The Sound Of Settled Science

Thousands of people take omega-3 supplements regularly and for years. The belief that it protects the heart has spread – and is promoted in the marketing of the supplements – because the results from early trials suggested the capsules had cardiovascular benefits.
Small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, are essential for our health. Omega-3 fats are found in certain foods – most famously in oily fish such as salmon and cod liver oil, which contain the long chain fats called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Nuts and seeds, and in particular walnuts and rapeseed oil, contain another sort of omega-3, called alpha­linolenic acid (ALA).
But a major review by the respected Cochrane collaboration of all the well-conducted trials carried out internationally to test the effect of omega-3, involving more than 112,000 people, says there is no evidence that the supplements do any good.
The belief that omega-3 supplements could protect against cardiovascular diseases came from a couple of positive results from trials in the late 1980s and early 1990s, said Lee. “We’ve all believed it for quite a long while,” she said. “But none of the trials since have shown these results. We somehow haven’t adjusted to that data.”

Just eat whatever the hell you want. (h/t TH)

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  1. I enjoy smalldeadanimals (sic) immensely, but I take medical advice only from my old, wise, experienced, no-nonsense nurse-practitioner, thanks.

  2. Cue the SDA readers who will tell you their wacky nutrition theories 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……

    (get ready for a long thread)

    1. For at least the past 5 years I’ve been eating my salmon pan fried in butter with a decent shake of smoked salt, tastes like campfire salmon.

      Really, the best way I’ve ever had salmon, and I believe I’m going to live an extra decade as a result of this happiness.

      A beer or a red wine to wash it down, though it doesn’t need it, it may only want to be washed down like this.

      If I had no real choice but to be consumed, I’d choose as well to be washed down in exactly this fashion.

      Report ends.

  3. I stay away from pringles, as they are one of the only foods to ever make me feel ill. Other than that, I do not like squid or octopus.

    I was at this buffet in Singapore, and I grabbed some brown beans. Only it turned out it wasn’t beans, it was peanuts and anchovies in brown bean looking gravy sauce. It was not bad. Another time, the menu said “chicken fingers”; we got actual declawed chicken feet. We could not eat those.

    The best one was chili chicken. We ordered that and it was darn near equal weight of Thai red chilis and chicken. That was the spiciest thing I ever choked down. After that I knew why Paul only ate at MacDonalds on site trips.

    The worst is the UK; red sauce at MacDonalds is not ketchup! You have to pay extra for ketchup, red sauce is free.

  4. I think the key phrase in the article is “preventing cardiovascular disease.” Preventing.

    There is an Rx drug called Lovaza (Omega-3 Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters) which is a refined form of the active ingredients in over-the-counter fish oil Omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Lovaza is used as an adjunct treatment for hyperlipidemia, particularly hypertriglyceridemia to good effect. Its only drawback is its high cost.

    So please don’t take away from this article an idea that “Omega-3 fatty acids are bullshit.” Because they are not. They may not be proven to prevent cardiovascular disease. But they have proven effective in lowering serum triglyceride levels in patients with hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease.

  5. A fish oil tablet every morning for the past fifteen years or there abouts. Don’t know about the ticker but it helps lubricate the poop chute.

    1. NO CIGARS THO’….I checked the nutritional values of eggs.
      They are high in cholesterol, you should check with a nutritionist, for best advice, because whatever else you consume will have to be taken into consideration. They are a good source of protein and other good stuff though. Just don’t eat them with cigars as some of our dear S.D.A. commenters do. Otherwise, most people eat them in moderation. Right?

      Oh hell, what do I know… I like them too! No big CALORIES there.

  6. There is a sub-set of conservatives who are suspicious of the pronouncements of government health agencie as to dietary recommendationss. So they advocate taking foods and supplements over and beyond what us recommended by official agencies.

    I am a cancer patient, with my sarcoma cancer is two and a half years in remission. I have been reading medical studies here and there, and the orthodox research and the nutritional research seem to talk past each other. In terms of cancer avoidence and cancer survival, there is a body of research called “nutritional oncology” that undertakes experiments to see what foods and supplements work best to reduce cancer risk. Their finding differ profoundly as to what is recommended by “cancer societies” and government health agencies.

