29 Replies to “It’s Just…”

  1. What was it that they said in that show: Resistance it futile.

    It’s just “Embrace the BORG!”

    You didn’t really want to think for yourself did you? :0

    That is far too much like actual real work… 🙂

    I’ve telling the authorities to take a hike for a long, long time; what took you all so long?

    Hans Rupprecht v. Minister of National Revenue and Her Majesty the Queen, 2010 CanLII 21649 (SCC)


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    1. We shall see I guess.. certainly been far more Rebellions in Canada than in Australia or New Zealand.

    2. Canadians are all so good natured doncha know, eh? Good Folks. So agreeable. So affable.

      I have a feeling that’s all gonna change when they have no more rights or freedoms. They’ll become cranky sons of bitches.

    3. Kenji,
      Might have to change my sign on from Possible, DOMESTIC, Terrorist, to Possible, DOMESTICATED, Terrorist.

  2. Certainly not looking good out there. Once the election is over I’d be very surprised if lockdowns aren’t brought back. I’m not participating in that crap at all. I’m out of this place whether it’s in a casket or a moving van.

    1. If the #Libranos win a federal election majority this fall, I actually expect federally mandated lockdowns as in Oz when the Chinese Flu returns or the regularly scheduled winter flu (from China) returns.

        1. I expect internal isolation/internment camps for the noncompliant. A lot of trouble makers will also die from COVID.

    2. Scary thought — lockdowns back after an election — but not surprising. Provinces must take a stand against the pointless and destructive lockdowns.

      1. There’s no way it doesn’t happen. I expect there will be proper covid prison camps too. Test positive? Off to covid camp.

    3. Not lockdowns once the election is over, lockdowns in the middle of the campaign. Then they can outlaw those pesky paper ballots

  3. The one thing we can all be sure of is that they’re not going to stop.

    I guess we will get to see what the last straw is for these sad-sack Canadians who keep voting for more and more of this crap.

  4. “If you want an image of the future, imagine a sequinned loafer with stylish Ramadan socks, stamping on a human face – forever.” Orwell

    1. The Clown Prince in the starring role of Big Brother is something more diabolical and sadistic than even Eric Blair could imagine.

  5. According to election/polling results I think there’s about 65% -70% of People Who Live in Canada who would sell out their fellow man for an extra bowl of gruel and gold star social credit rating from the government.

    And likely accept an option to trade the extra food for a second gold star.

    While combing the net for others to turn in.

  6. Many “prepper” types are saying the poop has already hit the fan but because it is going in slow motion a lot of people don’t see it. We’re those frogs in the pot. Social reorganization is already underway and likely it will lead to a collapse of our society. The government has been doing a bunch of step back, give us some freedom, then reel us in a bit more.

    Many days I think I know how a hooked fish feels.

    1. Mr Burch, My thoughts too. Once they bring in digital bank accounts and universal basic income. if you don’t comply with….vaccines and…everything else they’ll insist on, then your account will be locked or perhaps even disappear. Either way, we peasants are being screwed, and we have no way to prevent it, so we’ll own nothing, but I don’t think we’ll be very happy! Forget the popcorn, time to think about breaking out the ammo.

  7. Ev’rywhere, over Canuck land
    Just one thing
    Ain’t no, Covid pan damn ick

    Not one, among the hoaxters
    Can relent
    Lest they, guilty of treason
    Up the river be sent.

    The TV gushes to confuse
    Fake data to keep up the ruse
    That we, who trust our senses,

    Canadians will plainly see
    How normal life would really be
    If left, to our defenses ..
    although, although some must die.