OWG, there is the problem, a thinking human being will think and act accordingly for himself but the brain dead will obey whatever dictates the State wishes to impose control. The Faucis of the world love the positions they hold because the sheep will follow whatever directives that are issued. Their expertise is their only route to power and today it is being called into question because to a thinking sentient human being their flip flops are clearly a sign that they really don’t know what the bl**dy h*ll they are talking about. The firing of the doctor for promoting hydroxychloroquine is amply evidence that the experts are running scared.

      1. Exactly. And they cannot agree with Trump for fear of being ostracized by the ‘Important People,’ such as Bill and Melinda Gates.

    2. One can argue, OWG, that Fauci is not wrong in his basic answer that “crowds cause increased transmission”. That said, Jordan is entirely right that appointed officials have no business in stating what forms of crowds are acceptable and which ones are not. It’s a subtle point but it’s there. It’s up to elected officials to make those kinds of policy decisions and accept the responsibility for them.

      I cannot and will not speak to the accuracy of Fauci’s statement on the basis of its medical accuracy. That would need someone with medical expertise in public health to speak properly to that.

      1. Well said. I also think the Jordan and Fauci use different measures of relative risk. If the measures will save 10,000 lives, and cause 100,000 extra deaths because of increases to poverty and suicide, then don’t do them. IMHO conservatives tend to weigh the costs and benefits against each other before applying a solution, while progressives want to latch on to the newest idea and fully apply it regardless of what it will likely cost.

        Fauci is focused on the 10,000 because that’s his area of focus and expertise. I don’t think he properly weighs the additional costs. IIRC his solution to the most successful virus in the annual flu sweepstakes is to always have a lockdown of society, every year, for the last 15-20 years. He finally got his solution to be applied. I hope he learns from the results. If I have this wrong, please provide a link to the refutation.

        1. No, C_Miner, I think you have it exactly right. They HAVE to have different measures of relative risk. Fauci’s brief is that of public health. Jordan is an elected representative of a body which is supposed to be responsible for all consequences to all citizens everywhere in the US. Their views should be different. Your analogy of 10,000 vs. 100,000 is exactly right. Many of the losses among the 100,000 may come from economic issues or mental health issues in which Fauci is NOT an expert.

          Hence government must take into account all the necessary views when coming to a good, necessarily balanced approach. The business of government is Wisdom, of which we see all too little these days. Certainly not with Spawn and his gang of fools in Ottawa.

          Big thumbs up from me for some of the most intelligent statements on this entire issue over the last couple of months.

          1. Thank you cgh. It’s nice to know that my sometimes inane ramblings are appreciated by someone.

      2. To hell with crowds, spread it far and wide. When an adequate infection and recovery occurs the virus will lose steam and only media and government hype will be able to keep it alive in people’s tiny minds.

    3. It is ALL about the Election, always has been. The whole thing is a NWO, UN, shite show. The Plandemic ends on November 4th.

        1. I disagree, LindaL. I think that the Dems like the power that fearmongering the Batsoup Flu gives them. I think that Dem Pols are paid Chinese/Russian Agents of Influence and they want to wreck America. JMO

    4. Agreed.
      Fauci looked as happy as a teen girl on her prom night when Jim’s time was up.
      Flip Flop Fauci.
      We have that racist Chinese doctor Tam that told us old stock Canadians were racists.
      Jim Jordan as a Canadian would be a PPC supporter.

    5. Fauci is Exhibit A of the ego-lathered `government expert`. Trained in equivocation, like all bureaucrats, but has nothing to say on his particular speciality AKA why he is hired, other than banalities. When the hour came, the government experts were not only found wanting, they were found incompetent.

      OK Fauci and Tam, is it good or bad or pointless to wear masks? You have held all three opinions over the last 6 months. My, how quickly the scientific knowledge turns; I would call this bumbling incompetence just that; it has delayed effective and timely dealing with the issue.

      The likes of Tam and Fauci should be defenestrated; let`s hope they don`t breed. Defenestrate government.

  2. Fauci is part of the global cabal trying to take over the world, but there are a lot of people who have yet to see it, or perhaps they’re blinkered by choice. The methods being used to track citizens have already changed my husband’s and my ways of shopping and dining out. Many of the churches in our area have closed, but most public events have been cancelled, too.

    1. A striking term, but makes the point well. If you were an islamic or communist terrorist, could you hope to have more success in shutting down the West and capitalism and liberty.

  3. If this weren’t all political BS, Fauci would have come out right off the bat and say that protests spread the virus…..but he didn’t….because he is a political puppet. And getting laid on Tinder is okay with Fauci as well. But NEVER ever again should you shake hands with anybody. Time to toss the dwarf.

  4. Fauci couldn’t say the word protest or protester.

    Very simple to say any crowd of any size including protests which is obvious to anybody

    But if Fauci says protests are no good and spread the virus one or two things has to happen.

    No more protests or everybody gets to go back to work and school etc. and Trump will be validated.

    Obviously as a member of the deep state or swamp Fauci cannot do so.

  5. Oh dear, Fauci wonders who would be able to influence such matters, not him, he thinks.
    Witness a scene of an expert dismantling himself in real time, playing dumb
    very confidence-inspiring

  6. Wake up Canadians!!!! Anytime left of center politicians and their cadre of flying monkeys advocate for restrictions on your civil liberties …alarm bells should go off. It’s in their DNA. Painting circles in parks for social distancing??? Incurring fines for walking alone on a beach?? Cannot sing in church??? Have we lost our fng minds??!!??
    For the love of God people they’re playing us like chumps and this bag of hammers for brains Fauci only proves it. And if he doesn’t do it for you…Tam certainly should.
    It isn’t about Covid and never has been.

