Wuhan Flu Chinese Lung Aids

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Does the Government have a snitch line for Bombardier? Asking for a friend.

All Aboard The Gravy Train: Gordon Brown urges G20 countries to back $2.5tn coronavirus plan .

Look everybody! It’s someone who trusts data from Iran.

This may spark protests: experts say the pandemic has also exacerbated existing economic disparities and raised fresh concerns about the survival of black businesses.

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13 Replies to “Wuhan Flu Chinese Lung Aids”

  1. “experts say the pandemic has also exacerbated existing economic disparities and raised fresh concerns about the survival of black businesses.”

    You want to know what really affects a black owned business? Being looted and burnt to the ground. Like dozens in Minneapolis and Saint Paul last week. And hundreds in the rest of the nation this week, because their governors and mayors are too incompetent, too beholden to their progressive orthodoxy, and too scared of their former pet stormtroopers Antifa and BLM.

    How many cities will burn tonight because the Democrats will refuse to do what President Trump recommended. Because F! Trump!

    1. rd, 100% correct. Of course most black businesses were shut down by order of the pols so I am not sure how burning them to the ground did much more damage. White, black, pink and green were all screwed by the media and government driven propaganda.

  2. “Black businesses historically have struggled to gain access to financing due to discriminatory lending practices and a lack of relationships with big banks.”

    I hope it has nothing to do with spontaneous and random outbreaks of looting & rioting in Liberal cities. I’m curious if the Black Community has more access to loans in Conservative cities, or smaller towns.

    1. Son used to be a lender for a major bank, told me that people would come and ask to borrow money without a job, no way to pay it back, just like that and they were all white.
      Who are they gonna call?

      1. “A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.” Bob Hope

  3. Gordon Brown hopes some of that $2.5 trillion will pass through his hands, no doubt. Another socialist believer in global government. What is it about ex Prime Minsters and unelected technocrats?

    “If I ruled the world, every day would be the first day of winter”

      1. BANG on rd….bang on.

        As for Brown and his pleas of implementation of the New Green DEAL…I’m sure Justin will step up to the pLate with a few Billion. Anything to wipe out a few hundred million folks….while the progressives wallow in their new found capital & paying lip service to the worlds poor all in the name of faux green jobs and the environment.

        Just another British socialist (_i_)hole…

  4. Wonder how poor white people living in Appalachian town’s and small cities fare with the banks?

    1. Good question Paul, but I feel it rarely comes up. My Father in law lives in West Virginia on a 1000 acres. He can’t find anybody to work for him. Drugs, alcohol and a hopeless cultural mindset. Make enough in a day for beer and cigs. That’s it.

  5. “Gordon Brown urges G20 countries to back $2.5tn coronavirus plan”

    Why is it that the politicians and political has beens have to open their mouths and reveal their stupidiy.
    They would like to throw money around, the bigger number the better, where it would come from is of no concern.
    Those that want to know, know that it is ultimately the working stiff that has to pay so the political scum can look good on the broadcast.

    Would suggest in this reference that political has beens should be pushed out of the windows and see if they can fly.
    Sheesh such ignorant stupid assholles.
    Somebody, anybody put this onto the idiots twitter, I don’t do twitter or any of the other ‘social’ stuff.

    1. Lev, Ya gotta give em a chance to make sure they can get their flaps and rudder working! I suggest a very high window, maybe 30 – 40 story. Hell, you could make money selling tickets, plus beer and popcorn!

  6. I wouldn’t worry about Bombardier any more. The company is almost gone. They will be just corporate jets.
    Dash 1-7 to Viking
    Dash 8 program to DeHaviland (Viking Longview Capital)
    Downsview plant to Ontario Pension Plan
    Shorts Brother to Spirit Aero
    Structures Unit to Spirit Aero
    CRJ program to Mitsubishi
    CS program to Airbus
    Trains to Alstom AS
    Plus over the years they have sold
    Pilot Training to CAE
    Recreation Vehicles to the Family and Bain Capital creating BRP
    CF-18 maintenance to L-3
    Ski groomers to Camoplast