42 Replies to “The Laurentian Shakespeare”

  1. A proof is a proof when it is a good proof that it proves … something.
    – Jean Chrétien

    This statement from Trudeau is a good proof that he is an imbecile.

  2. We’ll announce when we’re ready to make an announcement about the announcement about our commitment. Or we’ll just keep saying announcement.

  3. Good gawd, he makes Rumsfeld, with all his “knowns” and “unknowns”, sound like Sir Laurence Olivier.

    Are we sure that the kiddies that Soapy gave birth to are his? The way he blathered that waffle, one might think that he was distinctly lacking in testicular fortitude as well as its source.

    (“Next up on Ripley’s Believe It or Not, we’ll show that it’s easier to spot-weld Jell-O to a wall than it is for a Canadian Prime Minister to say something sensible.”)

    1. ” – Especially when any sensible thing he might say would result in defeat in a forthcoming election, followed by his indictment.”

      I recall a couplet that I saw while Trudeau Senior’s funerary train was taking him to interment – unsure where it came from, but it was only too obviously aimed at him:

      Here richly, with ridiculous display,
      The politician’s corpse was laid away.
      While those of his acquaintance sneered and slanged,
      I wept – for I had longed to see him hanged.”

      1. I was in Edmonton that day and there was not a tear shed at the bar during the televised funeral. There were more smiles on faces than after an Oilers Stanley Cup victory.

        1. Anyone who’s ever had to seriously consider contingencies understood. I was a bit naive at the time and couldn’t understand why people kept banging on about it. It only later became apparent to me in retrospect.

  4. The interpreters were looking for a free ride to the civilized world all along.

    Leave them there.

    Let them lead the fight for their freedom from tyranny, it’s their country.

    1. So you’re OK with the rest of the world thinking “never trust a Canadian, their word means nothing.”?

      Some of us disagree.

      1. A Canadian’s word? Maybe, depending on the individual. If you rely on what the Government of Canada promises you are set fair for disappointment.

  5. Better than any speech by oh tool that’s been aired on tv. ( There hasn’t been any)

    1. Speaking of announcements, I heard a Liberal attack advert on the radio today, “O’Toole, typical Conservative.” The government won’t announce the election until they are ready, they’ll want to see how their campaign is going first.

  6. That question was clearly not pre approved by Turdholes handlers. Duh, I dont commit to a commitment of a duh an announcement of a duh commitment until Im uh committed to the duh announcement uh that we in this government are uh committed to duh, announcing… or whatever the hell he said… the only thing missing is the sound of flatulence at the end of lispy Turdholes performance. Everything this vodka swilling psychopath says on camera should end with a fart noise sound effect.
    Stroking his hand through his hair was a nice touch, reminded me of Patrick Bateman in America Psycho.

  7. Sean M. – I think he was going for the Boris Johnson look, (ole B. J.) and the Xiden brain!
    A twofer!
    We in N. Am. are so screwed!!

  8. “Stroking his hand through his hair was a nice touch”
    That’s just his way of saying to his supporters,
    “Sure I’m a dimbulb but it’s never been about mundane things like my words; what you really want to see is the hair and my handsome pose”

    1. I’m guessing there was a big fan blowing to produce the Don King look on Blackie.

  9. L – Stumblin’ Joe and Justin the Inane prove that artificial intelligence still has a long way to go.

  10. Those that would vote for him don’t care what he says because they don’t listen.

    This will confirm everything his opponents believe about him, but won’t move the dial one bit.

    You want to see him out of office? He has to be seen in an favourable visual.

  11. An announcement is an announcement when it’s an announcement, and if it’s an announcement it’s a good announcement. Also, it is extremely important to us. He’s been studying Chretian – gosh, I miss his honesty and directness now.

  12. It’s a bold strategy. He is driving people away from politics entirely and from voting at all.

  13. If you were to ask him “How are you today?” he would not able to give you a short, simple accurate answer.

  14. Wasn’t planning on doing anything for the interpreter’s because they where working for the wrong side?
    He spared no effort to ensure poor little Omar was taken care of, but expend even the crudest level of concern beyond “it’s extremely important to us” is exactly what I expected.
    Furthermore, the “it’s important to us” not to him personally but to the Trudeau “us”, is classic deflection. Much like a Victorian “we” where it was understood that Victoria expected everyone follow her behaviour, this was a signal to the entire liberal network that merely saying “it’s important” mitigates any responsibility from now on.

  15. Afghan interpreters??

    Somebody should tell the princess that we were out of Afghanistan in 2014. This is one he could actually blame on Harper. 7 years?? We let in hundreds of thousands of Taliban and ISIS friends that hate us. Couldn’t we have a tiny bit of compassion for those who actually like us?

  16. You may not believe this, though it is the communists that talk like that.
    After and invasion of the Warsaw Pact of a country run by communists that got to be free for a while, the pronouncements from the rulers of the country, were very much like the idiot’s.
    Repeat nonsense over and over and over, in pharma terminology its called fillers.
    You are not saying anything with a lot of words.
    Though one must add that it is not in vain, most of the canadian proletariat will look in wonder how magnificent the idiot is.

  17. The correct answer would have been
    We are staying Mum
    Until our Snitches, collaborators and drug growers are safe in Lindsey working for Our Pot cultivator of choice.

  18. That answer is really quite ripe from a guy who is such an expert at re-announcing his previous announcements.

  19. It was an insult to word salad statements. On that theme, that would have been the equivalent of grass clippings. However, considering the “intelligence” of the source, is anyone surprised?

    That inquiring Journo, will not be invited back for any future “announcements”.