15 Replies to “WTF is Wrong with Canada?”

    1. It’s one thing to accuse a dumb schmuck citizen of ant-Muslim hatred before anyone knows anything about the facts than accusing, what should be one of our top 5 allies, of murder that happened in his ‘own’ country.

    1. Well, if the Canadian government is not going to clean up Canadas problems with Sikh terrorism, then the Indian government will need to deal with the problem. Bring it on !

      1. Looks like Trudeau didn’t like India’s Bollywood reviews of his dancing. Didn’t Nero go on crazy little rants during his public performances as we’ll?

        From his disastrous second India visit to outright publicly accusing them upon landing back in Canada he’s making less friends around the world than Joe Biden. Guess he shouldn’t have tried to sneak the convicted Air India terrorist into the Indian state dinner the first time.

        1. Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper 22m
          BREAKING – India rejects Canada accusations over killing of Sikh leader as ‘absurd’: Indian foreign ministry

  1. What’s wrong with Canada?
    Well to many people think getting rid of Trudeau will fix it.
    And even more will relax thinking it did.
    That’s what’s wrong with Canada.

  2. Exactly Mugs. Mulroney won his second majority without needing one seat in western Canada.
    That’s why it didn’t fix anything from a western point of view.
    We all know the misguided, 4th, western discontent movement took next.

    History will repeat itself because this history is not taught.

  3. Re: vid
    Good to see BJ Dichter explaining his participation in the convoy, without his divisive comments.
    I had a lot of respect for him during convoy, but he went off the rails over the past few months until Tom Marazzo reminded him that the government was the ‘enemy’, not Barber and Morazzo.

  4. The trudip Libs have an alliance with the sikh-led Dippers, so there’s that.
    I’d luv to see a non lib party get in and clear house. Just fire anyone that refuses an order, immediate grounds for dismissal. No judge, no jury, no severance.
    No entitlements. Get the hell out.
    Cut the fat, starting at DND, RevCan, on down.

  5. PM is a revengeful petty little dipshit. So this was in June, he got cold shoulder in India and when back on the throne, he’s thrasing India. Publicly. Classic stabbing in the back. Zero character. Scumbag.

  6. Trudeau is WTF is wrong with Canada. He has to go and the sooner the better. He’s beyond embarrassment.