22 Replies to “‘These allegations are, put simply, false’”

  1. Will there be an inquiry of no consequence to sort of dovetail with the previous non event of nada consequence?


    *Imagine if there was anyone inside Ottawa who wasn’t a Liberal Party of Canada insider who had access to the reasons for this,
    and they found their way to one of Canada’s #Libranos tax credits paid for media?

    Well then. Just imagine the fallout from the NDP and their almost qualified for pensions!
    Why… they’d have an election called for pronto!

  2. This guy had recommends from everyone everywhere that his reputation was beyond reproach. Harper, Pollievre, libs, ndp, bureaucrats and all the media and punditry of course. A cynical citizen might start thinking the whole lot of them were rotten to the core and every last one of them have been swindling and lying to us for the last hundred years. Nah, couldn’t be true, we live in a democracy! Ha.

  3. You give me some money and I will leverage my good name to clear your good name. Just another day in Ottawa.

  4. I am beginning to think that no government should give money to any charity. They should promote charitable giving by increasing tax incentives, letting people give to whatever they decide are worthy causes.
    Also, if a charity is too political, maybe the tax deduction should be removed.

    1. I have always thought this way. It is easy to be charitable with other peoples’ money.

      The government has NO right to give someone else’s money to anyone. Taxes are supposed to be collected for services provided.

      Of course, gov’t for the people by the people was always a lie. We are instead ruled by lying criminal scum who pretend to serve us. And we always have been. They use elections to provide us the illusion of power. And choice.

      1. It may have been sincere when they first said “…of the People, by the People, for the People, but once any system of government gets established it always attracts people who want to be in goverment for the sake of being in government, and then you get Government of the people, by the Government, for the Government.

    2. Fun fact.
      There is a tax credit that is allowed for registered charities.
      But if you donate to a registered federal political party the tax credit is 75% of the donation.
      Follow the money.

      1. Honestly, there should be no tax breaks for any donations at all…not for political parties, not for charities, not for anything: taxpayers should not be subsidizing my choices. Beyond that, reduce the tax burden and don’t deficit finance the country, and people can be more generous where and when they want to.

        Taxation aside, unions, corporations, churches, or other large entities should be barred from political donations at all, including running “grassroots” advertising campaigns during an election…I saw no NDP ads in this past one, but I saw lots of fear-porn from the unions.

  5. It has been said somewhere, sometimes that if you are in the latrine matter up to your neck it becomes to smell like roses.

    This is the case with the politicians and their henchmen, or henchwomen if you like.
    They live in land of nothingness and when somebody points out their depravity, they are utterly unable to recognize that what they do is rotten to the core.
    Now, depending on the degree of favor with the media cartel, it blows over or they fracture it by what? where? who? see nothing.

    And things go on as though nothing happened.

    Just look the way the ignorant idiot in charge skates around, never acknowledging the corruption and talks into the wind.
    The media cartel picks it up and everything is cool.

  6. an interesting question is where the $45 million “donation” for something called “Indigenous Futures” came from in 2021. Surprisingly the “charity” is now worth over $90 million in their year end reports

  7. Ah, yes, the Rideau Hall Foundation, where Dave Johnson is chair of the board and other notable members are Dominic Barton and Mark Carney.

  8. Speaking of Johnson, didn’t three of his children attend university in China??? He himself has documented ties to China? Wait that would explain why he got his plum posting from Justy?

  9. The response Johnston should have given our Dear Leader but didn’t:

    “I’m flattered by the offer, Justin, but I have to turn it down. I’m in my eighties now and Sharon and I plan to do some travelling and visiting with the grandkids. So, sorry, but no.”

    Because he didn’t his reputation has now imploded. Now he finds himself more and more like Marc and Craig Kielburger (remember them?) – in the spotlight with his credibility shredded. Meanwhile, he gets all the attention rather than our Dear Leader and the Chinese interference issue.

    Yep. He has effectively been “WE’d” by Justin.

    1. That just might be a natural side effect.
      Any Liberano,under honest examination will turn out to be an unethical fool and crook.
      It is the way our Progressive Parasites are wired.

      A perfect example of the corruption they all take for granted,has been the relentless lawfare against Trump..
      For all good Progressives know,everyone is crooked..
      They live and breathe this “truth”.
      “Everybody does it”..
      Hence each failure to convict the man of any crime at all,just means the “investigation” was flawed…
      Never enters their heads,he might be innocent.

      For they project their own character with every accusation..
      With our Progressive Comrades, every accusation is confession.

      And the praise heaped upon Mr Johnson,when he was made Governor general,proves the Uni-Party are corrupt and lazy.
      He was and is indeed,the very personification of “Ethics the Canadian Way” from Ottawa.

      1. One more asset past its best before date surcurrusized to keep the good times rolling.