    So I eat well, exercise, and take roughly 22-24 supplements a day. I have read studies that, for example, say that selenium and, yes, omega-3 pills help reduce the risk. Many conservatives, me included, do rely on the government health care system in the treatment of cancer. But we go beyond the standard care, and try to do things on our own to stay healthy.

    1. I said a prayer for your health. Re: supplements. I use them, have a certain company’s products that have it all.

      With them I make gains and feel great, without them I get hurt and feel tired. Hard to work out hard in your 60s.

      Re: diet – too many carbs, not enough proteins. That’s my observation.

  7. Life is simple. If it tastes good ,… eat it. If not ,…. leave it alone. Anything legal in moderation and finish it off with a good cigar. The only thing that will kill you long before your time is worrying about what will kill you in the first place. Save the money spent on supplements and buy yourself whatever brings you a little joy instead of fixating on your health with all the negative implications . Kinda like this,

    1. Exactly. A balanced diet and in everything in moderation, including a little wine and beer.

  8. Heh…

    Got into the Omega 3 three hysteria when reading that Dubya was eating it to control his temper.

    In a normal course of life always ignore the sales pitch.
    After a year or so my madness did not get any better so I saved a few bucks abandoning the fad and decided maybe its my own fault.

  9. I’m actually into the B vitamins. I especially prefer vitamin B(acon) and vitamin B(eer)

  10. G*d it. For years I have been taking those omega 3 pills.
    Probably a waste of money.
    F**king science studies and the media who shill them.

  11. I went the vitamin route for awhile. My Doc told me all it gets me is expensive piss. Gave up and went back to cigars whiskey & steak.

    1. Ah ha haha…Latitude wants to know whether eggs are good for you or not, he was asking earlier @ 5:53 pm. Do you have them with cigars, whiskey and steak?

      I will come to see your stand-up act. Let us all know time & place ab.

      1. Eggs are amazing food, great for slow release of energy, lots of high quality protein and low fat, about 8 grams each.

        Eggs have dietary cholesterol, which is not the same as serum cholesterol in your blood.

        Of course consult your physician, but I find a good four egg meal prior to a workout pays huge dividends.

  12. here’s my omega 3 recipe:
    take a large sheet of foil, shiny side up, pour on some good quality oil, lay a decent slab of salmon or similar large pc of fish, slice up carrots, taters, onions, mebbe some sweet peppers, add spices like savory, pepper, oregano, teensie dash of le sel, another dollop of oil, wrap it all up with another pc of foil and BBQ low-medium for 1/2 hour. can poke the veggies to check cooked.

    tasty, nutritious, cheap.

    dont fergit to send the cahhhhbon tax cheque to ponysocksturd !!!!

  13. on the topic of shettled schiensce:
    let’s consult bespectacled, bearded and wearing his favorite safari hat (enough of a stereotype for ya SDA?) professor dingbat:
    harumph harumph harumph. ’tis instinct. only instinct harumph harumph harumph.
    like those simians learning american sign language, mere meaningless mimicry. harumph harumph harumph.

    I grieve for this orca. I grieve when I see a sparrow torn to pieces in my backyard near the birdbath wondering how to change the setup. which I did by putting it about half a meter higher on top of 40 bucks worth of patio slabs.

    I grieve for that shark, getting its fins sliced off and then throw back in the ocean to suffocate
    so some chirese crook (not ‘cook’) can boast about the high life includes the delicacy shark fin soup.
    there will be a day of reckoning. nature, working in concert with Ms Karma WILL one day ‘clean house’.

    that’s when we’re ALL gonna get a real big dollop of science. and it aint all fancy gadgets and using gravity in clever ways and harnessing natures bounty etc etc. oh no, THAT science will be akin to one of those infamous 200 acre colony of jungle ants on the move. google ‘marabunta’.

    p.s., how is your carefully tended stock of firearms gonna help ya then?