  7. Fauxci has opined on many a SHUT DOWN, masking, goggling, and gagging. He is a hardcore leftist Deep Stater hiding behind his medical title. And he’s gone completely drunk with his notoriety. He is so in love with being beloved … and in demand (by his leftist buddies) … that he’s gone so wayyyyy off the “medical” reservation … he’s become a Reality TV star. He will tickle anyone’s ear, by telling them EXACTLY what they want to hear. Except. Except Jim Jordan (and other conservatives).

    His love letters to HER … said all I needed to know about Dr. Fauxci.

  8. I thought the normally razor sharp Jim was weak with that questioning.
    He let Fauci say ‘I just generically recommend no crowds’, no, Fauci has singled out many specific activities in the media yet not crowds of rioters. Listing those examples would nail Fauci’s political ‘medicine’.

    1. Agree. I expected Jordan to specifically nail Fauci on his recommendations.
      Churches are closed because he advised.
      Businesses closed because he advised.
      Parks and schools closed because he advised.

  9. Fauci is a bureaucratic weasel. Jim Jordan, I love him, just played “POP goes the weasel”

  10. Liberals in general, is that they have a defective world view. This means they live with serious psychological stress and make decisions based on falsehoods.

    A single individual operating like this is not so much a threat to society. But what happens when you place one in charge of an organization, a town or province, a national government? Look out. What happens when large numbers of these whack jobs take over businesses, governmental agencies, educational institutions, media, and courts worldwide? We are about to find out.

    As they go about their daily business, liberals must deny all that they see and feel because reality, ie., truth, doesn’t fit their mental model of what the world should be. They develop serious mental problems. They are immature and irresponsible and act like spoiled infants.

    This is what you have leading Canada!!!

    The Covid virus, like any flu, is real and potentially can be deadly to a small number. Our personal activities should reflect this, we should take appropriate cautions this flu season and every flu season.

    But the media response to this thing is unreal. They are trying to destroy our culture. The media are an existential threat to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and especially the island nation of Great Britain.

    People now have to stay home. They will watch TV which will reinforce the Apocalypse scenario. This will cause more despair, paralysis, and economic loss, which will mean more people will be out of a job, which will cause more …

    So who needs nukes? You can cause the greatest countries in the world to fall without firing a shot. Greta Thunberg will save us (with a little help from George Soros).

    1. The Wuhan flu scare may do what climate change couldn’t ….
      Canadians need to pull their heads out of their backsides – give their head a shake and start thinking critically.

      F#$%* the globalists.

  11. I’m surprised he didn’t respond to the questions from democrats with“ Yes Comrade…”.

  12. With all due respect to Jim Jordan, and he is a brilliant politician, it’s not a medical doctor’s job or responsibility to decide which crowds can gather and which can’t. Fauci is merely looking at what spreads the disease, and not whom. Obviously, Fauci’s predictions were quite accurate. The USA now has almost one third of the worlds active Covid-19 cases. Perhaps they should have taken the Mayo Clinic’s advice. As for stopping protests, I wonder if tear gas kills Covid??????????? How about chlorine gas??


    1. “How does the coronavirus spread?
      Data has shown that it spreads from person to person among those in close contact (within about 6 feet, or 2 meters). The virus spreads by respiratory droplets released when someone infected with the virus coughs, sneezes or talks.”

      So that’s why kids are so much less affected, they text each other on their phones rather than talk like we old folks do.
      Two three weeks of texting and paper notes and the whole pandemic will be over.

  13. Jim got him good. The editing of this piece on Fox News tonight was well done too, albeit, a bit shorter in duration.
    Jim Jorden should’ve remarked that this hearing was no laughing matter and that Dr Fauci’s silly grin was not appreciated. And then added…people are dying, for effect.

    About masks……

    Do we need to start wearing these funny things? Haha!

  14. Dr. Fauci, Trofim Lysenko. I see no difference. Does anyone?

    Just like Lysenko, Fauci could not do what he does without political cover.

  15. Fauci says that Hydroxychloroquine+Zinc Sulfate+ Azithromax doesn’t work. He says that the 2500 patient 2+ month long six hospital Ford study is crap because it isn’t double-blind randomized gold standard. A video from “America’s Frontline Doctors” has been dragged through the mud by the Media and banned from online viewing. There is something rotten going on. I say that Trump picks a major city, any city, and makes the drugs available over the counter. Then compare the before and after death rates after one month. If it works the results should speak for itself. Then give other districts the chance to do likewise. People want to get re-elected so…

    1. There are whole country’s that show by using HCQ the death rate is cut in halve or more.


      Click on the arrows beside the graphic it will show you what affect each day delay has.

      Insisting for the double blind test serves two purposes, first it delays the treatment with HCQ too after a positive result is confirmed and the medication is finally supplied COVID19 can have advanced to a critical state already. The testing regime is ethically problematic as some participants need to go without potential life saving medication.
      Fauci knows that any respectable doctor wouldn’t condemn some of the participants if they could perhaps safe all of them. By administering the test it is bound to produce negative results or not be done at all achieving Fauci’s predetermined goal.

    2. IIRC it was earlier pointed out that the study that propelled Fauci to medical fame was not “double-blind randomized gold standard” either

  16. The Media has failed America… It is not only the Riots that got a PASS (no Comments) from Fauci, the Black Funeral of GF (3 in total) while Millions who lost Love-ones are denied a funeral… The Political cowards & the Media are hypocrites… We live in a Constitutional Republic & every individual has equal rights…..


    1. Slap, I think those rights were given up the same day that everyone decided that they were accepting a lockdown because of a flu virus. They will never be regained without a level of violence that most will never be able to carry out.