Y2Kyoto: Carnel Knowledge

Ian Cumming, in the July 20th edition of Ontario Farmer;

Is it not a fact that the price of farmland has risen considerably in recent times? Is it also not a fact that moneylenders see no problem lending ever-additional dollars per acre to those they deem worthy of a loan? There is an education when following the money. It can be foolish and veer off that way, since “a fool and his/her money are easily parted” as my granny used to say. Think about legalized pot and Pigeon King. They were embedded in lies and spin.

But the real solid stuff, investments from astute people like hard-working farmers borrowing from solid banking institutions to buy farmland, never lies.

When the climate prophets of our age make their utterances of doom, whether they be David Suzuki, Al Gore, John Kerry, Prince Charles and every Canadian politician at every level – bar two – these two streams of money go in their opposite directions.The foolish who believe these gloomy prophets see the latest green energy scheme or regulation as something worth investing in. There’s never too many of them, it’s the future, our climate is changing so much, and thus we must splurge.

The farmer and the agriculture banker on the other hand, in order for those farmland payments to be made, must believe that for the next two to three decades that the land they are purchasing will grow great crops. Technology has to keep abreast to feed an ever-growing population.

There will be hiccups. China can get surly some years and not buy as much, or from elsewhere. There can be a spring frost like this year, or a hot dry spell like out west that will affect yields. Purchasing countries can, and do, go broke.

But on average, both the farmer and banker see nothing in the data even remotely factual to support the climate zealots claims. If they did, no one would be paying this price for farmland.

They can certainly state otherwise, not wanting to be viewed as dummies and deniers in polite society, when dining with political folks. Their farm organizations do spout climate tripe all the time; however, there is no one pushing to have irrigation installed as necessary long term infrastructure off available rivers.

But no one in Canadian agriculture, absolutely no one, whether in government, industry, bankers or farmers, has ever said you have to pay way less for land, since yields will be dramatically down over the next three decades due to climate change.

If you believed that to be true, you would pay way less, or not buy at all, wouldn’t you? Goodness, Prince Charles had us all frying, flooded and in mud huts by this date. But at least one knew what side of the fence he was on. He’s not the first in that Palace, with those genetics, to be certified mad by historians. Ask the Irish.

Interestingly, we recently have a curious sort of a famous banker chap that has a firm foot in either camp. The latest celebrity of note to join the Prince, Gore and that esteemed crowd in their cries of alarm. Plus, it’s noted with glee, the wee lad is considering entering… wait for it… federal politics! Yet when he was head of banking in Canada and the UK, he never once instructed ag lenders to ratchet down lending for farmland, since crop production and society will be devastated by climate change.

When you hold a nation’s money-lending levers, do you not operate on facts? Will he use facts to draft legislation as our latest anointed one in the House of Commons? The excitement of it all. There are closed minds in this world. But the chaps and lasses adding to their 6,000 acres, or milking 750 cows, paying the top dollar for prime land, didn’t get to that point by being idiots and ignoring facts. They also are not out fundraising and lobbying for a political party or cause. They just do business. Plus doing first class research from all angles before investing.

One large farmer I know frequently displays Patrick Moore (formerly of Greenpeace who now calls out the global warming zealots) on Twitter. This farmer, and others, see climate leeches vacuuming government dollars and know that’s what the Pied Piper looks like.

Reprinted with permission.

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    1. CORRUPTION. A QUEBEC genetic Feature.
      Corruption Inc: the Entire Canadian Body Politic…Major city MAyors and up.

      ….damned straight its everywhere and most often found entrenched in UNIONIZED/Govt systems (Public Service throughout the land). HEALTH one of the Biggest, Indian Act right behind.

      MAVERICK is my only hope.

      1. Canadian Military Procurement Program… Major Hog Trough along with hundreds of Provincial and Federal Crown Corps…. They have more nipples on the Canadian Sow. Than the milky way.. Even at the local municipal level. Go visit your county or city public works empires. Or the University Puppy Mill/Immigration Global Education System. My fucking oath..

  1. Simple math. Total Canadian Government Debt over 6Trillion. More debt than most of the EU….That is roughly 6x the GDP of Canada. Canada population roughly the size of California, with more Debt than 90% of the combined EU population…
    Were is that money now? Chretien for example arrived in Ottawa as a poor small town lawyer from a small place in Quebec. He left Ottawa a multi, multi millionaire. In whose Pockets?

  2. Fantastic take on something I’ve never given much thought about but it makes total sense. Institutions wouldn’t lend you a nickel for a high priced land purchase if declining yields due to climate change was a thing. Reminded me a little of climate change grifters squawking endlessly about the rise of oceans yet own gazillion dollar ocean front properties proving that even they don’t believe the bullshit they’re selling to others.
    I’m paraphrasing but someone once said to the effect of “I’ll believe in climate change when their property sells for a buck” – but it’s on point.

  3. As I have noted, so many many times here: “Some people need pain before they learn, some people need a lot of pain before they learn, and some people will never learn”.

    Nothing’s changed.

      1. Well, that explains Prinz Dummkopf’s famous boxing match, doesn’t it?

  4. Also why would bankers lend to developers who want to build lavish hotels on beach front properties if the oceans are going to rise. Martha’s Vineyard is at sea level where Obama has his multi million dollar pad.

  5. A friend once said to me, “The real news is on the business channel.”
    Another example: Ivermectin sells for pennies and mRNA vaccines certainly do not.

  6. Awesome post. Unfortunately, 99% who might benefit from this man’s perspective are deaf and don’t read more than the screen on their “smart phone”. Their phones are smarter than them. Even Mark Carnage thinks he’s smarter than you. Farmers might differ. I’ve met some interesting farmers. Down to earth types.

  7. Kate: Shouldn’t that be carnal (nor not carnel).

    Not 100% sure of this but I read somewhere that:
    F.U.C.K = For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge


    1. It’s a reference to Mark Carney.
      Still, I admire your courage. I’m kinda scared to say anything when I think I’ve spotted anything. She has a sneaky habit of being right. 🙂

      1. Christopher Swift:

        LOL, well I did google “carnel” and got nada; but come to think of it, what would carnal knowledge have to do with the story, altho at that point I hadn’t read the story. Lesson there! And, also, come to think of it, how likely would it be for Kate to spell that word wrong? Kate can be obtuse but thankfully far less often than in my early years here (2004).

  8. I like Ian Cumming and have followed him for years.

    A decade or so ago he’d had enough of the dairy board (quebek) and moved his dairy operation to the US. I think he lived right on the border and moved to Vermont. He is a guy of strong opinion and recently wrote of the popularity of Invermectin as a covid treatment.